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ImpressPages 1.0.3 dev2 + catalog plugin 1.0.0 dev

For our Beta Testers we prepared development releases to play with. They will help to understand where we are going and what to expect in the next official release. Please read the "Caution!" part.

Here are two development releases:

We would be grateful for any useful information, bugs, abnormal behaviors, etc. If you can, please test these releases in different environments and/or browsers.

These are only development releases, therefore use them at your own caution and only for testing. Updates WILL NOT be available for these releases. Development releases are ONLY FOR TESTING.

ImpressCMS-Where We're Going - Roadmap for 1.3

All projects need to have a plan for where they want to go and ImpressCMS is no different. In the past, we have had several versions of roadmaps that quickly got out of synch as we adapted to current needs and conditions. We also tried to detail several releases in the future. In order to allow for more flexibility, we are simplifying our roadmap(s) - we will have 1 overview, published on our project site, providing the goals and objectives of the current release and future releases. There will be a technical roadmap maintained in Trac with all the how-to's and tasks needed to implement the features of the release and meet the goals and objectives.

Along with this, each release will have a lead developer and a release manager. For 1.3, Marc-Andre (marcan) has been selected as the lead developer and David Janssens (fiammybe) has been selected as the release manager. We continually are looking for improvements, not only to our core, modules and themes, but also for our processes for growing and maintaining our project. We are looking for a lot of new exciting progress in 2010!

Icy Phoenix

The third stable release of Icy Phoenix

What's New Respect To Latest Stable Release

  • CMS Administration recoded with new features (some AJAX) and restyled
  • CMS Blocks and Layouts recoded from scratch to increase flexibility and performance (now block style is in a single file to help designing new styles)
  • CMS Standard Pages now is more flexible... can also handle new pages (even if a little code should be added to those pages to work correctly)
  • Removed the old CMS Pages Permissions section in CMS which has been replaced by the new Standard Pages section
  • New template structure: it is now possible to create brand new templates by just creating a CSS and a CFG file, this will reduce the number of files needed for each template, reducing also the job in case of updates or customizations; not only, you will be able to easily create combinations between different templates without having to duplicate directory structure
  • Common CMS and ACP templates now fully independent from all other templates
  • Common JS and CSS in common folder and possibility to include extra CSS and JS via PHP without editing TPL
  • Some Functions and other common includes splitted among several files to reduce memory charge and increase performance
  • Created new overall vars and switches to increase flexibility and performances (old switches were based upon loops, new ones are based on conditions, which are faster to be processed)
  • English language files grammatically reviewed (thanks Lopalong!) and in some cases updated to the new phpBB 3 format
  • New Junior Admin permission which gives full admin power while in the forum but restricted in ACP and CMS (ACP modules can be assigned via Junior Admin management and CMS permission for CMS management)
  • Brand new Statistics system which integrates new features and replace also old Site History page
  • Bots Parsing now is DB dependent and bots can now have REG access... also you can now add a switch for bots in TPL files to avoid bots spidering something you don't want them to
  • URL Rewrite modified to be more efficient
  • Print Page improved
  • Added Google Search page to be used alternatively the standard search system, this will reduce the charge on your server
  • Colorize username function recoded to reduce looping and cache issues with a large userbase
  • Recoded caching system which in older Icy Phoenix version was proved to fail for high traffic sites: this new way to cache should be more efficient and should reduce CPU charge under stressing condition
  • Birthdays and Calendar should now use less resources than before, again big sites will benefit from this
  • New CRON system which should be easier to be customized and improved... basic functions already added, new features to come with future versions...
  • Created new user related functions to simplify Icy Phoenix integration and coding: user_get_avatar, build_im_link, PM Class, generate_user_info
  • AJAX Sorting in some ACP and CMS pages to speed up things in administrating things
  • New Recent Topics page allowing admins to track latest users activity
  • Forums Sorting capabilities both by adding alphabetical sorts and columns headers links
  • Higher Lang Encoding compatibility
  • Mass PM feature integrated in Mass Email section
  • Brand new Ads and Banners system
  • Mass Email supports now full HTML format for nicely formatted newsletters
  • Smileys Categories section... it is hardcoded to improve performances even with thousands of smileys
  • Step by step DB Backup System similar to MySQLDumper... to avoid nasty timeouts when backing up the site
  • HighSlide JS ( integration
  • Event Registration feature has been added
  • Fixed a lot of bugs in IE
  • Many smaller updates and features... install the new version to discover all of them!

Older templates: Please note that the template system has been totally revamped, so templates designed for or below won't work at all with this version. Check the new styles section for templates which already work with this version: Styles.

Translations: Please note that lang packs for won't work with this version. Lang packs need to be updated before you can use them on your site. I will update all lang files in download section as soon as translators will send me their latest release. Currently lang files for Icy Phoenix 1.3 RC 2 should work fine even if not fully up to date. You can find latest development translations here:

Customizations And Mods: Please note that this version has many core difference from the previous one, so it is really unlikely that old customizations and mods will work with this brand new release. If you have some mods installed and you cannot update them on your own, please be patient until the author or the person who have ported them to Icy Phoenix will find some free time to update them.

html-edit CMS New version

A brand new version of the html-edit cms will available soon, this new version will support comments for every page and it has a new wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editor this due to the fact that the old one isnt compatible with every web browser also all known bugs are fixed from the login extension.

Guppy 4.6.11

4.6.11 version of GuppY, 4.6.11 cumulative patch and 4.6.11. non cumulative patch.

This version is the addition of  corrections, improvements and optimisations:

 - correction for misprint of preg_match() in admin/editors/minieditortextarea/popup/image.php by djchouix
 - correction for misprint in inc/
 - securing display of the document in agenda.php by hpsam
 - correction of plugin list in admin/inc/ byJeanMi
 - correction of functions.php: generation of the mailto link by fonction ForceToAbsolute_callback()
 - revision of lang/ of 4.6.10 pack which was faulty in the patches
 - correction of short form of events of the day in inc/calendar.php, Thank you Linuxmr.
 - correction of a mistake in css and section title which was duplicated in blogrss.php
 - optimisation of the fonctions selectDBFieldsBy...
 - deleting the empty link on the banners if there's no URL defined
 - optimisation of boxes display, deletion of hr in the blog, in, and in
 - replacement of $admin53 by $admin173 in and modification of forum message
 - correction: taking into account of extensions in capital letters in upload.php
 - correction test in inc/lang/ and
  - optimisation of forum scripts, replacement "width" by "style=width" and optimisation of classes div.code in pgeditor
 - liabilisation of dowload URL with  "browse the serverr" in, thank you Linuxmr
 - addition of "Quit transaction button" in the install, cleanup and delete.phpscripts
 - correction license display in download.php
 - Addition in administrateur.php of a recurring message to urge online install  folder to be deleted.
 - modification of the copyright dates
Most visible modification: the daily  message on the first connection to admin urgo,g you to delete the install folder that must not be kept on your online site.

The icing on the cake: an inspired and brilliant  ideaI of Sir Icare:  now, just add $serviz[58] = "2cols"; in the of your skin and you get a two columns blog.


 - As for all new versions, don't forget to updates your plugins, to install or do again your forks, and to validate your configuration pages.

 - As far as this 4.6.11 version is concerned, you must check and update your downloads if you didn't make any modification since the start of 4.6 version.

glFusion v1.1.8 Now Available

The team at is proud to announce that glFusion v1.1.8 is now available for download.  This release continues our commitment to providing a secure and robust content management system.  glFusion v1.1.8 is primarily a security and bug fix release.

  • Security Enhancement - A potential Cross Site Scripting issue was identified in the codebase that could potentially be exploited under certain conditions.  We have improved our input sanitization to resolve any potential issues.  We do recommend that all glFusion users upgrade to this latest release.
  • Full Name is now part of the registration process - An often requested feature to add the full name to the registration screen has been implemented by Lee Garner. There is a new configuration option that allows you to add the Full Name field to the registration screen. The field can be optional or required. 
  • Several Bug Fixes - We continue to improve the code quality and squash as many bugs as we can. Specifically, this release improves the Star Rating System code, resolving an issue where the rating of an article could be erased if you edited the article. Several other minor tweaks throughout the system.

 And so much more....There are several other enhancements and improvements with glFusion v1.1.8.  See the Full ChangeLog for all the details...

PayPal Plugin 0.4.3 Released

The PayPal plugin has been updated to version 0.4.3.  This version contains fixes or enhancements for issues discovered after version 0.4.2.  Thanks to Zebra2 for continuing to beta test this plugin and provide feedback. 


Fixes or enhancements since version 0.4.2:

  • Missing description field in the purchases table for new installations
    A field that was added in version 0.4.1 did not get added to the SQL statements for a new installation.  As a result, a SQL error would occur during IPN processing and no purchase record would be created.
  • Purchased files cannot be downloaded from the catalog
    Fixed the "download" button to correct an issue with Internet Explorer similar to the issue previously resolved with the purchase buttons.
  • Paypal's custom field is not handled properly if magic_quotes_gpc is on
    If "magic_quotes_gpc" is enabled in the PHP configuration, the serialized data returned from PayPal cannot be un-serialized, and the buyer's user ID is then unavailable.  Extra slashes added by PHP are now removed if this setting is enabled.
  • Add default product expiration time to the configuration
    All downloadable products must now have an expiration period; no more "unlimited" downloads after purchase.  This was done to simplify the decision logic when determining whether to display a download link or a purchase button.

    A link to downloadable files, if any, is also shown now in the buyer's purchase history screen.
NexPro 1.2.0 released

Nextide is pleased to announce the immediate release of the NexPro portal suite version 1.2.0. The NexPro Suite is a bundled version of Geelog 1.6.1 with all of our plugins. You can download the complete suite or individual plugins that can be used with your existing Geeklog 1.6.1 site. All of our plugins require the base nexpro plugin be installed first. Included in the release are 9 core collaborative plugins including:

And most importantly, a completely rewritten version of nexFile which brings the Google-Docs experience to the nexPro suite. Within the coming weeks, Nextide will release Windows Desktop clients for both nexFile and nexTime to enhance the collaborative work environment.

You do not need to register to download the plugins but we would like you to register and post any support or plugin related questions on our site. Documentation for our full suite can be found here. Our demo site can be found here.

Require help installing nexPro? Need help creating your workflows? Require hosting? Need customizations done to suit your business needs? Nextide is pleased to offer a wide variety of support, hosting and consulting services to suit your needs.

Fuzzylime v3.03b: another quick security patch

A quick note like the one below to let you know I've just released fuzzylime (cms) v3.03b. This is because there was a potential vulnerability in a couple of files, allowing access to local files or potential corruption of other server files. These holes have now been closed.

Fundanemt 2.2.1 Released

The Fundanemt team brings you the opmitzed, improved, and in every aspect better 2.2.1 release.

The release includes a search module, intranet users, and many bug fixes.

Consult the changelog for the full list of changes, and see the release page for download links.