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Hipmob Hosted Live Chat released !

Hipmob is the fastest live chat service for Joomla. Talk to your visitors in real time using hosted live chat!

You can install, customize and activate the Hipmob for Joomla plugin with just a few clicks; no servers or software to install.


Hipmob is great if you are:

- an online store looking to increase sales or get more feedback
- a blogger who wants to talk to your audience
- providing a service and want to provide great customer support
- looking to turn visitors into customers
- looking to up-sell customers to bigger orders
- reducing abandoned carts

Hipmob's live chat service comes with a ton of features, including:

- Works with all browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari
- Works on mobile browsers as well
- SDKs for your iPhone app, Android app or iPad app
- Integrates with Mailchimp if you want to send newsletters
- Integrates with Helpdesk systems like Zendesk and
- Plugs into CRM tools like Highrise by 37Signals, Zoho CRM, and Salesforce
- Sends notifications to your collaboration tools like Hipchat and Campfire
- Set greetings, canned messages, away messages and help messages
- Has a REST API for developers, in PHP, Python and Node.JS
- Chat from your favorite XMPP Instant Messenger, including Adium, Pidgin, Instantbird, iChat, iMessage, and IMO
- Chat from your mobile phone! Using the IMO instant messaging client.
- Email to reply to customers who are away
- Analytics right in your Google Analytics or Mixpanel Account
- Easy to customize the UI
- Manage multiple sites
- See visitors on your site in real time
- Send proactive chat messages
- Send images and audio files
- Direct users to specific URLs.
- Reliable and Secure

Joomla Social Comments and Sharing for Joomla 3.0 !

Joomla Social Comments and Sharing is a module that allows users on your site post comments through Facebook comments box and share pages, get recommendations and grow visitors on most popular social networking sites, like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and also LinkedIn.

Comments and Sharing module is a powerful Marketing and SEO tool. You need visitors from social media networking sites - Comments and Sharing module is your tool.

Joomla Social Comments and Sharing module includes:

- Facebook Like button;

- Facebook Share button;

- Facebook Comment box;

- Twitter button;

- Google+ recommend button;

- LinkedIn button.

Multiple settings - for every Social Networking Site you can set own options and settings and also each of them you can enabled or disabled. For more details view tab features, you can find all features of Joomla Social Comments and Sharing module.

Freeclup releases FreeclupSlider

  Description : This module is capable to convert Joomla Content into a single image (sprite) and slidshow MoveBox Jquery. Why single picture and Jquery?
One of the ways to improve the site's rankings and site speed is reducing server request. You can select your pictures in the Modal Option and adjust the size and amount of the pictures after Image created it will be loaded from the cache load. And do not ask you to send database. (You can save 4meg in ram sever by enabling "load cache image in server" in general setting)

Calculate the speed of recovery And More visitor?
Suppose you have a site that has 1000 views per day and you load 20 images In slide Show at a same time from the server's database. With a simple calculation we know that 20 X 1000 requests without cache are sent to your server. With this module you can reduce it to 1 X 1000 requests.

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Great GPS extension released : GPXTrackMap

GPXTrackMap is a content plugin to display GPS tracks in the common GPX format on interactive maps in articles.

It uses the OpenLayers API to show the track on a variety of selectable map layers from OpenStreetMap or Google Maps(tm).

If you go hiking or cycling with your GPS, and want an easy way to publish your tracks on your site, then this is for you!

All you need to have your track be shown in your article or module is to write this code into your text:


(you must use curly braces instead of the round ones)

Track and map display are highly customizable, and there is a Parameter Preset feature that can keep your custom settings organized easily.

Share This Mate

Powering the social media revolution, one share at a time.
Whether you want the simplest, most robust tools to turn your media social, or to find the right audience for your advertising message, ShareThis puts sharing to work for you. Use the most innovative social media and sharing platform for the Web, ShareThis.

Quantcast Tracking Code released

Quantcast is a media measurement service that lets advertisers view audience reports on millions of websites and services. Quantcast Tag Plugin is a simple Plugin for Joomla! 2.5 used for inserting Quantcast Tag tracking code to the Joomla site as a Plugin, without the need to edit any file from your site.

Register a free account at, get your Property Code (or P-Code), generally something as p-1Mj5Q5h5g_gef, install the plugin, and in the plugin's admin interface insert this value, and publish the plugin. Quantcast will start collecting data about your site instantly.

SolusVM VPS Manager

With SolusVM VPS Manager you can control and view real-time statistics about your VPS servers in Joomla Backend.

Using SolusVM API users will be able to manage, boot, shutdown and reboot their VPS servers from Joomla Backend.

With SolusVM VPS Manager you will have full contol over your VPS servers and you will be able to see real-time statistics about bandwidth and disk usage for each server.

SolusVM VPS Manager and SolusVM API enables users to have full control over a VPS, directly from Joomla Backend, without storing their username and password in a database.

WST BMI Calculator

Joomla Component BMI and Body Fat Percentage (com_wst_bmi) calculator can calculate the Body Mass Index (BMI) and also the Body Fat Percent, the Ideal Weight and the Health Risk classification.

These calculations are obtained by the information provided from a person’s weight, height, age and gender.

One of the great feature is that the user is always able to see the weight and length in both Imperial and Metric systems.

Authorship Markup now available

  Authorship Markup will improve your search engines results performance and will boost your CTR. This kind of rich snippet helps you establish a tighter relationship with your readers, gives you more credibility and helps you become an authority in your niche.

Authorship Markup plugin is a Joomla extension which helps you display author information in search results for content.

Authorship Markup plugin features:

- provides an easy way to use authorship markups

- supports authorship markup for multiple authors

- choose between Article Author, Article Author Alias or Contact Name to be displayed as author name.

jBar released by ThemeXpert

 jBar is a powerful web toolbar for Joomla catch your visitors attentions and promote your website’s most important content. Their visual style editor makes creating a jBar dead simple. You just need to add your message and call-to-action. Then make it unique by changing colors, font and style and give it a new appearance.

jBar is inspired by popular Hellobar toolbar.

- Ability to delay showing bar
- Ability to hide bar after few seconds
- Collapsable bar
- Link can be displayed as button or normal link
- Ability to change font
- Visual style editor for bar background color, text color and link color