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KnowledgeTree Expands Integration with Zoho

KnowledgeTree, provider of online document management solutions that allow businesses to share content and control document processes, today announced an expanded integration with online web applications provider Zoho.

As a result, users of KnowledgeTree’s software as a service (SaaS) offering have the ability to create new documents and spreadsheets by accessing Zoho Writer and Zoho Sheet from within KnowledgeTree.  These documents can be saved directly to the KnowledgeTree repository in a wide variety of file types.  In addition, KnowledgeTree users are able to edit documents and spreadsheets in the repository without needing desktop software such as Microsoft® Word. offers a comprehensive suite of award-winning online business, productivity and collaboration applications.  “For editing, the Zoho integration is a huge time saver,” stated Evan Person, director of product, KnowledgeTree.  “It means that users can quickly make changes to a document online without going through a multi-step check out/check in process. ”

KnowledgeTree’s cloud-enabled document management solution provides customers with the ability to share files and manage their business processes at a low cost of product ownership. KnowledgeTree offers a complete, fully functional 30-day trial for an unlimited number of users. Available for free, users can access all the rich functionality of KnowledgeTree, including the ability to download and install client tools such as a Microsoft® Office Add-in and a cross-platform explorer for Windows, Mac and Linux desktops.

“The expanded integration between KnowledgeTree and Zoho facilitates communication between business professionals and enhances knowledge sharing among business groups,” commented Raju Vegesna technology evangelist at Zoho.  “As a Zoho API Integration Partner, KnowledgeTree is meeting the needs of today’s mobile workforce by bring document management online where it is accessible anytime anywhere.”

About KnowledgeTree

KnowledgeTree makes sharing content and controlling document processes simple with secure, affordable online document management solutions for growing SMBs and departments at larger companies. Designed for business professionals, KnowledgeTree is easy to use, does not require extensive training and enables content to be accessed and managed anytime, anywhere via cloud computing. Rich and open APIs allow for seamless integration of popular third party business applications.

KnowledgeTree accelerates return on investment by streamlining document-centric business processes and increasing collaboration with workflow, document alerts, version control and full transaction histories. KnowledgeTree is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter @knowledgetreesw

Zoho Partners with Go Daddy for Domain Registrations

Zoho has added a domain registration module to Zoho Business, powered by so that users can buy and register their domains.

For US$ 10, domains with .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info, and .us extensions are available with no limit to the number of domains registered and hosted in Zoho Business.

Once a domain is registered, users are able to immediately access all of the Zoho Business features. However, you don’t need to buy or register a domain to take full advantage of Zoho Business applications.

Yet, Zoho Domains provides many persuasive features that will encourage business owners to sign up, including:

  • Free email hosting – For businesses, Zoho provides free email hosting for the first three users. The new domain is automatically configured to work with Zoho mail servers, so users can send and receive email via the new domain within minutes of registration through Zoho Mail.
  • Unlimited email aliases – Zoho supports unlimited aliases for each of the first three email accounts, at no extra charge. If a user has multiple domains registered, email aliases can be created for any of those domains.
  • Complete administrative control – Through Go Daddy, users have complete control over their DNS control panel. Users can change mail records, name servers, A Records, and other details.

Zoho and Go Daddy are committed to helping small businesses grow without taking on gigantic costs, something we can all appreciate in these unsteady economic times.

Zoho Integrates Productivity Suite with Facebook Connect

That’s right, Zoho (site) and Facebook (site) sitting in a tree, c-o-n-n(ect)i-n-g.

With already-established support for Google Apps and Yahoo accounts, yesterday Zoho added a social layer by integrating the ability to login through Facebook Connect.

Access Zoho Apps! With Facebook!

Forget your Zoho login information, all you need is your Facebook credentials. Plus, the combination of the two means you can share documents with Facebook users who don’t have a Zoho account. Logging in is simple; you'll see the Facebook icon right on the screen:

zoho_facebook_login.JPGLogin to Zoho with Facebook Connect

This is not to be confused with Zoho’s Facebook app, which allows users to create documents within the popular social network, and view/edit them from Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show.

And the Beat Goes On…

Zoho has tirelessly competed against Google Apps and the like for quite some time now. Their new adoption of Facebook Connect falls in line with the enterprise’s obvious turn towards social solutions, as well as promise a boost in users (how can it not when Facebook comes with a whopping 400 million users themselves?)

But Google is a pretty big—if not the biggest—fish. In recent times, we've seen the G team expand the use of Apps with new collaboration features, and various activities with Google Apps Script. Zoho, on the other hand, is smart for adding more support for what looks like is shaping up to be Google's biggest competitor. But we wonder, after this what moves are left for Zoho?