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Content Image Factory 3.2

Basically in Joomla, images work by selecting a list of "Content images" and then adding the "image" tag in the content to specify where they should appear.

This extension takes automatically the images from the "Content images" list and place them into a module on the relevant articles page.

This would mean that the publisher will not have to add the image tags manually in the module and will have control where to place the images where ever on the page by just selecting an area for the module

Content Image Factory main features:

  • align images horizontally or vertically
  • display or hide image captions below
  • display first X images or random X images
  • define image height and width
  • ignore first image (this option is letting the first image into the content, putting only the rest into the module)
  • skip nr. images
  • new plugin to supress content images and display them only inside the module.

RSS 2 Image Factory 3.1.1

rss to images Factory displays images taken from RSS feeds. The module is compatible with rss Factory PRO version but also with the FREE one and has the following features:

  • display images taken from RSS Feeds
  • takes images from the cache of rss Factory 2.x.x
  • is able to display only the feeds containing images or all the feeds
  • orientation can be set up vertical or horizontal
  • search and display images with a required size (in order not to display images like spacer 1x1 px)
  • image resizing
  • image caption can be choosen from "alt" or "title" attributes or disabled
  • in case of missing caption the text can be predefined by the admin (ex. "No caption")
  • set up lenght of caption (first x characters)
  • caption can be displayed up or above the image