FancyCMS: Upcoming Flash CMS

FancyCMS: Free Open Source Flash CMS Released

There is a broad variety of flash cms platforms today. But only the tiny part of them is open source.

Recently FancyCMS released its own open source flash cms engine, which is available for a free download. In the package you get a great premium flash template, based on a flash cms engine with XML data.

For the end-users, unfamiliar with flash development, the flash cms engine can be used as an ordinary XML template, as far as editing content in XML is not that hard for a beginner.

Here is a short list of FancyCMS open source core capabilities:

  • Rich content pages;
  • Simple flash blog solution;
  • SEO-Friendly website, deep linking;
  • Ability to implement different skins.

The flash cms engine by FancyCMS is distributed for free non-commercial use. In any other case you will need to purchase a license for this software.