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JSN Neon

JSN Neon is an excellent Joomla template with clean and modern design. It's also one of the first JoomlaShine's template to stop supporting Joomla 1.5, which fully allows you to enjoy the power of Joomla's latest version and later.

Super flexible layout, 3 menu styles and 4 modules styles and much more are under your management via convenient template parameters.

JSN Neon provides 36 module positions allowing you to have multiple layout configurations. All module positions are collapsible which means if you don't publish any modules in some positions it will not take any blank spaces leaving those for neighbor modules. Some positions are designed to arrange modules inside in horizontal layout which makes it very easy to reorder modules inside it.

JSN Neon provides 2 box designs for module background styling in Free edition and 6 box designs in PRO edition (which can be combined with 20 predefined icons for module title styling). Module styles are configured by module's parameter Module Class Suffix with very simple syntax. Take a look around to see how module styles are applied.

Native RTL support means that every elements on the page is mirror swapped including layout, menus, typography, icons...everything. All JoomlaShine templates are equipped with native RTL layout support. Everything is horizontally-flipped including dropdown main menu and side menu.

Mx_joomla69 template for 1.5, 1.7, 2.5

Mx_joomla69 has article slider header module which can load images and info text from articles which are on the category is chosen for it, multi menu system or moomenu, 3 column template, RTL language support, Mobile version, Pattern background chooser, Font choices. Choose between Google or template font library, Background color chooser for main site and left column, Logo optional as image png or as text, 38 Module positions, All module positions are fully collapsible, Articleslider header module, Caption module, Photobox module, Bookmarks module, Photobox plugin, SBoost plugin, Tooltips plugin, Tabs module, Screen resolutions at your choice, Color chooser 5 ready styles brown, blue, green, red, orange and custom at your choice.


Glenon template with T3 Joomlart Framework

Glenon is simple, modern and impresive joomla template. it’s a responsive templates and optimized for tablet and any others mobile screen. This templates ia able to meet to many kinds of business projects. Glenon comes with powerful T3 Joomlart Framework, best and selected extentions.



  • Responsive designs to smaller screen
  • Template based on T3 Framework.
  • Native Joomla 2.5.x core.
  • 8 Color Themes variation.
  • Fully Support a powerful K2 Component.
  • Amazing Slideshow modules
  • Well CSS Structured
  • Multiple layout options, Easily configured from backend.
  • Option to enable CSS and JS compression.
  • All Installed Extensions (Components, Modules, Plugin) Included
  • Impressive, Lightweight, modern and very fast-loading design.
  • Well Documented
  • Fully compatible for all major browser
  • Valid xhtml 1.0 transitional
Joomla Admin Template : AdminPraise 3

   The last and most complete version (Bundle) template AdminPraise 3 of the former developers JoomlaPrase. AdminPraise 3 – is the most powerful admin panel template for CMS Joomla. Template allows you to customize the admin panel at any convenient for you to display. You can easily integrate the home page components such as: K2, Zoo, FLEXIcontent, Ninjaboard, Virtuemart, Tienda, Projectfork and many others.

For the convenience of users, developers have created add-ons and plug-ins, which are much easier to work with CMS Joomla through the admin panel. You can view logs of activity, thanks to the module ActivityLog Pro, or quickly build news website, using the module QuickItem Pro.
Package «Bundle» is not just a template, a broad set of tools that improve the functionality of the system and increase productivity in the work on site.

The package «Bundle» includes:

Template AdminPraise 3 – Template for admin panel
The module and plugin ActivityLog Pro – module user activity (time and date of authorization, etc.)
Module AdminPraise cPanel – module main panel displays icons and other information
Module AdminPraise Menu – drop-down menu
Module AdminPraise Spotlight
Module myEditor – Switching the visual editor
Module Quickitem Pro – fast shipping news
Plugin AdminPraise AutoEditor – automatic switching of visual editor
Plugin SimpleCE – a simple visual editor Joomla
Plug-in Search Content – search for content
Plug-in Search Menu – search menu Features:

The rubber pattern, fully adjusted to the user’s screen
5 different color schemes, design (just the package Bundle)
Display avatar administrator of the components of K2, JomSocial, Community Builder, or from the service Gravatar
Displays the status of the session (a very handy thing, always remember about the session, when typing a lot of character)
Rapid change in visual editor
Possibility to move the modules in the administrative panel
Review of extensions in the form of applications (ala iPad)
Optimized for mobile devices iPhone, iPad, and Android
Quickly add menus and items
Full support for CMS Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 2.5
And much more …

New Business Joomla Template : i-Kantine

Simple business template i-Kantine for CMS Joomla! 1.5 from a developer iTemplater. This template is ideal for creating business cards small business website. Design a template in the style of minimalism. Template has built-in pull-down menus and Flash module has an additional i-Slideshow for rotation of images with beautiful effects.
The archive comes with a template to edit the source PNG design program Adobe Fireworks, and a small guide to the positions of the template in PDF. If you need a simple and easy template for a business site, then the template i-Kantine is true and correct choice.
The main features of the template i-Kantine:

Simple template code
100% valid HTML and CSS code
Supports all Internet browsers
Easy Configuration and Installation
Support for CMS Joomla 1.5

TemplatePlazza Joomla Template - TP LaunchTime

Absolutely free template LaunchTime for CMS Joomla 1.7 and 2.5 from the developers TemplatePlazza. Using this template, you can display on your site offline page if your site is under construction. Also, this template can be used to create a viral campaign.
For example, you want to show users when it is released your new site. Set the end time (timer), turn on the form of subscription to the newsletter and make the default template to display on all pages. Users logging on to the site will know the exact start time of the site, just by looking at the timer, as well as be able to Subscribe to the newsletter or go to your group on social networking sites.
Template Features LaunchTime:
Multiple layout options
Installing multiple columns
The ability to use your own background image or color of your background
A simple change of name and description of site
You can display icons of social networks
Display a form of subscription to our news using the service module, or Mailchimp AcyMailing
On. / Off. the timer to count down time.

JV Framework J1.6 template



   File size: 1,561.18 Kb

   FIle version:

Author: Joomlavi

Iambus J!1.5-1.6 template

Iambus is a K2 Powered News And Magazine Joomla template.

This is a commercial product.

Live demo

More details

Compatibility: Joomla1.5 and Joomla1.6

  • Powered by Expose Framework
  • iPhone, iPad Compiatable
  • 52+ Built-in module position
  • 16 Module variations
  • CSS and JS Compression
  • RTL Support
JF Grafeeze Joomla template



  File size: 345.95 Kb

  File version: 1.6.0

Author: Kreatif Multimedia GmbH

RT Gantry J1.6 Joomla template



 File size: 972.98 kb

File version: 3.2.0