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Susnet Twitter Sidebar

The Susnet Twitter Sidebar lets you share your latest Tweets with your website visitors, the simple but powerful Joomla 2.5 module is easy to install and has a ton of options to help customise for your needs.

* jQuery sidebar position
* Customise all colors to match your template.
* Round or Square corners.
* 3 different Twitter buttons
* Set the number of Tweets.
* Set the speed the sidebar opens and closes.
* Disable jQuery if already loaded by other extensions.

Meebo Bar

This module will make it easy for you to integrate the Meebo Bar into your Joomla powered website. Present at the bottom of every page, the persistent Meebo Bar includes customizable Bar Buttons that can help increase user engagement and accomplish your site objectives, such as driving newsletter sign-ups or directing users to popular articles. The Meebo Bar also includes a rich media ad platform, enabling publishers to gain an additional revenue stream through Meebo-sold ads, partner-sold ads, or a hybrid ad serving solution.

Netbase VM Horizontal log-in module for VM 2.0 and Joomla 2.5

This is another improvement from Netbase team to supply back to Virtuemart community a excellent horizontal login module for Virtuemart. The module is orginated from Yoo Login module for Joomla only, but now has been teaked to work with Virtuemart 2.0 and Joomla 2.5.

- You can chose for visitor to register with Joomla account registration form or Virtuemart registration form in back end

- You can chose to use icon or text label for : register, remember password, lost password, lost usename, log out button, log in button, user greeting


Userlike is a livechat system that helps you to assist your website visitors at those crucial moments that decide whether they become valuable customers or remain just another set of wandering visitors.

This plugin allows you to embed Userlike into your Joomla website within seconds.

Please be aware that you need an account with Userlike to use this plugin. You can enter the secret key found in your Userlike dashboard in the module settings.

JoomlaShine presents JSN PowerAdmin

It’s very often that we hear reports from users about how it’s difficult to do simple things in Joomla such as change module positions, hide an article’s title or relocate menu items. So, JoomlaShine decided to take a good look at how people use Joomla and defined 3 major problems to be fixed.

*** Problem 1 ***
Very often, new users see something on their website and want to edit it, but they have no clue where to find it in the administration part.

### Solution ###
JSN PowerAdmin provides spotlight search giving result as you type. When you locate the desired item, just click it to open the edit page.

*** Problem 2 ***
Basically, every Joomla page consists of menus, components, and modules, tightly connected together. But in administration all these elements are located in separate places and the connection between them is hardly visible.

### Solution ###
JSN PowerAdmin provides a single interface to control all elements. In one screen users can select a menu item to see the component’s contents and all modules assigned to them. The user can then easily perform operations on menu items such as, editing details, reordering by drag-n-drop, etc. Also, users can perform operations on modules such as editing details, changing position with the visual selector, etc.

*** Problem 3 ***
Joomla has very powerful article presentation capabilities with tons of configuration parameters. There are too many parameters so that people often get lost and don’t know what parameter controls what aspect of article presentation.

### Solution ###
JSN PowerAdmin provides visual configuration of article presentation. You can move the mouse over all elements on the page and configure them with a single click. The software will automatically adjust all necessary parameters for you. This is a truly convenient way to configure article presentation, especially for new users.


This plugin add the ability to split a long article into multiple linked pages. The splits are added using the 'Page break' button editor. The plugin add extra feature compare to the default Joomla pagebreak plugin.

Key features

- Split a content or a personal page into a multiple linked pages
- Compatible with the Joomla articles content and BS Myjspace personal page content (option to select : Articles, Pages or boths)
- Ability to include the pagebreak css for the template with no pagebreak compatibility
- Ability to select position (left or right)
- Ability to show (default) or Hide index heading
- Ability to custom index heading text
- Ability to display a table of contents on multipage
- Ability to display the full page link
- Abillity to display a page counter
- Ability to select index style: regular (default) or Rollup
- Ability to select a class name for the index heading
- Ability to show all 'pages' as default
- Languages (fr-FR & en-GB included)

RSS Title slider from Gopi

RSS title slider is a joomla module to show the RSS title with cycle jQuery script. This module retrieve the title and corresponding links from the given RSS feed and setup the RSS slider gallery in the website. Its display one title at a time and cycle all the remaining title in the mentioned location. and we have option to arrange four different cycle effect left to right, right to left, down to up, up to down.

Plugin features

1. Simple installation and customization.
2. Option to add any rss feed.
3. Four different cycle option.

JO Facebook Activity Feed

JO Facebook Activity Feed module it shows users what their friends are doing on your site through likes and comments. It is very simple to use and adaptive to any Joomla 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 website.

The JO Facebook Activity Feed Module displays the most interesting recent activity taking place on your site. Since the content is hosted by Facebook, the Module can display personalized content whether or not the user has logged into your site. The activity feed displays stories when users interact with content on your site, such as like, watch, read, play or any custom action. Activity is also displayed when users share content from your site in Facebook or if they comment on a page on your site in the Comments box. If a user is logged into Facebook, the plugin will be personalized to highlight content from their friends. If the user is logged out, the activity feed will show recommendations from across your site, and give the user the option to log in to Facebook.

Aixeena Taxonomy System

Aixeena Taxonomy System is a set of extensions to integrate a very simple navigation tags in Joomla 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5.

The package includes 4 extensions:

* Taxonomy Component: based on Joomla Search component is the one responsible for displaying the results for a given tag.
* The module "Taxonomy Cloud": shows a cloud of tags most often repeated (from the article metakey field) .
* The content plugin "Tags": shows the tags on the item.
* The search plugin "Tags": complements Joomla search.

Aixeena Taxonomy System works using the native capabilities of Joomla!: The tags or keywords are entered in the field metakey the article, separated by commas.

Little more need be done, because the installation and configuration is simple:

* Install the extension package (will install four extensions of time).
* Publish the module and the plugins.
* Ensure that the search for tags plugin is first ordered the rest of search plugins (content, categories, etc ...).
* Enter the tags or keywords in the field metakey items.

This component works perfectly with the multilingual native Joomla 1.6 +, and is completely non-intrusive and does not affect performance because it does not add scripts, styles or extra queries to the database.

ZOO Supershots are here

    SuperShots for ZOO will allow you or your content submitters to enter a site URL that will be converted to a screenshot of the target website. The screenshot will also link to the target website.
All that you have to do is add a link and then define a width for the screenshot. The thumbnails are generated and updated dynamically. Once generated the images screenshots are simply awesome!
Best of all this is a free Zoo Element! SuperShots make use of the free WordPress API to generate screenshots.