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Telligent Analytics 3.5: New Support Analytics, Updated User Analytics

With new versions of Telligent's (site) Community and Enterprise Collaboration solutions out the door last February, the only thing left to know was when would we see an updated version of their analytics. While we still don't have a firm date in hand, we do have a look at some of the new capabilities coming in it.


The 4 Core Areas of Analytics 3.5

Telligent Analytics is almost three and a half years old and there's no sign that this solution is joining the market of basic analytic solutions. Rob Howard, CTO and founder of Telligent gave CMSWire an overview of the four core areas that Telligent Analytics 3.5 covers. Here they are:


All analytics solutions listen. It is a basic requirement. You need to listen to what yourinternal and external communities are saying. Like Howard says, this is what provides clear insight into what your customers/employees want and need.


But listening is becoming commoditized. Howard says they are seeing their toolset delivered alongside the likes of Radian6 and similar solutions.

And listening is only the beginning, not the end. Howard says you have to make that actionable.


Which brings us to the importance of analyzing collaboration activities. Where are people spending their time, who is contributing what to the conversation.

New in Analytics 3.5 is topic focused analytics. Key topics, who is participating in the conversation, where does the organization need to provide more resources? For internal communities you will be able to determine who is providing the expert knowledge required and where it may be needed, but isn't available (or not enough is available).

These are the types of things you will get from topic focused analytics.

Support Analysis

Another area that Howard says there is a need is support analytics. There are a number of external support communities out there. But there's a large gap in tools that would allow support managers to put KPIs around these communities.

Telligent is putting metrics around these communities in Analytics 3.5.

User Analysis

The upcoming new version of Analytics will provide breakdowns of detailed user types. There will be eight different categories describing the types of users participating in your communities.

Bridging Web and Social Analytics

As part of their analytics offering, Telligent also offers Web Analytics, metrics that provide basic traffic patterns and usage. Telligent uses these web analytics as a bridge into social analytics.

Where traditional analytics is missing the ability to connect to the next level of information — the who — Telligent's social analytics comes into play. According to Howard, web analytics draws a picture, social analytics colors it in.

The other key, Howard points out, is that it is important to serve the right information to the right people at the right time. Having the tools is just the beginning, there's just too much information to look at.

User Engagement Analytics

Howard believes that Telligent is in the unique position to offer user engagement analytics. He believes that most vendors have the toolset — or at least part of it — but Telligent offers both the collaboration platform and the analytics.

Howard points to Google's acquisition of social search vendor Aardvark, as a closer model to what they are doing then say, what Jive Software or Radian6 offer. Both of these vendors focus their analytics on public information. Although with Jive's acquisition of Filterbox, we should expect to see internal community analytics as well.

It all sounds very interesting and we do know that what Telligent offered in earlier versions of Telligent Analytics enabled many organizations to determine ROI from their community solutions. Unfortunately we can't show you screenshots of this upcoming version. All we know for sure is that it's coming soon.

Have a Blog You Want to Migrate to SharePoint?

Metalogix (site) is at it again, offering another way to migrate your content into another CMS. This time it's for those of you who have a blog but are being lulled by the sweet song of SharePoint 2010.

Have Blog? Will Migrate

So here's the deal, Microsoft is marketing SharePoint 2010 as a business collaboration platform. And that means it supports collaboration and content management (enterprise content management and web content management).

So it's the perfect platform for you bloggers who want more functionality than your current blogging software offers. At least that's what Metalogix believes. Which is why they have developed a migration tool — the Metalogix Migration Manager for Blogs — that will help you migrate your blog into SharePoint 2010.

What Blogging Software is Supported?

Here's the list:

  • Google Blogger
  • Wordpress
  • Movable Type
  • Telligent
  • Any blog system that supports either the Metaweblog standard or RSS

What Content is Migrated?

What components of your blog can you migrate? You can migrate all your posts, comments and categories.

Like other Metalogix Migration Managers, batch migration and remote administration of the migration are also supported.

Metalogix Migration Manager for Blogs

The migration manager also supports the migration of blogs from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010. In this case all version history and user permissions are supported as well.

Time to Migrate Along?

So if you are tired of your current blogging software or just want more functionality — like that found in SharePoint 2010, take a closer look.

And if you are a Microsoft MVP, you can get a free version of the Migration Manager for Blogs.

Oh, and if you aren't ready to go to SharePoint 2010, the migration manager will migrate your blogs to SharePoint 2007.

Telligent Updates Focus on Extensibility, Performance and Ease of Adoption

Telligent (site) has made improvements to their community and enterprise collaboration software. Improvements that focus on performance and extensibility, flexibility and ease of adoption.

It was June of last year when Telligent went through a major transformation, not only rebranding their enterprise collaboration and community solutions, but moving to a platform-based offering with a continued focus on the critical need for analytics.

With a renewed focus that included not only collaboration, but integration with enterprise applications, Telligent introduced:

  • Telligent Community 5.0: This is the latest version of the externally facing community solution supporting partners and customers.
  • Telligent Enterprise 2.0: The latest version of the internal enterprise collaboration solution, formerly called Community Server Evolution, focused on enterprise integration in addition to community capabilities.
  • Telligent Analytics 3.0: Formerly Harvest Reporting Server, Analytics 3.0 introduced a number of new reports to help organizations measure engagement.

And the new underlying platform that supports all these new editions was Telligent evolution. Built on the Microsoft stack, it includes an API available through a REST interface to support third party application integration.

New Versions, More Extensibility

New versions of both Telligent Community — now 5.5 — and Telligent Enterprise — now 2.5 are available. Here's what's new.

  • Community 5.5: A configurable registration form allows you to add, order and customize fields, and interface enhancements shorten clicks required to do an action. You can also create new content pages, modify navigation, create blog and file mashups and content areas that are search driven.
  • Enterprise 2.5: Extensible security options include setting access rights to content, sharing video content from internal and external sources, and creating employee dashboards while still ensuring corporate information is still visible.

What's Coming for Analytics

March will also bring a new version of the Telligent analytics. The company is also providing a sneak peek at some of the enhancements we can expect:

  • Optimized for high-traffic, large communities
  • Integration with any data source (like Twitter)
  • Publish and share reports with external sites

And if all these enhancements excite you and make you want to develop applications for the Telligent platform, there will also be a platform SDK available in March.

Need to learn more? Then register for a webinar on Thursday February 18th.