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FileTek Releases Migration Tool, Adapters For SharePoint, IBM, Open Text


Information and document management provider FileTek (site) has just released new content migration software that enables users to move documents that are stored on network files into enterprise content management systems.

The new Trusted Edge for Intelligent Content Migration (ICM) works by providing adapters for the majority of systems including SharePoint, Open Text’s Livelink and IBM’s content and records management software.

In essence what ICM does is to locate, classify and move documents based on administrator defined criteria into secure locations by uniformly classifying and tagging both new and legacy content during the archiving process.

Intelligent Document Migrations

Maybe it’s just an accident that this has been released only two months before the release of SharePoint 2010 but whether it is or not, it will give SharePoint users an additional adapter that will be able to take network documents and throw them into SharePoint.

While it’s not the only system that will benefit, all the buzz at the moment is SharePoint 2010 and this kind of release needs to be seen in this context just for the moment.

One of the principal advantages of this new software is that it will be able to burrow into shared drives across a network and all the information that is stored in them, be that information business critical or horoscopes downloaded over lunch breaks, identify what is needed, take it out of the shared files and send it to a safe repository.

For the large part, current software moves bulk data “as is” and pushes it all across to a repository so instead of having a disorganized and uncategorized stack of document files in your shared folders, you have a stack of disorganized and uncategorized documents in your records management, document management or enterprise content management system. And that’s not good.

ICM deals with this by tagging only relevant content according to pre-configured file policies that can be built around file type, path, name and even file content. Based on that it can make intelligent decisions on whether the content should be migrated. If the content is moved, it is tagged with further metadata to make it easier again to find.

FileTek’s Trusted Edge

This is not the first foray for FileTek into the world of unstructured content, nor is it the first time it has produced software to deal with it.

Last September it released Trusted Edge v4.0 which is able to get into employee’s laptops and desktops — transparently they say — to get all the unclassified content sitting there properly organized.

By its own estimates, FileTek reckons that up to 80% of unstructured content resides on either desktops on laptops and their focus with that release was to cull the content form “the edge of networks” and classify it all.

It too can work with the major ECM systems, including SharePoint, IBM Content Manager, Open Text Livelink and EMC. Watch out for further solutions to whip all that unruly content into shape!

IBM Offers Lotus Collaboration Solutions for iPhone, Mac

IBM (site) is making news at MacWorld, announcing a slew of new business tools optimized for the Mac and the iPhone. What's on the list? Let's have a look.

Making the iPhone Business Ready

Seems like the iPhone is overtaking the Blackberry as the preferred mobile tool for organizations today. IBM's announcement at MacWorld strengthens their belief that the iPhone and the Mac are becoming the "devices of choice for business people".

Including in the software offering:

  • Lotus Social Software: Collaboration is a key capability for mobile users and enterprises. At Lotusphere IBM announced Lotus Quickr andConnections for the Blackberry. Now they are also available for the iPhone and the Mac.
  • Lotus Sametime: Available for both the iPhone and the Mac, instant messaging helps save money on web conferencing and conference calls.
  • Lotus Notes and Domino: Domino apps are quickly "mobilized" through functionality known as xPages.
  • Lotus Symphony: Optimized for the Mac, IBM is demonstrating the beta version at MacWorld, including an investment calculator that shows the ROI achieved by switching to Symphony, their free productivity suite.

Lotus Quickr on iPhone

Supporting Partners Developing for Mobile Devices

IBM is also supporting partners who are developing mobile applications and other solutions for the iPhone and the Mac. Many of these are available on the iPhone App store today, including a partner solution called SnappFiles.

SNAPPS - SnappsFiles

SnappFiles is designed to work with Lotus Quickr, enabling both iPhone, iTouch and iPad users to access their Quickr places and files directly.

Another partner, Elguji Software, has built question and answer community software called IQJam — great for knowledge sharing — for Domino. This solution takes advantage of the xPages capability.

Elguji Software's IQJam

And, if you want to access your Notes Tasks and Notebook or other Notes applications and business apps, try out ITANA and iEnterprises offerings.

Get your Demos at MacWorld

All these solutions are being demoed at MacWorld this week at Booth 1284.