XOOPS Community voted and the winners of 2008/2009  "Marcello Brandao XOOPS Innovation Award"  have been announced:


  1. The XOOPS 2.5.0 Development Team: 32% of votes: Nicolas Andricq (ForMusS), Cointin Maxime (kraven30), and Grégory Mage (Mage)
  2. Herve Thouzard (Hervet): Oledrion: 13% of votes
  3. Ricardo Costa (Trabis): MyTabs, MyComments: 9% of votes
  4. Laurent JEN (DuGris): XOOPS Installer: 9% of votes

Also announced have been winners of the 2008/2009 "XOOPSer of the Year", its Community Award:

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  1. Ricardo Costa (Trabis): 31% of votes
  2. Mowaffak Ali (Mowaffak): 16% of votes
  3. Christophe Boceno (kris_fr): 10% of votes
  4. Gerard Vanderveken (Ghia): 10% of votes

With its renewed focus and dedication of its community, XOOPS is quickly making a lot of progress, ahead of its upcoming XOOPS 2.5.0 release, and it shows in the recent reviews.

XOOPS has been just selected as one of the "Top 10 Open-Source Platforms to Build Your Own Social Network" and the recent review on WebmasterFormat stated: 

After several years of suffering a development drought, Xoops is quickly regaining its hold on new webmasters and pushing to become a premier open source CMS once again.