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We want to use this blog to inform you about our new extensions, before, please read this quick presentation.Joomla extensions

Welcome to our site! As well as being providers of Joomla extensions, we are also freelance developers with extensive experience in Sobi2, Community Builder, and Google maps extensions. is not a business but simply a personal website of passionate Joomla developers. We create extensions for pleasure during our evenings, weekends and other spare time. Our components or addons are distributed "as seen". The majority of available extensions can be tested on this site. For example, you can test our Community Builder mapping solutions when you register, or, creating (for free) your own entry in the joomla directory will show you certain of our Sobi2 extensison, ...

We try to give individual assistance to all of our customers, our main goal being to give total satisfaction to the users of our products. If you encounter any problems on our site, please read the technical support guidelines provided. In many cases, the solution can be found in the documentation or in the forum. If you don’t find a solution, please create a new ticket support.