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Sphere Releases are delayed.

All releases of Sphere are delayed due to relocation. This may cause a delay of two weeks minimum but we will be back with a release which we hope will make you more thrilled than ever before. The next release will come with new cool effects and features (Including HoxFix).
XlentProjects are sorry for the inconvenience.

SilverStripe 235th fastest-growing tech company in Asia Pacific

Not only has SilverStripe ranked 37th in the Deloitte New Zealand Fast 50, but Deloitte has also recognised our growth within the Asia Pacific region.

SilverStripe has been ranked 235th in the 2009 edition of the Deloitte Asia Pacific Technology Fast 500. This ranking is based on our revenue growth (190% over the 24 month evaluation period), and places us in comparison to other technology companies throughout Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Project News for Podcast Generator

Podcast Generator has been downloaded nearly 60.000 times since 2006 (over 14.700 times just in 2009).

The possibility of customizing Themes (or Skins) was introduced since version 1.0. However Podcast Generator currently comes with just two simple themes.
There are possibly thousands of users out there adopting this open source web framework ( and the majority of them still use the simple default theme...
That's a pity, new flavors are needed!

A "call for themes" is open! Web designers can now design a theme to be included in the next releases of Podcast Generator!

The 4 requirements to participate are the following:

1. The theme must be composed by a single HTML file, a folder called "style" containing one CSS stylesheet, and a folder called "img" containing all the images;
2. The HTML must be xHTML 1.0 Transitional or Strict, W3C 100% compliant (i.e. Valid according to the W3C Validator);
3. NO TABLES should be used in coding the layout, just DIVs.
4. The layout should be displayed correctly in all the modern browsers (IE 7+, Latest versions of Opera, Safari, Firefox and Chrome - We don't care anymore about IE6, do we?).

Please take into consideration these further requirements while designing your Podcast Generator theme...

- The back-end is a single page containing the following elements: a title, a subtitle, a description, 3 menu items "Home", "Podcast Archive" and "Admin", a box with the feed links and a box called "freebox" that user can customize (check out the demo to have an idea of the current theme:
- Try to use just external CSS for styles (e.g. better not to use inline CSS) and unordered lists for menus;
- PNG format is preferred;
- In the footer write "Theme by" along with your name (or your website's title) and a link to your URL.

Just design your theme according to the above recommendations, zip everything and send me at using "[PG theme proposal]" as subject. I'll reply you ASAP.

You don't have to deal with any php or theme-specific codes, you can concentrate just on the HTML design of the page: I'll think to the "technical part" (i.e. conversion of your layout into a theme).

The best 5 themes will be included in the next release! All the others themes (if in compliance with the above requirement) will be available as an additional download in Podcast Generator official website.

Pixie v1.03

The next release of Pixie is ready for download, it is a bug fix release and recommend for everyone. One of the big changes in this version is that theme developers can now specify their own index.php file as part of a theme. This should increase flexibility when designing themes. All existing themes will continue to work as normal.

Upgrade instructions can be found in the wiki and if you require any help please post your questions and feedback to the forums.

A big thanks to everyone who has helped get this together (Isa, Sam, Tony, rm & everyone in the forums).

PhpMySport 1.4 released

Some of you were waiting for it for a long time, here is finally the version 1.4 of phpMySport.This new version fixes several bugs and includes of course new features.

Main new features

Version 1.4 includes:

  • An assistant for matches importation, which works the same way as members and clubs importation forms (importation from a list in .csv format)
  • Management of groups and user rights which allows you to limit or authorize the access to all fonctionnalities of the software. It makes the website management with several webmasters much easier
  • Management of the website main menu. You can now customize the menu with your own external links or internal pages.

List of new features and bugs fixed

Here is the list of all the improvements and new functionalities included in phpMySport v1.4:

Module New feature/Improvement
Match Importation of a matches list from a .csv file
Administration Management of the website main menu
Member User rights management. Creation of user groups with specific rights.
Member Referees list
News Time of news publication
Member Possibility to use .txt files in members importation

Here is also the list of bugs found in version 1.4 and fixed in version 1.4:



Match On a match page, the link to the competition is broken
Match On matches list, in club mode, the label "club" is not correct
Member Bug on member form
Match Can not type a score over 127
Divers Several mistakes in XHTML code
Member The password is not saved when a member signs in
Forum Error in the topic date when a message is deleted
Competition Matches must be displayed pages per pages
Forum Forums are not in the right order
Administration The number of members who want an account activation is incorrect
Competition It is not possible to delete a round
Match Penality points are not displayed when editing a match
Administration Bug « fopen » in configuration page
Administration Configuration : the database password need to be typed each time
Forum It is not possible to edit a message


To conclude, this new version should satisfy many users even if some functionalities are still missing. That will come with next versions. But for now, let’s go to the download page to discover phpMySport v1.4 and create or update the site of your club!

PHP-Fusion 7.00.07

It is with great pleasure that I announce the immediate availability of PHP-Fusion 7.00.07! This release is a bugfix release, which fixes the following issues:

- preg_match error in maincore.php
- version number update
- year 2010 hard-coded

As usual, there is a full release package and an update package containing only the changed files. This time, a combo update is also provided for those who had not updated to 7.00.06 yet due to the preg_match error. The combo update contains the files from the 7.00.06 and 7.00.07 update packages.

I hope you will like this release as much as any other. I will soon post an update on the development of PHP-Fusion 7.01. Thank you once more for your continued support to PHP-Fusion!

Finally Multibyte - Phenotype 3.0

Until now it was quite complicated to realize UTF-8 sites with Phenotype. Although every page can have it's own content-type/encoding, there was no way around the fact that Phenotype stored all user input ISO-8859-1 encoded.

Those days are over ... ;). From now all string operations of Phenotype are multibyte safe and the default encoding and storage is UTF-8.

AdaptCMS 2.0

Skins and Smarty

A few of the new things I'll be going over is either is something new or something updated, in this case kind of a mix of both. While it is a template system, the new system is very different from AdaptCMS 1.x. First off the old fashioned {name} tag system has been replaced with Smarty, a very useful and versatile template system which not only handles tags (and better and easier) but also caching.

With the use of smarty templates are now also stored via a physical file. Another new part of the skin system is actual "skins". So you have a "main" skin, but to test out your new layout you create a "beta" skin to see how everything looks - somewhat like what you'll see in AdaptBB.


Another changed feature from AdaptCMS 1.x, "Media" replaces gallery. On the ACP side of things, the interface is completely different and more user-friendly.

All your media galleries are listed with quick links (to add to, edit or delete) as well as a little thumbnail. Below that is the traditional file list with an option to show all files or only files not linked to an a media album.

The frontend side of things are not done yet, but a new JS slideshow and pic preview will be in, more features and true functionality for media other than just pictures. (such as video support)


Not a big feature, but it has still seen a lot of improvement since 1.x. In the backend, comments has gone to strictly being under "edit content". When you go to edit a content piece, near the bottom, will be the associated comments where you can edit the comment text, e-mail or choose to delete. It is also paginated so 100 comments aren't all shown. {#emotions_dlg.smiley-wink}

In the frontend the feature stays pretty much the same, functionality wise. Two new features, however, is the ability to "rate" a comment and to be able to report it. (report isn't in yet) This will help the comment system catch up to other sites and make it easier to get rid of the bad ones (like spam).


That about does it for now. Now since the progress on the script is out of the boring "re-code" stages where there was hardly anything new to report about, the upcoming stage is new features which will bring a lot more updates.

Now since the progress on the script is out of the boring "re-code" stages where there was hardly anything new to report about, the upcoming stage is new features which will bring a lot more updates.

Stay tuned!

ocPortal 4.3 RC3 released

Version 4.3 RC3 has now been released. This is a release candidate for version 4.3. Upgrading is not recommended for live sites, as this is a pre-release.

To upgrade follow the steps in your website's http://mybaseurl/upgrader.php script. You will need to copy the URL of the attached TAR file as one of these steps ("3: Upload an upgrade TAR for extraction").

» alternatively (but not recommended), you can manually upload the files inside the attached TAR file over existing files (7-zip is just one of many tools for tar files). This is not recommended because it will bypass the upgraders addon-aware extraction algorithm and potentially cause problems.

MODx Revolution Loses Weight, Runs Faster and Helps You

With over 75 bugfixes, improvements and changes, there is significant new coolness that will hopefully make the life of MODx users much better. Here's a brief but meaty list of the key improvements/changes:

  • Cleaner, more refined MODx Revolution Manager interface makes it easier on the eyes and a little more intuitive—more improvements still yet to come. The manager UI design has been improved (and will continue to be until GA).
  • Manager sheds weight (megabytes and requests), speeds up and makes your browser happy with CSS and JavaScript optimizations. The Manager feels more snappy and responsive.
  • Setup is now faster & lighter, more options, easier to customize and switches from Mootools to ExtCore. The setup process has been streamlined and is now more efficient and modular.
  • More speed, less junk, better code. MODx Revolution moves to PHP 5.1.1+. and optimized for PHP5.
  • Search, sort, review and download packages from the Manager. A brand-new, REST-based Package Management system allows for sorting, better details, and faster loading.
  • Display only Addons and Packages for your MODx Revolution Version. Package Management now restricts display and downloading Packages that aren't supported by your MODx Revolution version.
  • Get Help from the Manager. Inline help is now available on most pages that connects directly to the MODx Official Documentation.

Read the announcement in the MODx Community Forums. Download MODx Revolution 2.0 Beta 5.

It is about time you tried MODx Revolution out. Download it now, test it, play with it, learn how to use it, report bugs and tell us what you think and we'll get to Generally Available release sooner.