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OpenWGA 5.2 Adds Support for CMIS, Social Media

OpenWGA (newssite) went open source a couple of months ago, but the updates haven't slowed down. With its latest release (5.2), you now have support for CMIS and social media.

OpenWGA is a 100% Java CMS by the German company Innovation Gate Gmbh. OpenWGA is a relatively new addition to the open source family of Enterprise CMS but it is a veteran in the content management market. They offer enterprise-level features and probably their dual-licensing scheme (i.e. open source and free is just a part of it, while the more valuable features are in the paid commercial license) is one of the reasons why they are not as popular as many other enterprise-level content management systems. OpenWGA doesn't lack features and appeal as this latest release demonstrates.

There are many new features in OpenWGA 5.2, the most notable being the included support for CMIS, new social plugins, video streaming and the new editor scheme in the Developer Studio.

CMIS as a Client and a Server

The support for CMIS is one of the major features in this release because CMIS is such a hot topic. CMIS support means that as a client, OpenWGA can access content in any CMIS repository (i.e. Alfresco) and display the content within an OpenWGA site/portal. As a CMIS server, OpenWGA will be able to provide access to the contents within the OpenWGA repository to any CMIS-enabled client.

The bad news is that CMIS-functionality is available only for the paid (i.e. Enterprise) version, so if you are running the free version, you won't be able to use CMIS.

New Social Plugins

The new social plugins are the latest improvement in OpenWGA and unlike the CMIS functionality, they are free Enterprise 2.0 plugins. The plugins are OpenWGA Wikis, OpenWGA Blogs, OpenWGA Forums and OpenWGA Photos. All of them can either be used as stand alone applications or can be integrated into other web projects.

Maybe these features appeared a bit late because many other Web and Enterprise CMS have them since the beginning of time but having in mind that OpenWGA isn't Drupal or WordPress and it doesn't have a huge community of developers, the delay is easy to understand.

Video Streaming

Video content is frequently to be found on an CMS and this is why it is good if the CMS is able to stream videos. The tricky part with streaming videos is that they require the so called “accept ranges” (an HTTP technology that chunks the video in portions, so that the browser can download a portion and play it rather than download the whole movie at once, which with huge movies and/or slow connections might take ages). Now OpenWGA 5.2. includes such support for video streaming.

A New Editor Scheme in the Developer Studio

Schemas have always been part of application design and they make the whole process much easier. Starting with OpenWGA 5.2, you will be able to use schemes. You can use predefined content type settings, content items, language definitions and website areas. All this functionality is included in the free OpenWGA Developer Studio.

These new feature additions make OpenWGA a good choice, especially if you are obsessed with programming languages and wouldn't trade Java for PHP, Perl or .NET.

Tiki Community Releases First Video Interview

The Tiki Community is proud to announce the release of its first promotional video: How to get help.

In this video, recorded in March 2010, Gary Cunningham-Lee explains how new Tiki Community members can get help with their Tiki sites. Gary is a long-time Tiki contributor and a member of the Tiki Software Community Association.

Watch the complete video at: .

A series of video clips, released under a Creative Commons license, will be made available for interested parties. Daniel Gauthier, a member of the Tiki Community and the filmmaker of these clips says, "I've created these video clips for a very specific purpose: To help developers, technology decision makers and companies like ISPs who normally know about Open Source Development projects understand the richness of the Tiki Community."

Three to five video clips will be released in the near future, each lasting three to four minutes. These "info-clips" are interviews with members of the Tiki community. In each clip, the audience learns about more about Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, the Tiki Community and its "Wiki Way" model of software development.

Mr. Gauthier adds, "What a great way to learn about Open Source Development. Tiki Wiki is a dynamic eco-system. It grows so fast and so strong that one day, I believe it will be adopted by many more Fortune 500 companies."

The videos also showcase the Tiki integration with Kaltura (, an open source, community supported online video and rich-media solution. See for details on the Tiki+Kaltura integration.

About Tiki
Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is a full-featured, web-based, multilingual (35+ languages), tightly integrated, all-in-one Wiki+CMS+Groupware, Free Source Software (GNU/LGPL), using PHP, MySQL, Zend Framework, jQuery and Smarty. Actively developed by a very large international community, Tiki can be used to create all kinds of Web applications, sites, portals, knowledge bases, intranets, and extranets. Tiki is managed by the Tiki Software Community Association. For more information, visit