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sTwitterfly Bird

sTwitterfly Bird is an animated flying Twitter bird that flies from corner to corner of your web page as you scroll up or down. It also has Joomla module to display cool animated twitter follow link and share link article with Twitter social media.

With this module, you'll show a twitter's bird, on mouse over and give you the oportunity to follow you or twit this article.
If you scroll down it follows
discreetly and sits down on a new element.
You can easily update Twitter profile name. and Select name of element your want to place Twitter Bird to sit when you scrolldown.
It has a follow me link as well as tweet link and it is compatible with all browsers.

Compago Blank Module

The Blank Module is a Joomla extension that let you put in a frontpage module everything you want:
HTML code
Javascript code
CSS code
PHP code
You can also be able to set the ID, class and style attributes for that module.

It's very easy to use, just put tha code in the text areas and you will be able to do whatever you want to do:
Show advertise code, like Google Adsense
Google custom search box
Statistics code, like StatCounter or Google Analitics
Paypal or Donation box
Facebook social plugins

If you are an advanced user you can also use PHP code to create a module more functional to the website.

TT Facebook LikeBox

TT Facebook LikeBox is module which helps facebook fanpage owner to add Facebook LikeBox to their own site to attract and gain likes. This Facebook likebox module enables user to see how many users like fanpage, shows recent posts from the fanpage and like page with one click only without visiting the page.

This Module is simple to install and has various options to customize LikeBox

-> Show or hide header 'Find Us on Facebook' for Likebox
-> Show or hide profile pictures of people like fan page.
-> Show or hide facebook fanpage stream.
-> Customize width and Height of Like box.
-> Select color scheme between Light and Dark.
-> Choose rendering --- iframe, HTML 5, XFBML.
-> Customize border color of Like box.
-> Customize background color of Like box.
-> Choose language for Likebox from 100+ languages.

JS Plant

This system plugin brings some cool features which help to improve performance of Joomla! sites. It helps to load necessary javascript library only once, enable IE 7 emulation mode and etc. Can load the following javascript libraries: Chrome Frame, Dojo, Ext Core, jQuery, jQuery UI, MooTools, Prototype,, SWFObject, Yahoo! User Interface library.



- Loads popular javascript libraries through Google CDN
- Can remove javascript and CSS files inclusions
- Enable IE 7 emulation mode in IE browser
- Helps resolve conflicts between different javascript libraries


  SiteBrains is a SAAS spam-blocker and form validation tool that is now available to the Joomla community through the new Joomla component and plugin. Block spam comments using state of the art client-side form validation. No blacklists, no manual moderation, no waiter for a post to publish, and most importantly no captcha's. Just simple, automated spam protection.
  Block 100% of spam comments from bots and most human spam as well. SiteBrains even detects spam posted by human users by determining if the content is appropriate for the content of your site through our automation software.

SiteBrains is available for core Joomla forms, Jreviews and Zoo. Simply install the file and take advantage of the advanced anti-spam and form validation features of SiteBrains.

Block foul language.
Block spam registrations.
Block spammy links in comments.
Configure advanced filtering parameters.

Download the SiteBrains for Joomla extenstion and stop spam.

Lab5 Mobile Videos Module

  A Videoplayer Module that uses flexible content-delivery to seamlessly reach mobile devices (more than just iPhones/iPads) as well as browsers without flash. Can also display a neat visual playlist (optional; on/off-able feature).

This Module is built to deliver videos to:

- Normal desktop browsers
- iPhones, iPads, iWhatsoevers
- Mobile browsers with Flash
- Mobile browsers without Flash, but HTML5

Lab5 Mobile Videos - Player Module for Mobile Devices, Flash enabled and HTML5 no-Flash Browsers in particular

JJ Shoutbox

  This shoutbox module allows users to post on your site with a simple yet elegant design. Parameters allow you to choose whether guests are allowed to post, the number of posts shown at any time and the design of the shoutbox itself. Posts can be easily deleted by any administrator, whilst a spam filter censors swearing on the shoutbox. There is a .txt file in the module which you can easily add any extra swear words to if you feel this is needed. The module is entirely language file based, and thus can be adapted for multi-lingual sites easily.


J2Store is a simple shopping cart application for Joomla 2.5. You can get your online shop running within a few minutes with J2 Store.

The Key Features of J2 Store:

- Integrates with Joomla Article manager
- Use Joomla articles as products
- Set price, tax, product options while creating articles itself
- Ajax based cart
- Product attributes/options
- Tax, Shipping and Global Discount
- Integrated with Paypal,, Ogone, SagePay and DIBS payment gateways
- Can collect offline payment
- Can offer multiple payment options to the buyer
- Orders Management
- Automatic invoice generation upon order completion
- Guest Checkout
- Collect the shipping address from the buyers
- Enhanced checkout process
- Professional Support from developers
- MVC structure


CUpdater is a system plugin that will notify you with a mail if there is a joomla or 3rd party extension (only for extensions that have provided an update server) update available.

- intelligent update check - not slowing down your server
- choose the user-group to receive email
- custom email address field
- chose at what interval to make the updates
- receive emails even if no updates are found

Kendo UI

StyleWare is proud to announce the immediate availability of the Kendo UI Plugin for Joomla! This is plugin for development and design purposes, based on jQuery and integrating the Kendo UI developed by Telerik for Joomla!

More about Kendo UI
Kendo UI combines everything needed for modern JavaScript development, including a powerful DataSource, universal Drag-and-Drop, Templates, Themes, and UI Widgets.

There is just one. You can't load more than five localized UI for calendars etc. It was a necessary compromisis. Giving the option to load more would basically kill the usability of the plugin. If anyone needs more, he/she could fix it himself/herself (if you need more, it is obvious that you would probably need to have some knowledge in PHP/XML).