TikiFest Barcelona

<img src="http://tiki.org/display350" alt="TikiFest Barcelona">

Join us for a week-long TikiFest in beautiful Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) from August 20-27. Members of the Tiki Community will meet to collaborate on several Tiki features, including:
* Extending the Tiki calendar to allow resource management (reservations and bookings)
* Improving the user interface for Tiki Workspaces
* Additional integration of CCLite (Community Currencies)
* Looking at ways to improve the overall Tiki Community by introducing collaborative code reviews, bug triage, and more.

Perspective participants are encouraged to add their own ideas, too. If you're planning to come to TikiFest, you might as well stay for WikiSym, which runs August 27-29.

For complete information, see http://tiki.org/TikiFestBarcelona3