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#SXSW: Search Patterns - Tangible Futures for Discovery

tairs Leading to Nowhere

For those of you that are not familiar with the house it is located in San Jose, CA. For 38 years the owner of the house added on and created room after room, staircase after staircase and doorway after doorway. Some of the stairs led to nowhere and there was never a design or plan for the house.

Now it looks like a very nice house from the outside, and you would never know that the inside was so messed up unless you were to get inside it, but once you are inside the house, it is unorganized and very confusing.

The metaphor really set the stage for the session, as every website needs to have a blueprint, so that when you are looking to organize and manage the content, you are able to do so easily and with the ability to allow your visitors to easily access and find the information that they are looking for.

Search Means Different Things to Different People

Morville then went on to discuss how search is a complex and adaptive system with real properties of emergence, and it is very important to understand that search means different things to different people, and when you are designing your website and search capabilities, you have to account for all of the following instances.

Individuals search in very different ways within a website and there are very unique patterns:

  • Narrow
  • Expansive
  • Thrashing
  • and Pearl Growing.

I found the “thrashing” one very interesting, as individuals search for a couple of words/phrases and modify their search time and time again, while always keeping the first term. Pearl Growing was also very interesting — this is when people find other keywords that help the search and modify their initial search entirely.

This led to his point that you need to think about search in 3 different ways, microscope (detail), telescope (big picture) and kaleidoscope (creativity).

Other key points that were made:

  • Speed is very important
  • The single biggest opportunity for businesses is through search
  • Think about the content and indexing it appropriately, adding metadata
  • Include the Content creators within the search model (metadata)
  • Filtering is an important aspect — especially within eCommerce
  • You need to have excessive attention to detail and get the interfaces right
  • Social plays an important part in search

Even though I am not a techie or search guy, I found this presentation very informative. To read the back channel on Twitter, search for the hashtag #searchpatterns.


About the Author

Mike has been part of the “Social Software” revolution for over 10 years, including 5+ years at eBay where he held numerous Community roles - Manager, Product Manager, and International Consultant. His current position as Social Strategist for allows him the ability to share his knowledge with businesses that are looking to integrate Social functionality within their website in order to provide a more pervasive web experience to their audience.

Bitrix's D.I.G. Engine Offers Cross-Content Search Technology

Enterprise search is a boom area and Bitrix (site) offers its new solution for finding data spread throughout an enterprise's online assets.

Can You D.I.G. Enterprise Search?

The bigger the corporation, the harder it can be to find something. So we have seen the rise of federated enterprise search, endless metadata, semantic search and many specialist solutions. Bitrix has a fix for the rapid rise in the amount of data being stored on company intranets and websites with its D.I.G. Engine, designed to hunt down data stored in online repositories.

Automated indexing means that anything submitted to the sites will be cataloged. As we're dealing with enterprise users, users will only see in the results information they have privileges to see, so those CIO comments or figures will remain out of reach. Results can be ranked and sorted, allowing users to quickly find the right answers.

Digging in Documents

As well as direct to Web data, D.I.G. can search in Office, OpenOffice and PDF files, as well as media files, stored online. It currently works in English, German and Russian, with stem-table support for other languages.

D.I.G. uses AJAX-powered interactive pages to show results, allowing users to refine their results. It also makes use of a taxonomy service with automatic tag cloud generation.

Find data on your corporate intranets

The new search engine is available as part of the existing Bitrix products, Site Manager and Intranet Portal. Bitrix claims that B.I.G. is up to 10 times faster than traditional search, something we'd be keen to see proven.

Attivio Announces High Sales, New Partnerships and Plum Award(s)

With search such a hot topic these days for both enterprise content management and web content management, it's probably not such a stretch that a provider of unified information access solutions, like Attivio (site), is doing so well.

Record Sales, New Clients

Attivio's fiscal year ended last month and the results were pretty impressive. According to the company which is not a public company, so we can't provide details, sales growth of 334% was achieved over the previous year.

They also doubled their client base and brought some major new clients (but we aren't going to name names, you'll have to head over to the Attivio website if you want those). We do know, however, that Attivio now has clients on three continents, so they are getting around.

Partnerships Help Deliver The Platform

A couple of new partners joined Attivio this year to help deliver their solution. These included Accenture, Ness, and Netezza. Attivio implements their solution primarily via system integrators, like Accenture.

Netezza, a provider of data warehousing and analytic appliances, has added Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine (AIE) to their TwinFin data warehouse appliance.

A Red Herring

One of the must-have awards is the Red Herring Global 100 and Attivio is pleased to be among the 99 other vendors in that list.

In addition to that award, the company was also recognized as "Cool Vednor in BI and Perfromance Management" by Gartner, a company with an "innovative technology" by the 451 Group Report, and a trend setter in the Trend Setting Product category by KMWorld.

There's a couple of other awards in there, but you get the point.

Taking Search to New Levels

Attivio's goal is to solve one basic problem, understanding what the customer is saying. To do that they bring together the worlds of business intelligence, data warehousing and enterprise search (also called information access) using their The Active Intelligence Engine platform.

In an interview with Attivio CTO Sid Probstein, Mike Vizard if IT BusinessEdge said this:

At the end of the day, says Probstein, the fundamental issue that Attivio is trying to solve is that most knowledge workers spend more time gathering data than analyzing it. Unfortunately, it seems like the vast majority of our enterprise applications are about gathering more data than ever, rather than trying to make sense of it.