60cycleCMS is a simple CMS using PHP and MySQL. It is designed for blogging on personal websites, and was first written to power 60cycle.net. For the purposes of easy integration into existing sites, 60cycleCMS does not include a web template. Features include:

  • Single user can publish, edit, and delete HTML entries
  • Entry preview and edit before publish
  • Optional visitor comment system with configurable RECAPTCHA and HTML Purifier
  • Optional email notification of new visitor comments
  • Simple, private web interface for CMS administration
  • Installation script provided
  • Easy integration into existing or new PHP websites
  • Very small codebase (26 KB, without libraries)
  • Automatic timezone detection

This project is no longer maintained and may be vulnerable to various exploits. A simple blog engine designed for personal websites. A web interface allows users to manage entries. Visitor comment system with RECAPTCHA and HTML Purifier included.

Native Language:      English
Open Source License:     Creative Commons license