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RSS 2 Image Factory 3.1.1

rss to images Factory displays images taken from RSS feeds. The module is compatible with rss Factory PRO version but also with the FREE one and has the following features:

  • display images taken from RSS Feeds
  • takes images from the cache of rss Factory 2.x.x
  • is able to display only the feeds containing images or all the feeds
  • orientation can be set up vertical or horizontal
  • search and display images with a required size (in order not to display images like spacer 1x1 px)
  • image resizing
  • image caption can be choosen from "alt" or "title" attributes or disabled
  • in case of missing caption the text can be predefined by the admin (ex. "No caption")
  • set up lenght of caption (first x characters)
  • caption can be displayed up or above the image
RSS Factory PRO 1.6.0 - Import Full articles in your website

RSS Factory PRO is a professional RSS Aggregator and RSS Reader for your Joomla Website. It brings different view styles that will enhance your website look and feel, category browsing to create that SEO edge you might need, different story display (no need to get your visitors off from your website), IMPORT to CONTENT, including the new and complex feature of FULL Story import from the Source website and many more...

rss Factory PRO 1.6.0 released on March 29, 2010.

  • New feature: Hits for feeds.
  • New feature: new view sytle (iframe with toolbar).
  • New feature: add link at the end of the article to the original page.

rss Factory PRO 1.5.9 released on November 12, 2009.  

  • Compatible with PHP 5.3.0 and added some tweaks for PHP 4 compliance.
  • Improved version_info.php: xml-ul (parsing now with JSimpleXML, instead of domit which is incompatible with php 5.3.0).
  • Fixed several issues including category filter, feed title, tooltip, edit add redirect, strip comments from feeds, pagination without SEF, JS modal view, pagination links, html enteties in module, refresh on module voting, save on empty categories, ads related warnings, show only category in module, order categories on UNIX, htmlentities with UTF-8 encoding, import2content word filtering, title links from digg feeds, import from CSV, display date, creation date (from feed GMT), date publish_up (today, after the site time), date publish_down (today + offset_days, after the site time), when voting disabled (same item listed several times), category description, shorten-text in module for item_title or item_description, etc.

rss Factory PRO 1.5.8 released on Octomber 29, 2009.  

  • Fixed several issues including module tooltip, module display when only a single category was set for display, duplicate component when creating a new menu entry, images name formating in backend (lowercase, uppercase), notices and warnings on component settings, etc.

rss Factory PRO 1.5.7 released on Octomber 19, 2009.  

  • Menu items available to assign on categories even if the settings "show categories" is off.
  • Fixed several issues including module, plugin, ads (when nr. of ads bigger then number of stories), i2c full article, "read more" link on articles, incompatibilities with PHP4, etc.

rss Factory PRO 1.5.6 released on September 30, 2009. 

  • New module settings for "show only categories" (not id, using multiple selection.
  • Improved stories scalability from database.
  • Improved SEF.
  • Improved pagination.
  • Fixed several issues including show categories settings, menu items, module issue, ads, draggable divs, etc.

rss Factory PRO 1.5.5 released on September 24, 2009.

  • Joomla native MVC (building menu items with links to the component is easier).
  • Admin improved interface: using xajax for simple tasks like publish/unpublish, improved filtering for listings (feed sources, ads), improved error management.
  • Ads can be assigned to one or more categories (this will help displaying only the relevant ads for the feeds).
  • Component's settings are now saved in a zip-file instead of the database, increasing the performance and for an easier backup.
  • Headlines link to their stories (when displaying categories with preview).
  • Module can list feeds using: tabs, sliders, draggable divs, simple list, tiles.
  • Module can show each feed details using: tables, overlib, modal box and digg style.
  • Filter Categories on feed sources after parent and child indentation.
  • Experimental feature for import to content: parse full articles as a Joomla Content entry, meaning graphical interface that can let admins set some simple rules to define the container of the full story for each source feed separately; by setting the correct container, our application will be able to parse the full story and import it as article content in your site; this way, the article will contain the complete story, not only the short description from rss.
  • Fixed several issues including "draggable divs", bigger text areas for prepend/append text, search input design, ads display, warning on empty submitted feeds, save related-categories, save refresh password etc.
Google Dresses Up RSS Feeds in Google Reader Play

In what looks like an attempt to make RSS more fun, Google has released a little tool called Google Reader Play. The Google Reader alternative allows users to browse headlines one at a time in an image-heavy environment, rather than wade through streams of text. 

Google Reader Play

The new tool is an experimental Google Labs project, meaning anyone can start using it right this second. Using Recommended Items technology, Google presents stories one by one with enlarged photos and auto-playing videos in lieu of text. Like the OG Google Reader, users can define categories and star, like or share stories:

 google_reader_play.JPGGoogle Reader Play screen shot

However, Google Reader Play does not display your existing feeds. Instead, it filters in content from the aggregate recommendations of other Google Reader users. Translation? It reveals a lot of geeky stuff you might not've come across otherwise.

Open to All

You don't need a login to use the tool, but you do need Google credentials if you want it to learn your browsing behavior. Also, logging in allows users the option to share their favorite posts within their Buzzupdates. 

Overall, Google Reader Play is entertaining, and it seems like it would be a great way to pass the time on a tablet computer. In fact, that it was launched shortly after Apple's iPad is probably no coincidence. It’s also not bad to look at, but whether or not that's enough to attract some serious attention remains to be seen. (Obviously the tool isn't built for speedy searching or anything like that.) 

Check it out here and decide for yourself.