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concrete5 Support Available to Everyone

Two years after going open source, concrete5 now powers over 50,000 websites, only a small handful of which are actually hosted by the project's core team. Now concrete5 site owners can easily get support on a per instance basis regardless of where their site is being hosted.

"The free forums and consulting services of many shops and freelancers have always provided a range of options to make a site work, but there was never a clear safety net for site owners until now." says Founder and CEO Franz Maruna. "We're not trying to be the cheapest or the fastest, we just want everyone who chooses concrete5 to know that their site will grow with them for many years to come. This new incident support option means hosting with us isn't the only way to get the security of the core team's attention."

The core team behind concrete5 is spending more and more time helping large enterprises and institutions implement concrete5 effectively. The creation of this new service and the dedication of the resources behind it shows they are committed to providing top-tier support for large and small clients alike.

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concrete5 Launches Version 5.4 With a Trip to SXSW

concrete CMS was commercial software that went open source in late 2008, quickly winning project of the month on SourceForge and much attention from a community of open source fans used to dealing with painful user experiences and scattered code. During the last year the core team behind concrete5 has been flushing out features in their CMS, along with building an active community and marketplace at Now with the release of version 5.4 concrete5 has really hit its stride and the core team expects continued great growth this summer.

concrete5 powers over 35,000 websites today, with a developer community some 18,000 members strong. "We've grown very quickly since going open source," says CTO Andrew Embler. "The core application has always been very stable, but in the past we knew there were a few areas we wanted to clean up. With the sitemap improvements and even faster AJAX editing in 5.4 we've really covered the big items on my radar. "

Some architectural changes to better support the needs of enterprise level clients have already allowed some larger organizations to choose concrete5 over Drupal, Joomla!, and Wordpress. The additional changes to fully embrace the Zend framework by using Zend Cache and Zend Translate has proven well worth the investment.

"It was great fun showing off the release candidate of 5.4 at SXSW:Interactive this year,' says Franz Maruna, CEO. "We met a lot of Joomla! and Drupal developers who begrudgingly gave us 5 minutes to see the competition, only to walk away 20 minutes later lamenting about time they'd wasted on other systems. I think we showed quite a few people that you can build big powerful sites with concrete5 that really are easy to use."

See the complete feature list in 5.4 here: