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Social Chat

Social chat is a module for Joomla allows you to manage a chat.
The module has no configuration, once installed it is already running.
Also it is not essential to set a template position, because social chat will always appear at the bottom right in the monitor, even if scrolleremo the page.
It was decided to conceive it as a module, and not as a plugin because then we could simply allow / block the display of chat in certain pages of the site.
Social chat is very simple and intuitive for your users, it will appear in a small portion of the screen in a rectangular box where you can see the number of users connected at that time.
A side we find the symbol of a gear that will allow us to change our status among those available: online, busy, offline and in addition we have a button that allows us to enter in the "town" where we can see all the conversations with various users.
If you click on the main pane social chat we can see in detail what users are connected and their status, by clicking on it we can open a new window where you can chat with them.
In real-time the user opens a window into your message.

Hipmob Hosted Live Chat released !

Hipmob is the fastest live chat service for Joomla. Talk to your visitors in real time using hosted live chat!

You can install, customize and activate the Hipmob for Joomla plugin with just a few clicks; no servers or software to install.


Hipmob is great if you are:

- an online store looking to increase sales or get more feedback
- a blogger who wants to talk to your audience
- providing a service and want to provide great customer support
- looking to turn visitors into customers
- looking to up-sell customers to bigger orders
- reducing abandoned carts

Hipmob's live chat service comes with a ton of features, including:

- Works with all browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari
- Works on mobile browsers as well
- SDKs for your iPhone app, Android app or iPad app
- Integrates with Mailchimp if you want to send newsletters
- Integrates with Helpdesk systems like Zendesk and
- Plugs into CRM tools like Highrise by 37Signals, Zoho CRM, and Salesforce
- Sends notifications to your collaboration tools like Hipchat and Campfire
- Set greetings, canned messages, away messages and help messages
- Has a REST API for developers, in PHP, Python and Node.JS
- Chat from your favorite XMPP Instant Messenger, including Adium, Pidgin, Instantbird, iChat, iMessage, and IMO
- Chat from your mobile phone! Using the IMO instant messaging client.
- Email to reply to customers who are away
- Analytics right in your Google Analytics or Mixpanel Account
- Easy to customize the UI
- Manage multiple sites
- See visitors on your site in real time
- Send proactive chat messages
- Send images and audio files
- Direct users to specific URLs.
- Reliable and Secure

Banter released !

   Banter offers rooms, saved transcripts, and easy-file-uploads for live real-time discussion between team members along with easy client interaction through the Guest Access option and mobile access through a beautiful responsive design making it possible to join a room from anywhere!

Live Chats
With the Banter model you can now hold discussions among an unlimited number of team members and business partners directly on your website and in real-time. No more email headaches, missed IM conversations and one-on-one discussions that have to be repeated with other members of your company. Sounds notify you when a new message has been entered but can be disabled if necessary. Banter provides rooms with a variety of access levels: Public (access for all logged-in users), Member Only (access by invitation only), or Key (access with a key phrase). Upload files into your room by simply dragging them from your desktop into your browser window or by using the upload button. Files are displayed inline with your messages as well as in the files list on the right hand side. And lastly, you can star items to easily find them in the future.

Locked Rooms
Any room can be locked quickly and securely. A locked room allows no one else to enter the room regardless of other permissions unless they are an Admin user. While in a locked room no discussions or files are saved to the transcript and everything is considered "off-the-record".

Guest Access
Banter lets you bring a client into a room easily through a guest link. When the guest link is enabled simply send the client the link and they will be asked to enter a name and then allowed immediate access to the room. Guests will not see any chats, discussions, or files that were added before they joined the room, similar to a real conference room.

Stored Transcripts
All rooms and discussions store transcripts for you to quickly find things again. Starred items are automatically displayed for each transcript along with any files attached to the discussion or chat. Chat searching is an easy way to search across your rooms and discussions to find a specific word or phrase.

CRM Integration
Banter seamlessly integrates with CRMery so you can attach a room to a particular lead, contact, company or deal. When in the room you can jump to your CRM record for review or update. When in CRMery you are able to see all rooms associated with that record and all transcripts linked to that individual or company

Facebook Chat Now Available in Hotmail Inboxes Everywhere

When it was first announced that Hotmail would offer Facebook chat access from within the inbox, it was only available to six different regions.This week the Hotmail team has expanded the feature to reach customers worldwide.

Dick Craddock, Group Program Manager for Windows Live Hotmail, fully admits that Gmail beat them to bringing chat to the inbox, but Hotmail hopes to earn some kudos back by offering the integration of Facebook chat as well.

If you're a Hotmail user and you want to try it out, first connect your Facebook account to Windows Live and confirm that the “Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger” box is checked. Once the two accounts have been linked you can start a chat from Hotmail by clicking on the name of a Facebook contact.

Says Hotmail's official announcement

Since announcing the availability of Facebook chat in Messenger worldwide two weeks ago, nearly 2.5 million more people connected their Facebook accounts to Windows Live, bringing the total to over 20 million customers. And with three out of four Hotmail customers using Facebook, we expect that many more people will want to take advantage of this feature, now that it’s available from your Hotmail inbox.

Google's Soft Spots

It's a fairly clever move on Hotmail's part. Consider the alleged battle between Google and Facebook, which was most recently highlighted when the social network nabbed the Internet giant's place as the most-visited website in the United States.

Spokespersons from both sides of the fence will tell you that there's no real competition here, as the companies are inherently different. These claims haven't quelled speculation in the slightest, of course, and we would personally be scratching our heads in wonder if the Facebook chat functionality suddenly appeared in Gmail.

Hotmail's addition further supports the idea that Google might want to watch its back when it comes to Zuck's kingdom, as well as the social media movement as a whole (something Google seems continually unable to latch onto). 

At the same time, it's also a feature that could bring some life back to both Hotmail and Messenger if it's successful. If Facebook chat within Hotmail is something you plan on trying, let us know in the comments below how it turns out, and whether or not you think it has a lot of pull.