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Exponent CMS .96 security patch and deprecation

A few helpful updates for everyone.  First, we have provided a security patch for you .96 installs.  Many of you are still running some really old Exponent code, so we want to make sure you guys have the latest patches to keep them running smooth.  It is strongly recommended you

download and install these patches immediately. 

There are two files in this patch that are important:

  1. files/.htaccess
  2. modules/filemanagermodule/actions/picker.php

Just upload them to those exact places on your website, in your current install of Exponent .96 and they will take care of some known security issues.  Make sure you don't miss the .htaccess file, it will be invisible on you system in some cases (if you are not familiar with web development).

.96 will no longer formally be supported

Second, we want to encourage everyone to move on from the .96 codeline into .97.  The .97 codeline is the current stable version, and we have a pre-beta release of the new 2.0 codeline available as well.  Both of these are currently the focus of attention, and we will not continue to support .96 or provide patches. 

Thank you all for your continued support of Exponent CMS!


Starting with 0.9.04, new versions of eoCMS will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales Licence.
In previous versions of eoCMS, we have used the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Since the licnece is non-revokable, all versions of our software up until 0.9.04, those being:


Will continue to use that licence, the terms of which can be found here on the Creative Commons website or in your license.txt file.

Starting with 0.9.04, new versions of eoCMS will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales Licence., the terms of which can be found here,subject to 8 additional clauses, which can be viewed on our site at

RADIUS authentication plugin released

The Enano Team is extremely proud to announce the availability of the new RADIUS authentication plugin. This is a work-in-progress plugin that seamlessly sits Enano's entire user system on top of a RADIUS server, greatly enhancing Enano's ability to be integrated into an enterprise or large-scale deployment. We also hope that the code from this plugin can be used as a foundation for many other authentication backends.

There are a number of known issues at this point, but we figured it would be a cool thing to announce, and we do intend to improve this plugin according to your suggestions in the future!

Elxis Modules development seminar

In continuation to the free educational seminars provided by and broadcast online (attend live in the confort of your own living-room), this lesson will focus on the development of modules for Elxis CMS. The seminar will take place on Friday, February 5th, 2010. Interested parties should register in time. Maximum number of participants is 20 people.

e107 Email Login

Just a quickie to start off the New Year.

You now have more choice as to how your users log in.

Depending on how you set the options, they can now specify either user name or email address in the login box (how many of your users just assume the site'll accept an email address there?)

DynPG Update 4.1.0

DynPG Update 4.1.0 with cache support!


With this version DynPG speeds up and gets a cache support for the frontendpages and a g-zip compression for the backendpages.

Before you make an update, please dont forgett a backup of all relevant CSS and Template files.

Frontend changes

  • Enhanced searchresult to grouparticles.
  • Added frontend-cache with Cachelite. Get more information about caching from the wiki!
  • Adapted the english translations.
  • Show actual group as breadcrump on found grouparticle and not the group of the article itself.

Backend changes

  • Added TinyMce lightbox as link enhancement.
  • Speeded up folder tree rendering on article groups.
  • Adapted the english translations.
  • Added g-zip compression, if supported from server and browser.


1. Internal

  • Added TemplateVar LEADNOHTML.
  • Added TemplateVar SHORTTEXTNOHTML.
  • dynpg_getRightsToUser adapted, do not return rights if nothing is found within the rights table.
  • Changed linedelemiters from Unix to Windows.

2. Frontend

  • EditMode: Deleted Text-Nr because its linked always to the article.
  • Added templateset for description meta-tag.
  • DynMenu mark group as active if it is rootgroup from actually selected element.
  • Enhanced Searchresult to grouparticles.
  • Show actual group as breadcrump on found grouparticle and not the group from the article.
  • Added frontend-cache with Cachelite.
  • Adapted the english translations.

3. Backend

  • Added TinyMce lightbox as link enhancement.
  • Bugfix TinyMce E-shopInsert for javascript with ' within text.
  • speeded up folder tree rendering.
  • edit article with deleted content creates new one.
  • Suppress article errors on counter + leadimage selection sql's.
  • Enhanced filegroup insert into statement with field as windows bugfix
  • Windows Bugfix replaced
  • Windows Bugfix replaced getenv() with $_SESSION, if necessary.
  • Adapted the english translations.
  • Added backend g-zip compression, if supported from server and browser.
DynPage 1.0 Released

Sep 6, 2009
DynPage 1.0 released

- Newest CKeditor 3.0
- Filebrowser CKFinder (Demo)
- Set own editor styles
- Integrate with Ajax or PHP

Drupal 6.15 and 5.21 released

Drupal 6.15 and 5.21, maintenance releases which fix issues reported through the bug tracking system, as well as non critical security vulnerabilities, are now available for download. Both releases fix other smaller issues as well.

Upgrading your existing Drupal 5 and 6 sites is strongly recommended. There are no new features in these releases. For more information about the Drupal 6.x release series, consult the Drupal 6.0 release announcement, more information on the 5.x releases can be found in Drupal 5.0 release announcement.


The full list of changes between the 6.14 and 6.15 releases can be found by reading the 6.15 release notes. A complete list of all bug fixes in the stable DRUPAL-6 branch can be found at

The full list of changes between the 5.20 and 5.21 releases can be found by reading the 5.21 release notes. A complete list of all bug fixes in the stable DRUPAL-5 branch can be found at

Security vulnerabilities

Drupal 5.21 and 6.15 were released in response to the discovery of security vulnerabilities. Details can be found in the official security advisory:

To fix the security problem, you can either (1) upgrade Drupal or (2) patch Drupal.

We strongly recommend you do a full upgrade (which is also detailed in the security announcement) as the patches do not contain the additional bug fixes that went into the releases. Applying the patches will leave your site in an unversioned state and confuse the update status module, which will keep reminding you to upgrade to 6.15 or 5.21. Please read the announcement for details on the patch.

If you still prefer to patch Drupal, apply the file to your Drupal 6.14 codebase or to your Drupal 5.20 codebase.

Important update notes

These releases did not change the (default.)settings.php and robots.txt files, so you can keep your existing files intact, if you have modifications in them.

The .htaccess file was changed in Drupal 6.15, adding settings to let all PHP scripts set their own caching headers without those being overridden by the server. See for more information.

Cotonti One Year in Public & Genoa 0.6.6

One year ago on Feb 1st 2009 Cotonti went public with v0.0.2. With the approach of Open Source Software, a lot of enthusiasm and hard work we have delivered a lot of new features and improvements to this CMS of rich history and traditions. And it is not just new features, as we managed to establish rock-solid stability of our currently available branch Genoa.

Today we celebrate 1 year of publicity with a new stable release Genoa 0.6.6 which brings fixes for 17 bugs detected within last 3 months and an update of markItUp bbcode editor.

View Details & Download Genoa 0.6.6

You are probably bored by bugfixes and a lack of new features. Currently we are working hard on the next generation of Cotonti called Siena. It will include lots of new things such as: a new modern default skin, installer/updater script, dedicated skins for Administration area, customizable string resources instead of hardcoded HTML, built-in AJAX support, SMTP support, improved PFS, improved PM, improved Administration, SEO improvements, a lot of functionality improvements in all modules, a new Cache API, simplified hooks and improved extrafields for developers and lots more.

If you are excited by Siena and want to see it live as soon as possible, then you can help us and your own dream:

  • We are constantly looking for skilled developers. Read more, send a request, promote yourself!
  • Make a donation to give the development a boost. You can even specify a ticket which you want to reward for.
  • Contribute to Documentation Workgroup and help us writing documentation for Cotonti.
  • Make your own plugins, skins and submit other downloads. The more quality third-party additions are available, the more users are satisfied and time is saved for everyone.
  • Get ready to an early testing stage. We'll start alpha testing in February and inform potential testers on Forums.
  • Learn more about Cotonti and share your experience: you'll see it's a lot of fun!



Little SVN update to Version 3.03.90

Pre-Update to Constructr-CMS 3.03.0 30.22.2009 SVN


1) Altered additional Page Information
2) Delete Single Page including Content
3) Updated Tiny MCE to Version 3.2.5 stable
4) Fixed some minor Bugs
5) Shadowbox Update to Version 3.0b in media.php
6) Updated media.php click the Preview Image to open the big
7) Cleaning Page-Alias (0-9, A-Z, a-z, -, _ are allowed)
8) Fixed several Backend Bugs (Language Buttons)
9) Fixed FTP-Media-Sync (excluded imagecache Directory)
10) Fixed Error in Edit Page Mode (page_alias)