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e107 is nominate for the ‘Critics Choice CMS Awards 2013’!


e107 participates in the following three categories:

  • Best Open Source CMS
  • Best Free CMS
  • Best Small to Midsize Business CMS



You can use now e107 and reddit together!


  An amazing benefit is the ability to host AMAs (Ask Me Anything). This can potentially be another outlet for community meetings that could be more accessible to people than IRC, Skype, or a Google+ Hangout since reddit can be viewed in any browser on any device, and apps are out there for Apple and Android devices.

e107 in the People’s Choice for best Open Source CMS awards!


e107 has been nominated as one out of the five nominees for the People’s Choice for best Open Source CMS award.

 e107 participates in the following three categories:

  • Best Open Source CMS
  • Best Free CMS
  • Best Small to Midsize Business CMS
2010 Open Source CMS Market: Drupal Trails Joomla!, DotNetNuke Challenges

Water&stone has released their annual Open Source CMS Market Share Report. Who is dominating the open source web content management space? And who managed to move ahead of other contenders? Find out here.

The Report

2010 is the third year that water&stone has published the Open Source CMS Market Share Report. The report is non-commercial and released under an open license, unlike similar work from other industry firms. This year’s report began with thirty open source systems but ten were eliminated due to current market position. Water&stone assess the remaining twenty systems on metrics related to rate of adoption and brand strength. Using this data, the report defines market leaders.

The report uses multiple data sources to draw conclusions. In addition to a survey, which water&stone conducted with over 5000 responses, other metrics included:

  • Product downloads
  • W3Techs’ analysis of technologies used on the top one million websites in Alexa’s rankings
  • BuiltWith’s technology rankings
  • The number of developers offering services in the technology on Elance and Guru
  • The number of books in print for the platform
  • Google page rank

Using a multi-faceted approach minimizes the likelihood that the outcome is biased toward a single factor and hopefully quiets the inevitable cries of, “But what about…” that will come from supporters of platforms that did not rank as expected. The firm was also very careful to note cases where their methodology might have resulted in a skewed outcome.

The Good

WordPressJoomla! and Drupal, three of the most well-known open source CMS platforms, remain decisively in control of the market. In metrics such as number of installations and shares of Facebook
posts, these three clearly dominated the field.


water&stone 2010 CMS survey - installations


share of Facebook posts

In fact, in almost every measure, there is little indication that the leadership of the top three platforms is being challenged in the near future; but this is the internet — we could all be surprised.

As for the leader of the pack, WordPress managed to take the lead in a number of key metrics. They included:

  • Search interest
  • Daily website traffic
  • Daily unique visitors
  • Daily page views
  • Downloads

In terms of technology specific results, Liferay leads the Java WCM market, followed closely by Alfresco. DotNetNuke is the leading platform for the .NET market, although newcomer Umbraco is quickly narrowing the lead. The report also lists Concrete5 and Umbraco as solutions that are gathering strength in the market.

The Bad

The report identifies the following platforms as struggling to maintain market share:

Using metrics like Google's search query interest, water&stone concluded that these projects are showing negative market trends.


Google search interest

The Ugly

Jahia and phpWebSite, which were included in the 2009 version of the report, were removed from the top twenty list for 2010. Textpattern and Xoops may also want to take note — the 2010 report notes the two as at risk systems.

In its second year making the at risk list, Textpattern's downward slope has continued into 2010. The report found low adoption rates, little growth in third party support, poor search engine visibility and low brand familiarity for Textpattern.

The results for Xoops did not look much better. Xoops finished last in many important metrics like downloads and installations while leading negative indicators like abandonment rate.

The Open Source CMS Market Share Report is likely a valuable source of information for any organization evaluating CMS tools. However, readers should be careful to consider their unique needs to determine if the conclusions are applicable. For example, small firms overwhelmingly dominated survey responses; larger firms may have radically different challenges.

Have you read the full report? How did your favorite CMS system fare?

Editor's Note: See how your favorite open source CMS fared this year compared to last year.

e107 open source CMS version 0.7.23 Released

e107 v.0.7.23 is now available. This release is primarily aimed at reducing vulnerabilities and increasing e107′s protection against exploits. (a special thank you to Justin Klein Keane (“MadIrish”) for alerting us to the vulnerabilities, and commenting on the fixes.) One of the changes will also affect users who include youtube videos or other embedded media within their site; please see the included readme for more information.

This release also includes some minor feature enhancements:

Download Flood Protection (simultaneous downloads)
Found in admin under downloads->options. Option to prevent a user from downloading multiple files within a short time-period.

YouTube bbcode ([youtube][/youtube])
Allows you to easily add youtube videos to pages of your website. A conversion script is provided for those who have utilized html-code from Youtube already and wish to convert to the bbcode equivalent. (see included README.txt for details). By default, ‘dangerous’ HTML (such as the ‘embed’ code used with many media) is neutralised when it is displayed. This traps malicious code that may have entered the database before the latest updates were put in place. This filter can be disabled through the preference ‘Filter HTML content’.

Language-pack Creator
Found in admin under languages->tools. For those who are translating e107 into other languages, this tool will zip up your core language files into the standard language-pack format so that they can be shared easily with the e107 community. Important information on using this tool can be found here.

Support for security include scripts.
e107 now supports 3rd-Party security includes such as ZB Block without having to manually modify core scripts. Just install them in your root directory as you would normally. To include ZB Block, you would add the following to e107_config.php: $CLASS2_INCLUDE = ‘zbblock/zbblock.php’; . e107 would then automatically include it in every page of your site.

The full changelog can be found here
We recommend that everyone upgrades to this new release as soon as possible.

Visit their website to learn more :

e107 New version - 0.7.18

Yes, here's yet another release.

We have tightened up some of the security relates stuff from the last release and fixed some bugs that crept into it.
Most notably an issue with not being able to save extended user field data.

I also change a few things in the file inspector to make that a bit more useful, thanks to Lawbringer for that.

Here for changes: click to open link in new window

Here for your files: click to open link in new window

e107 moves to subversion

Due to some limitations with CVS, e107 is finally moving away from it in favor of subversion (SVN). We realize that there are other newer version control systems out that that are all the rage today (like git), but we feel for our needs SVN will do just fine.

I have made the current cvs repository read-only, so no more commits will occur there. Over the next few days we will be working to update the cvs related information on to point to the new svn information.

We hope this doesn't cause any issues, but please let us know if you find any. Also, any tips anyone has for dealing with svn will be appreciated.

The changelog has been broken since our host moved us to a new server a few days ago, it will not need recoded to work with svn, so expect it to be down for a bit.

e107 Email Login

Just a quickie to start off the New Year.

You now have more choice as to how your users log in.

Depending on how you set the options, they can now specify either user name or email address in the login box (how many of your users just assume the site'll accept an email address there?)