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Videobox is Joomla! plugin that enables you to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos in your articles in 3 different ways: using standard embedded player, box which opens player inside lightbox and gallery of thumbnails which open player inside lightbox effect. It allows you to add unlimited amount of independent galleries, videos and video boxes in same article and to specify different display options for each of them. All you need to insert video is to add video ID between two videobox tags and videobox will render this video in your article.

However, video player can take a lot of space in article. It gets even worse when you have more than one video in same article. That's where box video display comes in handy. Instead of video player, box display shows only thumbnail image of video (and title, if you specify it). Thumbnail is linked and on click it shows video player inside lightbox. Great!

Now you want to add some more videos to this article. Adding each video using box gets boring since all of them have same style and parameters. So much useless code and such a waste of time! And then you realise: there are too many videos for a single page. That's okay. Videobox enables you to display bigger amounts of videos using gallery and also enables you to add pagination. You can even have multiple galleries and paginations in single article.