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New additions at the Mambo Template Gallery recently released several new free templates for the Template Gallery at The templates are created by the new designer at the Templates department at SiteGround. Her concepts and methods would definitely make for the variety of templates and styles in the gallery.

The new additions include 2 templates with pet-oriented themes � Kitten and Puppy, and 2 general themes - Satin and PaperClip. All new templates can be viewed here.

Lanius Online database conversion service

A new service is available to all Lanius CMS users: online database conversion facility.

Submit a database backup for conversion

This service allows conversion of any pre-0.6.x Drake CMS/Lanius CMS backup file; also, you can convert Limbo CMS backups using this facility.

Converted backup files will be sent to your email address, along with the conversion logs.

Note: Lanius CMS v0.6.0 has not yet been released, however you can start checking how your migration will work by testing Lanius CMS v0.6.0 and converting your current database to the new system

Kajona-Looking back at 2009 / forward to 2010

The year 2009 was dedicated to the internationalization, introducing the languages Russian and Portuguese with Kajona 3.2.0 and Bulgarian with 3.2.1.
The development and release of the Kajona Language File Editor, a graphical application aiming to support the user-friendly and comfortable maintenance of the language-files, was the logical next step.

Looking at the releases, the 3.2 branch embossed the year 2009. This branch included a dialog-based administration, supporting the user by providing a faster workflow by reducing the load-times and the number of page-reloads. Futhermore, a multiple-file upload was integrated and the cogging of the filemanager with other modules was improved, resulting in a more intuitive experience when handling files, e.g. in the galeries or downloads.

From our point of view, the participation as an exhibitor at the Open Source fair OpenRheinRuhr was one of the most exiting events this year. We had the possibility to present Kajona to a broader audience and had a lot of interesting discussions.

This was the past - lets have a look into the future.
The upcoming release of Kajona, version 3.3, will bring a lot of new features under the hood. This includes the introduction of support for the database SQLite, an integrated PDF interface and a new library to create graphical charts.
The internal class-hierarchy will be redesigned, simplifying the creation of new modules. A reworked portaleditor will make the editing of contents even more comfortable.

But before the release of 3.3, the launch of the new KajonaBase is the upcoming event. KajonaBase is designed as a community portal, providing all the functions needed to easily upload, share and download extensions like modules, page elements, templates and also tutorials for Kajona. Be excited! And, by the way, since it's almost mandatory: the download statistics. With over 22.500 downloads in 2009 we slightly increased the number of the previous year!

To put it in a nutshell - we look forward to an exiting year 2010, launching a lot of new features, including the KajonaBase. But - all this is only possible due to the feedback of the users and the help of our team - thank you very much for the great support in 2009. Let's continue 2010 on this base and we can reach anything ;-)

Joomla 1.6 Alpha 2 Released

The Joomla project is pleased to announce the immediate release of Joomla 1.6 alpha 2. This release contains many new features requested by the community; most notably, ACL. Other features are listed below as well as what you can expect in the future for Joomla 1.6.

This is an alpha release. It is intended to be a developer/hobbyist preview and is not intended to be used on a production web site.

New improvements/features since alpha 1 include:

  • ACL: access management for global permissions as well as content item specific permissions, variable usergroups, users member of more than one usergroup, permissions are inherited, really fast
  • Extendable user profile, profile view in frontend, extendable user parameters
  • Tableless com_content layouts
  • Improved com_content modules (mod_articles_archive, mod_articles_latest, mod_articles_popular)
  • Article linker plugin for editors
  • New frontend template (atomic)
  • New backend template (bluestork)
  • New uploader for media manager

Other Joomla 1.6 improvements that existed in alpha 1:

  • Mootools 1.2
  • Refactored backend
  • JForm
  • Nested Categories and category parameters
  • New views in frontend: categories, category
  • Lots of small code improvements, almost cut the code size in half while adding to the functionality
  • PHP 5.2 required, huge performance improvements, partially eaten up by new features => 1.6 will be faster than 1.5

What's next?

After alpha 2, the Joomla community can expect a beta release. There are no intentions for a 3rd alpha release.

You can also expect to see the following future improvements:

  • Commenting solution is going to be added
  • Additional DB drivers
  • Lots of small performance/UI/code improvements

We would like to thank all those involved who helped make this release possible.

Download here:

Discuss here:

Phoca Documentation Version 1.1.0 Released

Phoca Documentation component, Phoca Documentation Navigation plugin, Phoca Documentation Section Menu module have been released.

Download: Phoca Documentation download site
Latest Files RSS: Phoca Download Latest Files RSS

News in this version:

  • Breadcrumbs support was added
  • Fixed bug with displaying not allowed articles (Start Publishing, Fihish Publishing) in Sections, Section and Category view
  • Added new option to display menu links to Category and Section View
  • New parameter added - Display Up Icon
  • New parameter added - Display Number of Documents in Sections View
  • New parameter added - Display Number of Documents in Sections View - in header of the section
  • Changed parameter Display Sections - from text form field to select form field
  • Changed parameter Hide Sections - from text form field to select form field
  • Changed main CSS file.
Jaws 0.8.9 released

We are happy to announce the release of Jaws 0.8.9, changes since 0.8.8 are:
Note: This release fixes some security issues, all users are encouraged to update.

  • New plugin: AccessLimiter to limit access content or part of content for users or groups
  • Add registered activation type(by user, by admin)
  • Add comment to contact forms
  • Add plugin parsing to Quotes gadget
  • Full compatible with php open_basedir
  • Send notification mail to user after activation
  • Remove null characters from request strings for security reason
  • Prevent parsing user's comments for security reason
  • Fix damaging script tags in AutoParagraph
  • Fix search method in when using MSSQL driver
  • Fix typo in captcha stuffs
  • Fix SmartBridge to use Jaws maps
  • Fix some styles for IE7
  • Raise real upload error message if upload failed
  • Update Persian language
  • Update French language(by ian)
  • Add a new themes: blue-pigment
  • and many more enhancement and minor bug fixes


  • PHP >= 4.3.6
  • MySQL >= 4.1
  • Postgresql >= 7.4
  • Oracle >= 8.0
  • MSSQL >= 8.0
  • Firebird >= 1.5
  • Interbase >= 6.0
  • SQLite >= 2.8
  • Apache 1.3, Apache 2, Cherokee >> 0.4.29 (under fcgi) and IIS


To download the package(s) just click here!.

Injader 2009 Summary

Release summary

Some key improvements from 2009 include:

  • WordPress import script
  • Optimised URLs
  • Subscribe to comments by email
  • Navigation types
  • Spam rules
  • Single control panel
  • Theme settings
  • Manage comments
  • RSS 2.0

There have been 14 releases this year, down from 24 in 2008. This shows that things have settled down into a less frantic release schedule than before, but without resulting in the project stagnating.

The changes have not been as large this year as the previous year. 2008 started with 1.3.1 and ended with 2.1.2, while 2009 started with 2.1.3 and ended with 2.4.3. Of course, version numbers alone don't tell the full story, and some great upgrades have been released this year. But overall, it's been a year of consolidation, rather than sweeping changes.

Injader 3

The big plan is to release Injader 3 sometime in 2010. I've blogged about Injader 3 previously. Many of the releases in 2009 have focused on getting us closer to Injader 3. There are some more changes to do before work can start on Injader 3, but we're getting closer now. As a very rough estimate (meaning, don't hold me to this), you may see something sometime during summer 2010. I'll refine this timescale as I have a better idea of how much work is still to be done.

ImpressPages 1.0.3 dev2 + catalog plugin 1.0.0 dev

For our Beta Testers we prepared development releases to play with. They will help to understand where we are going and what to expect in the next official release. Please read the "Caution!" part.

Here are two development releases:

We would be grateful for any useful information, bugs, abnormal behaviors, etc. If you can, please test these releases in different environments and/or browsers.

These are only development releases, therefore use them at your own caution and only for testing. Updates WILL NOT be available for these releases. Development releases are ONLY FOR TESTING.

ImpressCMS-Where We're Going - Roadmap for 1.3

All projects need to have a plan for where they want to go and ImpressCMS is no different. In the past, we have had several versions of roadmaps that quickly got out of synch as we adapted to current needs and conditions. We also tried to detail several releases in the future. In order to allow for more flexibility, we are simplifying our roadmap(s) - we will have 1 overview, published on our project site, providing the goals and objectives of the current release and future releases. There will be a technical roadmap maintained in Trac with all the how-to's and tasks needed to implement the features of the release and meet the goals and objectives.

Along with this, each release will have a lead developer and a release manager. For 1.3, Marc-Andre (marcan) has been selected as the lead developer and David Janssens (fiammybe) has been selected as the release manager. We continually are looking for improvements, not only to our core, modules and themes, but also for our processes for growing and maintaining our project. We are looking for a lot of new exciting progress in 2010!

Icy Phoenix

The third stable release of Icy Phoenix

What's New Respect To Latest Stable Release

  • CMS Administration recoded with new features (some AJAX) and restyled
  • CMS Blocks and Layouts recoded from scratch to increase flexibility and performance (now block style is in a single file to help designing new styles)
  • CMS Standard Pages now is more flexible... can also handle new pages (even if a little code should be added to those pages to work correctly)
  • Removed the old CMS Pages Permissions section in CMS which has been replaced by the new Standard Pages section
  • New template structure: it is now possible to create brand new templates by just creating a CSS and a CFG file, this will reduce the number of files needed for each template, reducing also the job in case of updates or customizations; not only, you will be able to easily create combinations between different templates without having to duplicate directory structure
  • Common CMS and ACP templates now fully independent from all other templates
  • Common JS and CSS in common folder and possibility to include extra CSS and JS via PHP without editing TPL
  • Some Functions and other common includes splitted among several files to reduce memory charge and increase performance
  • Created new overall vars and switches to increase flexibility and performances (old switches were based upon loops, new ones are based on conditions, which are faster to be processed)
  • English language files grammatically reviewed (thanks Lopalong!) and in some cases updated to the new phpBB 3 format
  • New Junior Admin permission which gives full admin power while in the forum but restricted in ACP and CMS (ACP modules can be assigned via Junior Admin management and CMS permission for CMS management)
  • Brand new Statistics system which integrates new features and replace also old Site History page
  • Bots Parsing now is DB dependent and bots can now have REG access... also you can now add a switch for bots in TPL files to avoid bots spidering something you don't want them to
  • URL Rewrite modified to be more efficient
  • Print Page improved
  • Added Google Search page to be used alternatively the standard search system, this will reduce the charge on your server
  • Colorize username function recoded to reduce looping and cache issues with a large userbase
  • Recoded caching system which in older Icy Phoenix version was proved to fail for high traffic sites: this new way to cache should be more efficient and should reduce CPU charge under stressing condition
  • Birthdays and Calendar should now use less resources than before, again big sites will benefit from this
  • New CRON system which should be easier to be customized and improved... basic functions already added, new features to come with future versions...
  • Created new user related functions to simplify Icy Phoenix integration and coding: user_get_avatar, build_im_link, PM Class, generate_user_info
  • AJAX Sorting in some ACP and CMS pages to speed up things in administrating things
  • New Recent Topics page allowing admins to track latest users activity
  • Forums Sorting capabilities both by adding alphabetical sorts and columns headers links
  • Higher Lang Encoding compatibility
  • Mass PM feature integrated in Mass Email section
  • Brand new Ads and Banners system
  • Mass Email supports now full HTML format for nicely formatted newsletters
  • Smileys Categories section... it is hardcoded to improve performances even with thousands of smileys
  • Step by step DB Backup System similar to MySQLDumper... to avoid nasty timeouts when backing up the site
  • HighSlide JS ( integration
  • Event Registration feature has been added
  • Fixed a lot of bugs in IE
  • Many smaller updates and features... install the new version to discover all of them!

Older templates: Please note that the template system has been totally revamped, so templates designed for or below won't work at all with this version. Check the new styles section for templates which already work with this version: Styles.

Translations: Please note that lang packs for won't work with this version. Lang packs need to be updated before you can use them on your site. I will update all lang files in download section as soon as translators will send me their latest release. Currently lang files for Icy Phoenix 1.3 RC 2 should work fine even if not fully up to date. You can find latest development translations here:

Customizations And Mods: Please note that this version has many core difference from the previous one, so it is really unlikely that old customizations and mods will work with this brand new release. If you have some mods installed and you cannot update them on your own, please be patient until the author or the person who have ported them to Icy Phoenix will find some free time to update them.