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Alfresco-Jive linking offers socialized enterprise content management

In March last year, Alfresco and Jive announced they were getting together to bring content management and social business software together. Today, they have announced the release of Jive Connector for Alfresco that enables cross-platform publishing between the two.

With the recent release of Alfresco v4 that offers social, collaborative, mobile, cloud-connected content management, the new Jive Connector means that users of Alfresco Standard and Enterprise editions will be able to create documents in Alfresco and publish them in Jive.

Jive users will also be able to publish in Alfresco, which means any social content that goes through either system can be integrated, enabling it to be shared across the two systems. In sum, what it does is to socialize all content.

  • Cross-platform publishing: Users can create content in both Alfresco and Jive and publish those documents to both platforms; when in Jive, users can bring documentation into Alfresco and work using whatever platform they choose
  • Common Database: Uses LDAP to use the common user store database
  • CMIS Interface: Uses the CMIS interface to provide a standard enterprise content management API supported by Alfresco as the primary interface of the integration