Magnolia CMS 4.5 has been released and this is their largest upgrade to date. What does this new version bring with it? A host of new features including:

  • Instant mobile websites and mobile content previews
  • New content targeting framework with multichannel publishing
  • Openness and industry-leading standards support – CMIS interoperability with MS Sharepoint, Alfresco, Photoshop, SAP, Oracle and others
  • Improved ‘front-end editing’
  • Reduced development times – simplified, more efficient templating, HTML5 support
  • Updates to the Magnolia Blossom# Spring Framework

This release is focused on delivering an open platform for enterprises to deliver an evolving virtual presence. New functionality includes instant mobile websites and multichannel content targeting, along with increased standards support, interoperability and new features to enhance user-friendliness.

Magnolia CMS 4.5 provides an open, flexible and standards-based platform from which users can present limitless channels. These channels deliver content that is optimised to specific target groups, locations, devices or any imaginable segmentation of website visitors. As such, multichannel publishing provides enterprises with an agile virtual presence, which enables them to be the first to capture new audiences on the web.

The system categorises web visitors, for example by device or location and directs them to the relevant content channel. Magnolia provides device detection functionality out-of-the-box. Developers can create their own detection functionality for channels based on location, language or any custom attributes.