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XOOPS Announces Winners of Innovation and Community Awards

XOOPS Community voted and the winners of 2008/2009  "Marcello Brandao XOOPS Innovation Award"  have been announced:


  1. The XOOPS 2.5.0 Development Team: 32% of votes: Nicolas Andricq (ForMusS), Cointin Maxime (kraven30), and Grégory Mage (Mage)
  2. Herve Thouzard (Hervet): Oledrion: 13% of votes
  3. Ricardo Costa (Trabis): MyTabs, MyComments: 9% of votes
  4. Laurent JEN (DuGris): XOOPS Installer: 9% of votes

Also announced have been winners of the 2008/2009 "XOOPSer of the Year", its Community Award:

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  1. Ricardo Costa (Trabis): 31% of votes
  2. Mowaffak Ali (Mowaffak): 16% of votes
  3. Christophe Boceno (kris_fr): 10% of votes
  4. Gerard Vanderveken (Ghia): 10% of votes

With its renewed focus and dedication of its community, XOOPS is quickly making a lot of progress, ahead of its upcoming XOOPS 2.5.0 release, and it shows in the recent reviews.

XOOPS has been just selected as one of the "Top 10 Open-Source Platforms to Build Your Own Social Network" and the recent review on WebmasterFormat stated: 

After several years of suffering a development drought, Xoops is quickly regaining its hold on new webmasters and pushing to become a premier open source CMS once again.

Security is No Joke: Open Source MODx Content Management System Serious About Site Safety

MODx CMS, the Open Source Web Content Management System, announces latest release of its classic codebase, MODx Evolution 1.0.3. This release closes some potential security vulnerabilities and offers nearly 2 dozen improvements and close to 50

"MODx Evolution 1.0.3 demonstrates the importance of and our commitment to our classic MODx codebase," stated Ryan Thrash, MODx Co-founder. "While we're excited about the future with Revo, we recognize that there's hundreds of thousands of sites running on Evo.
We have a lot we still want to do with Evo—it's not going away anytime soon."

The MODx Team considers Evolution 1.0.3 a mandatory update for allMODx Evolution users as it closes some potential vectors that could lead to security compromises with prior MODx releases.

MODx Evolution 1.0.3 also offers more than 45 bugfixes including fixes for IE8 compatibility and the Manager Datepicker and more than 20 enhancements or improvements including adding Templates and TVs capability for custom installer builds, a better organized context
menu, core add-on and language updates—all to make the MODx experience better for developers and users.

You can download MODx Evolution 1.0.3 here:

Kentico 5 – .NET Content Management at its finest

In December of 2009, Kentico released version 5 of their flagship content management system for Microsoft .NET. Kentico has long been heralded as an innovator in the CMS market and since our preview review (read it here) we wanted to see what has changed.

So what's new in Kentico 5?


Optimizations to the way Kentico handles records in the database and preparations to make the CMS more enterprise ready have been put in place. What does this mean? Well, to start with.. the CMS has already been optimized to work with 1,000,000 users and 100,000 documents in the database.

Batch Functions

One of the frustrations of previous versions was the inability to perform batch functions. Well, the developers listened, and now you can now easily copy, move, delete and publish multiple documents including all child documents.

SQL Server Replication

Kentico CMS can now use SQL Server Replication, meaning you are no longer limited to a single database but can copy your database over multiple SQL Servers to get higher performance and reliability from the system.

Improved UI Customization

With version 5.0, the administrator can enable/disable menu items or parts of dialogs to simplify the user experience and only show the features that the user really needs. It also allows you to personalize the WYSIWYG editor toolbar on an individual user basis.

Kentico UI Personalization

Kentico UI Personalization - Click to enlarge

Widgets (Web Parts)

Kentico 5 introduces widgets (or web parts) to the interface, allowing end users to add dynamic features, such as forms, polls, newsletter subscription and others to the widget zones defined by developer. Widgets can also be used on a personalized home page, similar to which is useful if you build an intranet or community portal.

Kentico 5 Widgets

Kentico 5 Widgets - Click to enlarge

Improved Visual Design

The new release also brings with it a new design, which allows users to easily change the look of the system by simply replacing graphics with their own.

Kentico 5 New Design

Kentico 5 New Design - Click to enlarge

Active Directory Synchronization and Importing

A huge new feature for Kentico 5 is the introduction of the Active Directory import utility. This allows you to periodically synchronize users from Active Directory into Kentico CMS and is a very welcome change. With such a large number of corporations using AD, it's great to see this new utility make it's way into this latest release.

Kentico 5 Active Directory Import Utility

Kentico 5 Active Directory Import Utility - Click to enlarge

Kentico, as always, comes loaded with pretty much everything one can think of. It's fast, it's attractive and the learning curve is not as steep as some of it's competitors.

In a market where ease of use is almost always the number one priority for those considering implementing a new system, Kentico is poised in the top tier of systems.

Interested in trying this amazing CMS? You can download your copy today or try the online Virtual Lab.

Learn more at

eZ Web Content Management platform gets even better with eZ Publish 4.3

eZ is proud to announce the release today of eZ Publish 4.3, the exciting new version of its market-leading Open Source Content Management System. This release is a milestone in the evolution of eZ Publish. A New Administration Interface improves the user experience of editors and administrators, an expanded commenting system boosts End User Generated Content, and the TeamRoom collaboration solution has joined the ranks of certified eZ Publish extensions. In addition, many more improvements and new functionalities have made their way into the 4.3 release.

A New Administration Interface

The redesigned Administration Interface is a milestone for eZ Publish, significantly improving user experience application-wide, and boosting productivity. In the Administration Interface, the dashboard is now the default landing space for users in the administration, providing access to the latest and greatest assets such as user drafts, pending items, and more. in order to improve user experience, eZ has reshaped the Administration Interface along rigorous guidelines:to optimize the work space, streamlining the interface, and removing redundant or under-used itemsreduce the number of clicks to get things done,leverage Ajax technology to provide more dynamic features without requesting reloads of the full page A full-screen edition mode immerses users in their content, increasing efficiency and ease of use in the Administration Interface.

Content Engine is at the core of eZ Publish, allowing users to define their own content structures and content types in unbeatable time frames and without additional development. With this new release, eZ makes this Content Engine even more powerful thanks to improvements in the way content types are managed.

Unsurpassed User Generated Content

eZ Publish 4.3 provides a brand new User Generated Content module for advanced commenting by end users--the next step towards engaging users more successfully on your websites.
User Generated Content goes far beyond simple commenting. The new system includes user registration and subscription to push notification of activity on the commented items, self-edition of comments and full comment control, for a best-of-breed user comment feature on your websites.
The built-in setup of the User Comment system fits most use cases, however, the system is flexible enough for your most niche demands: add form fields, captcha, change role permissions, change templates--everything is customizable and extensible, in accordance with eZ' design philosophy !

Teamroom, the Collaboration Solution, based on eZ Publish

The Teamroom collaboration solution is a full-featured collaboration portal enabling users to share their information in an efficient and straight-forward manner.

Teamroom facilitates project planning and management. With Teamroom organizations can plan, manage and control projects and project teams, build a project-specific knowledge base of documents, discussions, blogs and any other relevant information; optimize communication in accordance with Enterprise 2.0 software best practices, exchange and discuss relevant news and information, plan milestones and tasks, organize dates and events, manage, archive discussions via message boards, organize all your projects in a single, centralized location with flexible, fully customizable permission options.

Other news and improvements

In addition to the main features introduced above, the reliability and quality of eZ Publish 4.3 has made significant strides beyond its predecessors. With eZ Publish 4.3, end users benefit from many enhancements and minor bug fixes as well as improved documentation, and testing, including an updated eZ Find with better multi-lingual handling, facets, performance enhancements, a new eZ Script Monitor extension for background script processing, updates to the eZ JS Core, eZ Multiupload, and eZ Survey modules, an improved LDAP login handler, and an updated iPhone Web Application.

A number of promising new extensions are on track for eZ Premium service certification in eZ Publish 4.3, extending the platform in exciting new ways. The CMIS Client, a collaboration with eZ's business partner NXC, provides full CMIS 1.0 client support to eZ Publish, the CJW Newsletter is a new additional module for newsletter management, while XRow e-commerce provides a global e-commerce solution on top of eZ Publish. Many other extensions are forthcoming.

About eZ Publish

eZ Publish is an award-winning enterprise-grade Open Source Web Content Management platform that help businesses publish any type of information, anywhere by anyone. Powering more than 200 000 websites globally, eZ Publish is used for web publishing, media portals, intranets and e-commerce solutions.
The powerful content engine, digital media functionality and ease of use has made eZ Publish the preferred choice of the media industry. A preference shared by thousands of multinational corporations, ministries and top educational institutions around the world.
This proven enterprise-grade Web Content Management System comes with both a commercially supported Premium version and a free Open Source version.
About eZ

Founded in 1999, eZ Systems is the world's largest Open Source Content Management software company with offices in the US, Japan, France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and Norway.
eZ Systems is the creators of eZ Publish, the award winning enterprise-grade Open Source Web Content Management Platform, which is used by more than 200 000 websites in more than 160 countries.
As the open source alternative for top tier web content management, customers include United States Navy and French Ministry of Defense, Harvard and MIT, Lagardere group, CNBC and Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, T-Mobile, France Telecom and Orange, Sparkassen, Banque Populaire and Oslo Stock Exchange.

Introduction to Zyke CMS

Zyke CMS is a brand new and very basic CMS from development firm, Custom Dev. We grabbed a copy of their first version and ran through a quick test of the software to see what it was made of.

The install process is very straight forward and requires simply uploading the contents of the downloaded zip file to your server. This is a PHP/MySQL CMS by the way so ensure your host supports this prior to grabbing a copy.

Once you've uploaded the contents, visit to kick off the installation.

Install consists of one screen:


Simply enter your details and you are done. Then all that is required is to delete the install directory from the server (for security purposes).

You start with the most basic of sites:


You can then access the admin section by appending /admin.php to your domain and you will see:


There's not much more to the system at the moment. Adjusting the main site details gives you a screen like this with very basic configuration options:


If you are interested in checking it out, you can do so at launch miggleCMS, their PHP/MySQL content management system under an open source license

From the release announcement: As a business is fully committed to using and supporting open source software wherever it can.  We believe open source solutions, when implemented effectively, offer customers and users the best possible options in terms of balancing unique requirements, with leveraged R&D, in an environment where BCP (business continuity planning) issues are largely taken care of.  It would be counter to our believe in that approach to continue to keep our CMS, miggleCMS, as a proprietary tool.  Nor would doing so be in the best interests of the BCP requirements of our clients who use it.

The world does not need another content management system (CMS).  I truly believe that.  But, like many web businesses we found ourselves in a position three years ago where it made sense for us to have our own CMS to provide a solution to small businesses, which we didn’t feel we could easily or efficiently achieve with what was available at the time, to the flexibility we wanted.  Three years on, we’ve now used miggleCMS on over 30 sites, from simple brochure ware sites, to e-commerce solutions with stock control.

No single CMS will ever fulfil the needs of all web requirements.  It’s often a case, when choosing a potential CMS, of looking at product requirements, distinguishing between ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to haves’ and making the appropriate trade-offs if required.  Because of this, we don’t think there’s any more developments we need to make right now to miggleCMS, because to do so, in our opinion, would put us on a path where basically we would be starting to re-write Joomla.  Which is pointless.  At that point, we’d be better off just using Joomla.  But by opening miggleCMS up as an open source product, our opinion on that becomes just one opinion.  Others may look at our code and think there are areas in which it could be improved or developed on.  Maybe add an Ajax front end, maybe a deeper depth of categorisations, maybe the addition of payment provider support beyond Paypal?   Also, because pages can have modules attached to them, there’s scope for this to have additional functionality added without the need for a full re-write.  Modules could be written in the same sort of way plug-ins are for Wordpress.  By throwing this over the fence, we leave it to the open source development community to decide.

The final reason we’ve done it is because miggleCMS has been a useful tool in helping small businesses, with 5-10 pages, get decent looking sites online cost effectively.  Now that as a business we’re moving away from that market, beyond providing existing clients with better BCP options, this CMS, like so many others, acts as a code base to which you just need to BYOD – Bring your own designer!

So, if you’ve not clicked through already, take a look at miggleCMS.

Total Creative Freedom, No Limits, SEO Nirvana and the Future of MODx CMS

MODx CMS, the Open Source Web Content Management System, announces it has published the first release candidate for its upcoming flagship product, MODx Revolution. Over three years in the making, this release candidate moves MODx CMS Revolution 2.0 out of beta and brings it one step closer to final General Release.

In addition to maintaining MODx's reputation of offering absolute freedom over design and content structure, and the ability to build sites quickly and easily that perform well with Search Engines, MODx Revolution 2.0 Release Candidate 1 comes tightly packed with more than 240 bugfixes and enhancements since its last beta release. This release offers a faster Manager, easier installation, better Rich Text Editing (RTE) for content managers, a robust Package Manager for installing Add-ons directly  within the Manager, and a new native file browser for direct access of files and other website assets.

"We're excited to see Revo moving out of beta, as it takes everything great about our classic code base, and re-envisions it in a modern architecture with Enterprise-level scalability," said Ryan Thrash, MODx's co-founder. "When developers start working with Revo and experience first-hand what we've talked about for so long—let's just say I think there's going to be a lot of happy developers and site owners. Revo really is a platform on which you can build a robust, mission-critical website. Our upcoming user conference, Partner Program and Commercial Support offerings will further enhance the MODx ecosystem and demonstrate our level of commitment to the MODx platform."

MODx Revolution 2.0 is designed to be a the most flexible, extensible and highly configurable platform on which to build and manage websites and custom web applications where users, permissions and content resources are a key component of the application. MODx Revolution offers users a completely customizable web content solution on a modern, object-oriented core with a fully documented API for developers, and backed by a robust data abstraction layer powered by its sister-project, xPDO (

To stay on top of MODx news visit

Third alpha of Drupal 7 available for testing

The third alpha release of what will become Drupal 7 is now available for testing.  The most notable change for developers is Drupal 7 now ships with jQuery 1.4 and jQuery UI 1.8. They've also fixed a number of critical issues since the previous alpha, most importantly one that caused passwords to be stored in plain-text under certain conditions.

Changes since DRUPAL-7-0-ALPHA2:

  • Drupal 7 now ships with jQuery 1.4.2 and jQuery UI 1.8.
  • API change: AJAX commands are now defined as array('#type' => 'ajax', '#commands' => $output) rather than array('#type' => 'ajax_commands', '#ajax_commands' => $output).
  • API change: There is a new form element #type 'text_format', should be used for textareas with format selectors (e.g. body fields).
  • page--front.tpl.php works again.
  • Bug where IE quits displaying any CSS after 31+ stylesheets now fixed.
  • The "Add" link now shows up for blocks. :P
  • Now, running drupal_execute() multiple times on forms will validate each time, instead of only the first one.
  • UI for translatable fields removed, in favour of contributed module.
  • MAINTAINERS.txt now actually approximates the truth.
  • Numerous upgrade path fixes.
  • Numerous documentation fixes and documentation holes filled.
  • Numerous markup fixes and improvements.
  • Various performance improvements, especially around data import.
  • Numerous security fixes, including both forward-ports of 6.x holes and plugging a D7-only one where Drupal 7 was storing plain-text copies of passwords in under certain conditions.

More details:

CMS Review: SquareSpace – The powerful, hosted CMS for designers

SquareSpace has been getting alot of attention of late for their revolutionary content management system. SquareSpace is an incredibly powerful and unique, hosted solution that gives the designer/developer unprecedented control over the look of their site and it's content.

SquareSpace is available with a number of plans ranging from $8/month to $50/month (more details on their pricing page).

When you first log into your account, you will notice a menu along the top of the site that offers a number of options:

Click to Enlarge

Clicking on the overview option provides a number of statistics for your website using some nicely rendered charts (it's nice to see some well done integrated analytics):

Click to enlarge

SquareSpace also has inline editing which  you can access directly from the site.

You can see the links once you log into the site:

Click to Enlarge

Clicking the "Post new entry" button overlays an very well designed editor that has literally every function you could want (and more) including video embedding, photo embedding and much more. Using their editor is a snap and works beautifully. Embedding a YouTube video into a post, for example, is as easy as pasting the URL.. the editor will then provide a preview and give you a number of options for sizing and alignment.

Here's a screenshot of the editor:

Click to Enlarge

Entering Tags and Categories within the editor is just a click and type function and works exactly as one might expect.

Article references can also be inserted with ease thanks to a handy References button within the editor:

Click to enlarge

The editor in the top right of the screen (shown below) allows you to switch between modes such as content editing, structure editing, style editing and preview mode.

Mode switching menu

We've already shown you content editing mode, let's move on to Structure Editing mode.. (the 4 square blocks shown in the menu above).

Structure editing mode allows you to add and insert sections, add/modify widgets, edit the headers and more. Clicking on this mode will show a number of options as well as page configuration:

Click to enlarge

Clicking on configure this page will bring up the dialog below which lets you make modifications to the individual page itself. There are far too many options to possibly show with screenshots so we'd recommend trying out their demo if you'd like to see the options and play around. You can get a demo for 14 days (no credit card required) from their website.

Switching to style editing mode (yes, the options never end with this software..) provides you with even more functionality. Now you can switch templates using this screen:

Click to enlarge

Once you've found the right template, you can copy it into your own style and make whatever changes you want. Clicking on Banner & Navigation provides the following functions (column configuration, customized banners, etc):

Click to enlarge

Once you've made the necessary changes on this page, you can take them ever further by modifying individual css, fonts, sizes and more all from a number of handy menus.

There really are far too many options to possibly cover in one review, but this gives you a good idea of what to expect from SquareSpace.

For those of you who are thinking that with all of these positives, there must be something wrong, surely support must be poor or something is lacking... the short answer is No.

Support responses were the fastest we have ever had from any support ticket we have filed. Literally within 5 minutes of submitting a request, we had a reply back.. they are fast, polite and efficient and we highly recommend them. Now, having said that, we don't expect this fast of a response all of the time but it certainly was a pleasant first experience.

One thing is for certain, SquareSpace rivals most installed CMS systems when it comes to ease of use, beauty and functionality.


  • Beautifully designed interface that is both snappy and well designed.
  • Huge number of options and configuration possibilities.
  • Images are uploaded and hosted on super fast Amazon S3 servers.
  • Cost is incredibly inexpensive for such a powerful system.
  • Support from SquareSpace is remarkably fast.


  • It won't do your laundry.


Jaws CMS 0.8.10 has been released

A new release of Jaws CMS is available. Jaws is a Framework and Content Management System for building dynamic web sites. It aims to be User Friendly giving ease of use and lots of ways to customize web sites, but at the same time is Developer Friendly, it offers a simple and powerful framework to hack your own modules.

  • PHP 5.3 supported
  • Update all libraries
  • Full timezone support
  • Improve auto paragraphing
  • Add personal information items to Users gadget
  • Improve ACL checking in Users gadget
  • Add multiple selection to Blog's entries data grid for easier management
  • Add JSON support to AJAX stuffs
  • Execute auto-loading actions before stand-alone actions
  • Allow or disallow multiple users with same email address
  • Add ACL checking in front-end area for non-administrator users
  • Add two new actions to Blog gadget: Popular posts, Authors list
  • Fix some styles in IE7 and IE8
  • Add Finnish and Hebrew Languages
  • Update Dutch, Polish, French, Japanese, Czech, Russian, ... translations
  • and many more enhancement and minor bug fixes

The posting is here: