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Version One Integrates Document Management with Oracle E-Business Suite


A new partnership between UK-based Oracle consultancy Mokum and document management software vendor Version One (site) means that Oracle Financials clients will be able to access Version One directly from their Oracle (site) system.

This is a solution that enables users manage full business processes of all financial documents from capture to archiving, resulting in a considerable reduction in the costs associated with these normally document-heavy tasks.

Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle Financials Centralized Solution Set consists of a global accounting solution, a robust intercompany solution and a global tax solution — all built to work together on the E-Business Suite's unified information architecture.

It is also a key component of Oracle E-Business Suite Financials family of applications and integrates with Oracle Purchasing, Oracle Projects and Oracle Manufacturing applications.

As software designed specifically for the financial vertical it includes:

  • Global financial reporting and tax requirements with one accounting, tax, banking and payments model
  • Easy-to-operate shared services across businesses and regions
  • Pre-integrated financial and industry-specific processes

Oracle And Version One

That Version One has teamed up with Mokum and in doing so teamed up with Oracle is not really surprising given the kind of software Version One is selling.

Its document management and imaging software enables automatic document scanning, recognition, storage, archiving, retrieval and delivery of most business documents.

However, more significantly it also integrates seamlessly into all major accounting and ERP systems and claims typical ROI of less than six months. This means that business documents, such as invoices and statements, are automatically created, delivered, archived and retrieved according to need.

With Oracle, it securely stores all imaged documents in an electronic archive integrated with the Oracle system, which not only eliminates the risk of lost and soiled documents but also ensures rapid retrieval.

Oracle And Mokum

The third element in this deal is Mokum. Mokum is based in the UK and is the largest management consultancy in Europe to specialize exclusively in Oracle Applications and Database products.

As such, it delivers implementation, upgrade and enhancement projects for the Oracle E-Business Suite, with its functional team providing managed services for the range of E-Business modules and Oracle Database support both remotely and on-site.

While everyone’s a winner in this deal, it will be particularly sweet for Version, which has — since the middle of last year — been undergoing rapid expansion that has taken it to the US and Latin American markets, and Africa just after Christmas. With Mokum and Oracle the possibilities for continuing that expansion are huge.

DocFinity Document Management Adds eForms Capabilities

The recent release of Optical Image Technology’s (OIT) upgraded DocFinity adds electronic Forms to the document management software that it launched in March 2009 after a ground upwards rebuild.

The new DocFinity eForms will enable users to create, manage, distribute, process and store electronic forms that can be easily integrated with existing portals and websites.

It also comes with a fully functional designer in a Flash interface that also allows for the customization of forms while ensuring that the information held in those forms in secure.

eForms And DocFinity Suite

Now an integral part of the DocFinity suite, OIT says that it has built the eForms solution around the Suite’s central administration business process functionality to ensure that its integration into the existing software is seamless.

While the concept of eForms is not new, the selling point will be the ability to customize the forms, as well as the ability configure, administer, support and use them within a single web-based interface — which the company says is unique.

Additionally, as the majority of data captured within eForms is already indexed and categorized, it can be used straight away to instigate trigger processes or events, cutting management time.

Abilities of the eForms include:

  • Process both structured and loosely structured web-based forms
  • Access and manage online forms in a secure environment
  • Option of self-servicing forms
  • Massive reductions in processing and turn-around times
  • Cuts all costs relating to management of physical documents

DocFinity v10 Rebuild

The introduction of eForms is the first upgrade to v10 — consisting of an entire rebuild — of its document management, imaging and business process management software, DocFinity.

At the time of its release last March, the company said the entire product line had been redesigned and built from the ground up based on newly emerging technology.

Built around a J2EE server, its centralized administration makes installation easy, while the new GUI interface allows for customizable workspaces that maximizes productivity.

The entire product suite also comes with products for data capture, email management and records management. The integrated suite is fully underwritten in extensive web services that are included with the core DocFinity product as well as a URL API and “zero programming” tools.

That DocFinity does what it says it does, was underlined last November when OIT was named a finalist for KM World Magazine’s 2009 KM Promise Award. The award recognizes organizations that are implementing innovative knowledge management solutions that integrate knowledge management practices into customers’ business processes.