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XOOPS 2.5 Alpha 2 Released

The XOOPS Projects has released Alpha 2 of its upcoming XOOPS 2.5.0 release.

This new release a major redesign of the Administration module which has been AJAX-ed with jQuery. Some of the new features are breaking a new ground for XOOPS, like the visual placement of blocks, and we're sure that the users will love them. The 2.5.0 release will be definitely the most innovative XOOPS release in years.

Some of the major improvements/additions include new Help System for Admin and modules, MySQL Dump function, Tables Maintenance and Cache Clean-up in Maintenance, new Redirect messaging system, and Column sorting in tables.

The focus on improved usability resulted in more visual administration using drag & drop, among them module ordering and block placement, and direct access to files for editing and folder management via a new File Manager.

The developers also did a lot of code refactoring to use the latest XOOPS API.

You can see a video with overview of the main new features on YouTube (

For more info and download links, please visit XOOPS Site (

About XOOPS: Founded in 2002 by group of international software developers, XOOPS quickly become one of world’s leading Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS). Known and loved for its ease of use and countless powerful modules, XOOPS received numerous International Awards and Recognitions, among them: the First Runner-Up in the SourceForge 2006 Community Choice Awards in the Development category, 5 Stars from Germany's Chip Magazine, Top 3 content management system from Adobe Edge Magazine, one of top Open Source CMS for Medical Professionals by ONDD. It was also the finalist of 2008 Source Forge Community Awards, and 2008 and 2009 CMS Awards by Packt Publishing. In January 2009 it received the 2008 China Open Source Software Contest Award, and in Oct.2009 won the Grand Prize of OSS Challenge in Korea . XOOPS is the most downloaded CMS project on More info at:

Drupal CMS versions 6.16 and 5.22 are now available

Two new releases of Drupal are available for download. Version 6.16 and 5.22 can be attained from the website.

The full list of changes between the 6.15 and 6.16 releases can be found by reading the 6.16 release notes. The full list of changes between the 5.21 and 5.22 releases can be found by reading the 5.22 release notes.

Drupal 5.22 and 6.16 were released in response to the discovery of security vulnerabilities. Details can be found in the official security advisory:

To fix the security problem, you can either (1) upgrade Drupal or (2) patch Drupal.

More info:

Tiki Announces 3.5 and 4.2 Releases

Tiki has released updates for both current release branches: 3.5 and 4.2. Both updates include bug fixes, feature polishing, and security updates. All Tiki sites are strongly encouraged to update to the latest version to take advantage of security fixes and updates. See to determine which branch (3.x or 4.x) best suits your needs.

Coming Soon: Tiki 5
The next major release, Tiki 5, is planned for April 2010 and will include many new features including shopping cart and payment support, improved translation/multilingual support, an advanced rating and scoring system, workspaces, performance improvements, and much more. See for additional information on this upcoming release. Early adopters can obtain pre-release versions of Tiki 5 directly from the SVN repository.

About Tiki
TikiWiki CMS/Groupware is a full-featured, web-based, multilingual (35+ languages), tightly integrated, all-in-one Wiki+CMS+Groupware, Free Source Software (GNU/LGPL), using PHP, MySQL, Zend Framework, jQuery and Smarty. Actively developed by a very large international community, Tiki can be used to create all kinds of Web applications, sites, portals, knowledge bases, intranets, and extranets. For more information, visit

MS Provider pTools Adds Social Media Content Distribution To Its Software

Content Management Software (CMS) provider, pTools, today announced the addition of a range of embedded social media and networking features to its software. From within the pTools CMS, social media content can be easily re-distributed to any site anytime in any format on any social network.

A key feature, pTools ‘TwitterDocs’, allows users to post to Twitter as they publish content through the CMS. There is no need to separately login to Twitter, and the content-related Tweet is controlled and managed within the CMS and its workflows.

In addition to Twitter, customer content is presented on Facebook, LinkedIn, and indexed in live search engine results such as Google & Bing with no pre- or post-publishing tweaking required.

The new features, which will be launched at the Digital Media Conference in Dublin at the end of the month, mean that businesses can now manage multiple online campaigns for different demographics through one content management engine.

Commenting on the development, Lee Annett, customer relationship and business development manager at pTools says: “Content is at the heart of the social networking experience and pTools Content Management Software (CMS) is helping customers get the most from their online content without the need to manually republish content to every ‘current’ social media site.  From within the CMS, content can be pushed out to potentially thousands of online locations and draws visitors back in to the central website.

pTools is a leading enterprise web content management software vendor providing high level feature functionality that delivers powerful content management for critical enterprise initiatives.

eZ Publish CMS version 4.3 beta has been released

eZ Systems today announced the availability of a beta version of eZ Publish 4.3, the forthcoming new version of its flagship software.

Moving from alpha to beta, this new pre-version of eZ Publish is making one step further towards the final release expected on March 30th.

This new version of eZ Publish provides a wide range of improvements in various fields. It includes a redesign of its administration interface in order to provide a more efficient and easy to use experience to editors, some improvements to RSS publishing, better User Generated Content (UGC), improvement into the Enterprise Grade Search Plug-in eZ Find to offer more capacity to handle multilingual content repositories, the full certification and support for eZ Teamroom, the collaborative solution built on top of eZ Publish and a wide set of enhancements and fixes to improve the overall quality of the solution.

Read the developer release note to learn more about the content of the release. You can find the downloadable files via this link. If you are interested in discussing this alpha release, feel free to participate in our community forum on that topic, on If you are interested in discussing this beta release, feel free to participate in our community forum on that topic, on

The beta release period is also the time for external translators who would like to contribute to finalize and submit their work to eZ Systems engineering team. More information on the dedicated page on our community website.

MovableType 4.3.4 released

A new version of MovableType has been released. Version 4.3.4 includes a number of bug fixes. A full breakdown of the changes in this release can be found in the release notes.

Here is a brief summary of the changes:

  • Reimplemented the malicious image detection capabilities that were added to Movable Type 4.33 to protect asset management functions more consistently.
  • Recreated an index on the comment_parent_id column in the mt_comment table. This index was incorrectly removed in a previous version of Movable Type 4.3x.
  • Corrected a problem with user privilege changes implemented in Movable Type 4.33 that prevented a user from uploading a userpic (a picture of himself or herself) in some situations.
  • Fixed a typographical error in the lib/MT/Summary/ Perl module in Movable Type 4.33 that resulted in "subroutine redefined" errors being reported in some circumstances.
  • Fixed a problem with the internal search facility within the Movable Type 4 CMS that prevented more than 125 results matching the search criteria to be displayed.
  • Fixed a problem with the internal search facility within the Movable Type 4 CMS that caused all "Regex Match" searches to return no matches.
  • Fixed a problem in Movable Type 4.33 where searching for entries by date ranges returned incorrect results. This problem was most noticeable to users of the Blog Stats Dashboard Widget. It often displayed no activity for entries or comments regardless of actual activity.
Avanti Nu Corporate Business Template

Avanti is a smooth business Joomla template with a creative edge - Its the perfect vehicle to put your business out in front at the start of a new decade. Its packed with features including a k2 template to work with the Joomlaworks cck component, a new update of the JB Slideshow module and microblog module both that add advanced K2 functionality to your website.

template feature overview

A new business template for Joomla

Avanti is the first contribution to the Joomal Bamboo catalogue from Melbourne based designer David Vuu. Its a very smooth, crisp and clean Joomla template that is ideal for using on a business website.


JB Slideshow3 is K2 compatible

The JB Slideshow3 content and image slider is now K2 compatible which means that you can use it to display your K2 content or your normal Joomla content in a beautiful sliding, scrolling content slideshow. We have added the first stage of theming for the slideshow module as well as enhanced some of the functionality. Find out more about JB Slideshow.


60 Module Positions
K2 CCK Template

Avanti comes with its very own K2 template built in. K2 is a content construction kit component for Joomla created by Joomlaworks that offers an unprecedented amount of control over the way your Joomla content appears on the page. Avanti includes two minimal-ish business templates for K2 that will get K2 working with Avanti straight out of the box.

Built on the Zen Grid framework

Our Zen Grid framework makes it very easy to make layout and colour changes to your site. No more digging into code to adjust the width of an element and logo replacement is a breeze. Read about the Zen Grid Framework and the Zen Grid Template documentation.


Package Contents
  • xhtml and css valid Joomla 1.5 Template
  • Joomla 1.5 Quickstart package
  • Full source PSD Files






e107 New version - 0.7.18

Yes, here's yet another release.

We have tightened up some of the security relates stuff from the last release and fixed some bugs that crept into it.
Most notably an issue with not being able to save extended user field data.

I also change a few things in the file inspector to make that a bit more useful, thanks to Lawbringer for that.

Here for changes: click to open link in new window

Here for your files: click to open link in new window

ProMusique MightyTemplate

ProMusique is our August’ 09 Joomla! 1.5 template. Simple and appealing design of this high quality web template will not let you go by. ProMusique is the best option for your music news portal. It has simple yet stylish look, professional layout and music far and wide in this excellent template.

6 different color palettes, 19 module positions and advanced module highlights are the great field for experiments to create your own unique and original look. To try the ProMusique layout variations feel free to play with demo. This professional template will also greatly suit for any media, social networking and news website.

  • 6 colors variations
  • 19 module positions
  • Module highlights
  • New advanced typography
  • Joomla! 1.5.x native
  • 3 columns layout
  • 100% CSS-based tableless design
  • XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • CSS Valid
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Style Theme Switcher
  • Suckerfish menu

ProMusique V2 is September Bonus template, supports new MightyGear® technology. You will have control over website's animation, powered by this technology.

Roundict MightyTemplate

Roundict is November Joomla! 1.5 modern web template with extraordinary design, valid XHTML and CSS. The template has 8 excellent preset styles, 19 module positions, 6 tabs positions and several module highlights.

Roundict is a professional template which suits perfectly for business and news websites. Businesslike design, nice color schemes and big number of positions will result in success with your website. Roundict is customizable like all our templates.

  • 8 preset styles
  • 28 module positions with MightyTabs
  • XHTML 1.0 Transitional valid
  • CSS 2.1 valid
  • 100% DIV-based
  • Cross browser support (+ IE6)
  • Module stylings
  • Improved typography
  • Advanced system messages
  • MightyGear 1.2
  • Joomla 1.5 native