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Very easy to install and get up and running is short order. This component is designed to take the configuration OUT of installing a application for employment on your website. The only configuration you do is to the name of you company and the rest is automatically handled. Our application was reviewed by HR professionals to help cover the majority of questions you NEED to ask and can legally ask

Users App for Watchfulli

This App works with the service and checks if new Joomla users have registered on your site. If a new user has been found, you will be notified by email and an entry placed in your log files at

In addition, you can configure the notifications to apply to all usergroups or just specific groups. For example, you may only want to be notified if a new SuperAdmin is created.

Simply install this App using the standard Joomla installer. The App will appear in the plugin manager and will need to be published

Sponsor Logos

You can show sponsor logos with links by using this free module.

* Set Width and Height of the Logos
* Choose Number of Logos to show
* Set sponsor links target
* Set Sposnsor links rel (no or dofollow)
* Set Only fade in Fade out or Vertical Up or down Slide
* DISABLE JQUERY library if already loaded by another extension
* Css at module parameters

Hidden Debug

The Hidden Debug System Plugin is a cutdown version of the default System Debug Plugin that comes with Joomla.

After installation, simply go in and disable the default System - Debug plugin within your Plugin Manager and leave just the Hidden Debug plugin enabled.

If you then enable Debugging in the Joomla Configuration page the hidden debug plugin will then start to add debug output within a hidden HTML comment at the bottom of each of your pages in the frontend.

This is useful for production sites where you can't really make full use of the debug plugin and you want to test something out (like, a caching plugin) without it displaying anything to your users that could potentially be bad to display with the normal debug plugin (for example database table name details).

This plugin just gives you Profiling Information (time elapsed for page to be generated), Memory Usage, and # of Database Queries executed.

As an optional feature you can enable email notifications to be sent out to you for pages that exceed a certain number of queries (this was useful for me to learn a bit more about the number of queries different pages on my site was generating and then I was able to turn it off).



GForm is great component where can be defined steps of questionnaire with any HTML. That means images, videos, maps, iframes and so on.

Questionnaire forms, as the name of the component says, are not part of the component. These forms are supposed to be created at Google Drive and then copied to the component. The best thing is that user responses will be stored at Google Drive Spreadsheet so they can be easily processed.

Individual steps can be submitted either by submitting the form of by countdown.

Menu item can point to any step or to list of all steps.

uFIXI Ticket Booking Light

Any event can make online ticket booking. The tickets are simply booked, does not require registration for the users. Create corresponding event and with ticket, just in two step. The uFIXI component is a simple ticketing system to operate.

uFIXI Ticket Booking Light is the free, event&ticket booking component for Joomla.


Features in the Light version:
-What events happen in the event name search, or selecting category.
-List of all events logos event names, locations dates, and the addresses.
-Selected for a specific event to see more detailed information, including the event description, the google maps displayed on the site, and the info booked tickets.
-Ticket booking will be able to choose how you want to book a ticket, and must specify the number of items as well.
-Joomla can be booked without registration, then only the name and e-mail address must be provided.
-With the Joomla registration to booking, after you can whenever ask your own the booked tickets.
-For the event registered people in e-mail to receive confirmation for their tickets.
-The booked tickets simply can print, from the e-mail.

-The administrator can create events and related tickets.
-Three main types of ticket of ticket type can be set in the system of free and paid, or supported. Within a given type can be set for any member of tickets.
-The event is an opportunity for participants to send a message the e-mail system.
-In addition you can send list of participants (sold tickets) at the administrator e-mail address.

Magic Cube Banner

Magic Cube Banner is a basic banner rotator with 3 cube transition support (vertical, horizontal or random). This product can be used in presentation and comercial sites to have an impact on your clients or visitors.




Supports images (JPG, PNG, GIF);
3 cube rotation support;
Optional arrow button navigation;
Sequence loading, the image will be loaded one by one;
You can set the images time;
You can change the buttons & the shadow distance;
You can change the font size & color for each text;
You can move each text on the axis x (the distance from the left) and y (the distance from the top);
You can set the text background color & transparency;
You can add a link for each image and choose the target;
Support special characters (âùæçéèêëîïôœûüÜÛÙŒÔÏÎËÊÈÉÇÆÄÂÀ);

Sexy Polling by 2GLux

What your audience thinks? Embed our simple, customizable and fed up with stunning effects polling software into your website to find out.

Main Features:
✔ Votes progress feature - You can use timeline bar to see how users voted over time
✔ More then 10 beautiful skins
✔ Customizable look and feel with live preview - Create your own skin using our sexy Template Creator
✔ Set start and end dates
✔ Multiple polls on same page
✔ Users can add their own answers
✔ Single/multiple voting (checkbox, radiobutton)
✔ Very easy to install and configure
✔ A lot of stunning effects


Zoombie is a time-based job scheduler application for Joomla. Allows in an easy way to manage, schedule and run jobs alias joomla plugins automatically and periodically at specific times. The zoombie purpose is to automate system maintenance or administration task on Joomla based websites, though its general-purpose nature means that it can be used for other purpose by Third-Party extension developers.

For the zoombie application a job or a task is a zoombie plugin wich can be triggered to run at scheduled time, there are 3 way to schedule zoombie jobs:


If your webserver allows cron jobs there is a Joomla Platform CLI application that need to be scheduled from a cron job.The zoombie command line application when running check if is time for some zoombies plugin to be triggered


To operate on hosts that do not offer a job scheduler such as cron or a shell account, the zoombie system plugin when running check if is time for some zoombies plugin to be triggered

Visitor based

When a visitor views the website, the zoombie system plugin is triggerd


Zoombie is released with some ready to run tasks:

  • Database backup (Automatically run db or tables backup at scheduled time)
  • File backup (Automatically run site or folder backup at scheduled time)
  • Site checksum (Automatically run site or folder checksum at scheduled time)
  • AntiMalware scan (Automatically run site or folder AntiMalware script scan at scheduled time)
  • Cache cleaning (Automatically clean expired cache at scheduled time)
  • Spam detection (Automatically run antispam check at scheduled time)
Easy Custom Code

Easily add custom HTML, CSS or Javascript code to your Joomla website.



★ Features of this free extension ★
- It's completely free!
- Place custom HTML, CSS and JS in a module
- Put the CSS and JS code in a file or directly in the markup
- Choose on what position in the markup the code should be placed
- This module does not contain hidden links or encrypted code
- Use JS defer for faster loading pages
- Lots of ways to use this extension

★ Ways to utilize this extension ★
- Add JS or CSS code or files only to certain pages
- Insert Google Analytics or AddThis code
- Quickly create an image carousel
- Add Google Maps and YouTube videos
- ... and many more!