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Why Your Joomla Template Shouldn't be Fluid

A few years ago, fluid widths were all the rage. Accessibility guys loved them, and it was cool to grab the corner of your browser window and see all that content slide around.

Heck, my original Joomla template tutorial published at even showed you how to make them. We even sold templates that had the more advanced "jello layout" (fixed side columns and fluid middle).

But now, at Joomlashack, we don't make fluid templates. I firmly believe they are misplaced on today's web.

So here is my thinking, 4 years ago, lots of people were still using 800px screens. The main point of a fluid width was that you could have a web page that looked ok in a 1024px screen, but still could shrink down to the smaller screens still used.

Now, the trend in screens is the opposite. People are getting huge screens, 32% of people browsing are doing so with resolutions over 1440px!

With these big screens, and a fluid layout, you get a new problem - readability. Studies have shown that readability on screen will drop off as you go over 960px. So a fluid width will fill that big screen and a) look daft and b) slow your reading down.

There is a lot of discussion on the web about maybe rethinking the trend of designing for 1024, but remember, on those big screens, most people are running several multiple windows and will have that browser window only on part of the screen.

At Joomlashack, we have taken these trends and adopted a 960px fixed width format for all our latest templates. Not only will they perform better with modern screen trends, but it also allows us to leverage advanced CSS frameworks like the 960 grid.

Check out some of our new SEO-ready Joomla templates that are built on our 960 grid framework, because remember, what's good for SEO, is good for accessibility!

Avanti Nu Corporate Business Template

Avanti is a smooth business Joomla template with a creative edge - Its the perfect vehicle to put your business out in front at the start of a new decade. Its packed with features including a k2 template to work with the Joomlaworks cck component, a new update of the JB Slideshow module and microblog module both that add advanced K2 functionality to your website.

template feature overview

A new business template for Joomla

Avanti is the first contribution to the Joomal Bamboo catalogue from Melbourne based designer David Vuu. Its a very smooth, crisp and clean Joomla template that is ideal for using on a business website.


JB Slideshow3 is K2 compatible

The JB Slideshow3 content and image slider is now K2 compatible which means that you can use it to display your K2 content or your normal Joomla content in a beautiful sliding, scrolling content slideshow. We have added the first stage of theming for the slideshow module as well as enhanced some of the functionality. Find out more about JB Slideshow.


60 Module Positions
K2 CCK Template

Avanti comes with its very own K2 template built in. K2 is a content construction kit component for Joomla created by Joomlaworks that offers an unprecedented amount of control over the way your Joomla content appears on the page. Avanti includes two minimal-ish business templates for K2 that will get K2 working with Avanti straight out of the box.

Built on the Zen Grid framework

Our Zen Grid framework makes it very easy to make layout and colour changes to your site. No more digging into code to adjust the width of an element and logo replacement is a breeze. Read about the Zen Grid Framework and the Zen Grid Template documentation.


Package Contents
  • xhtml and css valid Joomla 1.5 Template
  • Joomla 1.5 Quickstart package
  • Full source PSD Files






JM-Toys Template from Joomla-Monster

Another template proposal of children's theme. The graphic design is multi-coloured, fresh and reveals juicy atmosphere. See the template with VirtueMart shop for 47 £. The template uses extentions like: DJ-Tab-Generator component, DJ-Multicolumn-Menu module and the new one - DJ-Slider module located in "header" position.


This template is also available with a VM template (for 47 £).

You can see it here:

"WhiteSands", a new joomla template and released "WhiteSands", a new fixed width (optimized for screenresolutions of 1024x768 or more) commercial template for Joomla 1.5.x. It is a clean but colorful, elegant and fast loading multi purpose template. Made for a width range of webprojects, like product sites, company homepages, web apps and much more.The package includes the templates installation file, some sliced Photoshop source files and a small documentation.
"WhiteSands" provides 45 different modulepositions, comes with a build in "suckerfish" dropdown menu, a "slider" area for 12 modulepositions and based on pure and valid XTHML 1.0/CSS 2.0 code. A CSS3 mode for modern browsers is also available
> Visit

Easy Cash – your e-business portal template

The 'Easy Cash' Joomla 1.5 template by ThemZa is designed to help you share your winning e-business tips, SEO tricks, cash building strategies and revenue generating ideas with the world. Suitable for setting up an Internet money making opportunities guide, a search engine optimization consultancy portal, an online trading and investment solutions directory and even a home based business options-dedicated weblog. The template offers 3 color variations (orange, blue, green). Its 2-column layout consists of a main content section and a neighboring sidebar on the right, topped by a JavaScript-based drop-down menu bar and a large site-wide banner picturing a happy businessman showering in banknotes. You can enable & disable the logo area, choose between three money-inspired logo variations or place your own custom logo image in the header area. You can also incorporate Latest News, Popular Links, Ads, etc. sections using the various available Joomla modules.

Take a quick tour through the template’s layout features and customization options by watching the short (4:44 min.) tutorial movie, available in YouTube and ThemZa HD formats.

ocPortal Version 4.3 released

Version 4.3 has now been released. This version introduces a number of bug fixes, performance improvements, and usability improvements.

In addition to the bug fixes, performance improvements, and usability improvements, the following new features have been implemented:

•Wordpress, Joomla, and HTML website importers
•iCal exporter
•Quiz results CSV exporter
•New Comcode 'pulse' tag
•Improved shared-install functionality
•ocPortal can now run without a database (the inbuilt database is now a bundled feature, although not completely supported or recommended for production sites)
•Added new developer feature for the quick addition of language strings, written (temporarily) in-line into the code
•Added support for running a server behind a proxy server (having to connect via proxy to access external resources)

For a full list please visit

TikiWiki one of the most active projects on SourceForge


TikiWiki CMS/Groupware (, the open source, wiki-based content management system continues to be one of the most active projects on SourceForge, consistently ranking in the top 15 in terms of SVN code commits.

According to, Tiki is "one of the largest open-source teams in the world, and is in the top 2% of all project teams on Ohloh."  This diverse and extensive community effort has fueled more than 800,000 downloads plus countless one-click installations through control panel applications such as Fantastico.


This activity and growth comes on the heels of the recent TikiFest held in New York, NY, USA ( TikiFests are a tradition of the TikiWiki community in which Tiki contributors who usually collaborate online, get an opportunity to meet in person. Future TikiFests are scheduled in Canada, Poland, Brazil, Germany, and the United States. Over 35 TikiFests have been held.

Long Term Support

While continuing to produce new major releases every six months, the development team continues to refine the Long Term Support (LTS) version. Tiki released version 3.4LTS in January which includes security updates and feature polishing.

About Tiki

TikiWiki CMS/Groupware is a full-featured, web-based, multilingual (35+ languages), tightly integrated, all-in-one Wiki+CMS+Groupware, Free Source Software (GNU/LGPL), using PHP, MySQL, Zend Framework, jQuery and Smarty. Actively developed by a very large international community, Tiki can be used to create all kinds of Web applications, sites, portals, knowledge bases, intranets, and extranets.

For more information, visit

e107 New version - 0.7.18

Yes, here's yet another release.

We have tightened up some of the security relates stuff from the last release and fixed some bugs that crept into it.
Most notably an issue with not being able to save extended user field data.

I also change a few things in the file inspector to make that a bit more useful, thanks to Lawbringer for that.

Here for changes: click to open link in new window

Here for your files: click to open link in new window

Fusion Program Looking back at 2009, and forward to 2010

2009 was an interesting year for the DotNetNuke Fusion Partner Program. When the program launched in late summer, there was a considerable amount of spirited conversation to say the least. For the most part the reception was positive, intermixed with suggestions for improvement. We had a chance to meet a number of partners at the DotNetNuke OpenForce ’09 Connections conference in Las Vegas in November and again walked away with a number of suggestions on how to improve overall satisfaction with the program. Looking back, I think we made a very positive impact on the DotNetNuke ecosystem.

Now that we are solidly into 2010, it is great to see that the number of partners in the program continue to climb.  Eighteen new partners joined the Fusion Program in January. That brings the total number of partners up to almost 70.

In 2010 we will continue to listen to suggestions from the Community on how to improve the overall program for partners and for customers. Currently, we are working on programs that will help partners market themselves better and be better equipped to market the commercial versions of DotNetNuke. We are also looking at ways to let partners showcase their hard earned DotNetNuke technical skills. These are just a couple of things we think will add real value to partners that have already joined the program and those organizations that are considering joining in the near future.

e107 moves to subversion

Due to some limitations with CVS, e107 is finally moving away from it in favor of subversion (SVN). We realize that there are other newer version control systems out that that are all the rage today (like git), but we feel for our needs SVN will do just fine.

I have made the current cvs repository read-only, so no more commits will occur there. Over the next few days we will be working to update the cvs related information on to point to the new svn information.

We hope this doesn't cause any issues, but please let us know if you find any. Also, any tips anyone has for dealing with svn will be appreciated.

The changelog has been broken since our host moved us to a new server a few days ago, it will not need recoded to work with svn, so expect it to be down for a bit.