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Hippo Launches Hippo CMS Version 7.6

Hippo is pleased to announce its ongoing commitment to a passionate and loyal developer community by focusing almost the entirety of its new release of Hippo CMS Version 7.6 on new developer and architect focused features. Hippo's Java Web Content Management system is setting new standards for how web content can be managed and delivered.

Boston, MA and Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Hippo, the company setting new standards for how Commercial Open Source Web Content Management can empower audiences and change the way organizations manage Web content announced today the launch of its newest version - Hippo CMS 7.6.  This latest edition of the software is Hippo’s love letter to its developer community – featuring new capabilities developed directly from the feedback received from the thousands of developers and architects who work on the Hippo platform.   The new version is available on Hippo’s Web site, as well as on Sourceforge.net

New Developer Capabilities & Training

Continuing in its role as one of the technological leaders in Web Content Management, Hippo CMS 7.6 also offers new features to make the developer’s tasks easier and deployments more powerful.

As part of 7.6 Hippo has released a number of new technology enhancements including:

·       Native support to change content types on the fly, providing much faster development cycles

·       CMIS Support – adding interoperability with ECM Systems

·       Support for Tomcat 6, Cargo and JRebel giving developers the tools to develop faster without time consuming rebuilds

·       Automatic exporting of developer configurations

·       Extensive Spring MVC support

And, maybe most importantly, with the release of version 7.6 Hippo is proud to release the Hippo Trail - a complete interactive training Web site that walks new developers through the complete cycle of a successful Hippo CMS implementation.   From Baby Hippo to Hippo Awesomeness, developers now have a step-by-step guide to implement the CMS.  The Hippo Trail is available immediately at https://wiki.onehippo.com/display/CMS7/Hippo+Trail

Arjé Cahn, CTO of Hippo, said “Hippo CMS 7.6 is designed to help not just end-users get more out of their Web Content Management experience, but also the developers that implement our software. We noticed that more and more of these developers were also using Spring technologies. It was clear that the Spring ecosystem was in need of a good enterprise-grade Web Content Management system, and Hippo CMS 7.6 fills that gap. In every Enterprise Java environment we see the same issues when it comes to WCM and integration; and this is where Hippo is an ideal fit. We strive to create a perfect balance. While we want to provide end-users with an intuitive enterprise-class CMS experience, we never lose focus that we also need to continually provide more powerful and flexible solutions for developers and architects.”

About Hippo

Hippo sets the standard for how organizations can empower their audience to engage with content.   Hippo CMS powers some of the largest and most visited Web properties in the world and is the first Web Content Management solution to deliver context-aware content for its customers.  Hippo’s broad capabilities enable both marketers and technology teams to build world-class content delivery platforms.   Featuring an enterprise-class development environment and powerful, yet intuitive editing capabilities, Hippo CMS enables a true, open and context-aware content strategy.
Hundreds of both public and private organizations use Hippo’s content platform to manage and deliver thousands of web properties including Thomson/Reuters, Indiana University, Dolce & Gabbana, the University of Southern California, the Dutch Libraries & the Government of the Netherlands.

Stefan Schinkel, VP Global Business Development , +1-877-414-4776

Hippo launches Hippo CMS version 7.5 to empower your audience

San Francisco, CA and Amsterdam, the Netherlands – February 7, 2011 – Hippo, a leading vendor of open source Enterprise Content Management Software, has launched version 7.5 of its Content Management System, Hippo CMS.

Hippo CMS 7.5 is an enterprise-class open source software product designed to empower your audience. Consumers of Web content are now coming to expect context-enriched experiences that use location, presence, language, behavior, social attributes and other environmental information to anticipate their needs.

But Web content management solutions haven’t changed to meet this expectation. They still focus on pushing content out to static Web sites, and expect their customers to optimize their Web content based on a slow iteration of publish, test, review, re-design.

What if you could easily open your entire content repository to new channels as they emerge? What if you could optimize your content in real-time so that no matter how your customer engages – their experience is as good as it can possibly be? What if you could empower your audience to engage with your business on their terms?

With Hippo – the answer is “now you can”.

Hippo sets the standard for how organizations empower their audience to engage with content. Hippo CMS powers some of the largest and most visited Web properties in the world and is the first Web Content Management solution to deliver context-aware content for its customers. Whether it’s a Web site, a mobile app, intranet portal, e-commerce, social media or even print, Hippo’s software is a powerful tool for organizations to create, deliver and optimize content to create business value.

Hundreds of organizations use Hippo’s content platform to manage and deliver thousands of web properties including Hewlett Packard, Thomson/Reuters, Dolce & Gabbana, The University of Southern California, Incisive Media & The Government of the Netherlands.

And, empowering people is more than just software – it’s part of Hippo’s DNA. Hippo was one of the early pioneers of the Open Source movement, and the Hippo team has built and cultivated a community that fosters innovation and development of world-class software solutions. The Hippo platform is based on open source standards such as Java and Apache and what began as a better way to develop content management, has now transformed into the next generation of content delivery and audience empowerment.

Arjé Cahn, CTO of Hippo, said “Hippo CMS 7.5 is designed to help organizations that want to empower their audience. It provides them with an intuitive, flexible and enterprise-class content management system that will meet the unique contentmanagement needs of their business, with no data lock-in or excessive costs. The product was designed with ease of implementation and extensibility in mind.”

In the coming months, Hippo will further expand on the new concept of empowering your audience, focussing on context aware content & personalisation. Hippo CMS 7.5 is open source software that is free to download at http://www.onehippo.org, you can try Hippo CMS at http://www.onehippo.com/try or check our the video at: http://www.vimeo.com/19272293