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Zoombie is a time-based job scheduler application for Joomla. Allows in an easy way to manage, schedule and run jobs alias joomla plugins automatically and periodically at specific times. The zoombie purpose is to automate system maintenance or administration task on Joomla based websites, though its general-purpose nature means that it can be used for other purpose by Third-Party extension developers.

For the zoombie application a job or a task is a zoombie plugin wich can be triggered to run at scheduled time, there are 3 way to schedule zoombie jobs:


If your webserver allows cron jobs there is a Joomla Platform CLI application that need to be scheduled from a cron job.The zoombie command line application when running check if is time for some zoombies plugin to be triggered


To operate on hosts that do not offer a job scheduler such as cron or a shell account, the zoombie system plugin when running check if is time for some zoombies plugin to be triggered

Visitor based

When a visitor views the website, the zoombie system plugin is triggerd


Zoombie is released with some ready to run tasks:

  • Database backup (Automatically run db or tables backup at scheduled time)
  • File backup (Automatically run site or folder backup at scheduled time)
  • Site checksum (Automatically run site or folder checksum at scheduled time)
  • AntiMalware scan (Automatically run site or folder AntiMalware script scan at scheduled time)
  • Cache cleaning (Automatically clean expired cache at scheduled time)
  • Spam detection (Automatically run antispam check at scheduled time)
Content Image Factory 3.2

Basically in Joomla, images work by selecting a list of "Content images" and then adding the "image" tag in the content to specify where they should appear.

This extension takes automatically the images from the "Content images" list and place them into a module on the relevant articles page.

This would mean that the publisher will not have to add the image tags manually in the module and will have control where to place the images where ever on the page by just selecting an area for the module

Content Image Factory main features:

  • align images horizontally or vertically
  • display or hide image captions below
  • display first X images or random X images
  • define image height and width
  • ignore first image (this option is letting the first image into the content, putting only the rest into the module)
  • skip nr. images
  • new plugin to supress content images and display them only inside the module.

Factory Fuel Calculator 3.1

Factory Fuel Calculator Module helps you to keep track of the fuel consumption and calculates also the costs.

Here are the available entry fields:

  • Start
  • End
  • Driven
  • Liters
  • Price per liter 

The Module calculates automatically:

  • Consumption per 100
  • Cost per selected currency

The number of decimals can be also set in the module administration.


Factory Interest Calculator 3.1

Factory Interest Calculator Module helps users to count the rates for Term Bank Deposits or Savings Account (deposit). For certain deposits users can count exactly the final interest which will be received by the deposit holder.

The number of decimals can be also set in the module administration.


Factory Interest Calculator Module helps users to count the rates for Term Bank Deposit or Savings Account.

Here are the available entry fields:

  • Initial Amount Deposit
  • Annual percentage Rate %
  • Deposit period in months
  • Redraw Bank Commission %
  • Other Bank Fees
  • Tax %

The Module calculates automatically:

  • Interest
  • Tax
  • Other Bank Fees
  • Redraw Bank Commission
  • Winnings
  • Total Amount

Exchange Rates Factory ECB 3.3


The latest version of Exchange Rates ECB uses a new JavaScript model. This means that when the page loads the list is locked and the text "Click to choose new currency" appears.

If the user clicks in the list the text "Click to lock the currency list" appears and the list will update so the currency where the mouse is placed will be the new reference currency and also the prognosis values are updated.

If the user moves the mousepointer the list updates and changes the reference currency to the one where the mousepointer is placed and again all prognosis values are updated.

If the user clicks again the first text appears. In this mode will the user be able to drag the mousepointer over the prognosis symbols (up-, down- or an arrow to the side) to see the currency value from the cache for that day.

To see Exchange Factory EU in action just check our site The module (version 1.0) is visible under the Products Tab.


  • ECB Exchange Rates (European Central Bank)
  • easy install
  • automatic updates
  • changeable main currency allowing comparisons
  • prognosis functions showing the tendency of each currency based on the last quote
  • customizable flag images
  • history files

eBay Factory Module 3.1

  eBay Factory Module comes as a help for the targeted sites which are running a specified business. This way the administrator can set up certain search-keywords in order to display in a module only certain eBay auctions for his visitors.

The search can be limited by entering multiple keywords and if the area of interest is bigger then the administrator can publish another module with a different keyword since multiple instances are supported. There is also the possibility to display certain items belonging to a single seller (user) using the seller id and a keyword.

From the backend the auctions can be ordered by "newly listed" and "ending soon". Also the number of auctions, title length, show/hide images and date format can be configured. Pagination permits also to set only a number of items per page, from the total number of results, which is also configurable.

The display can be configured through CSS in order to match any existing template and there is also a cache option.


eBay Factory Module main features are:

  • displays certain eBay auctions in a module
  • selection is search-based, administrator is entering a keyword (or multiple keywords)
  • displays also items belonging to a single seller
  • order by "newly listed" and "ending soon"
  • customizable nr. of auctions to be displayed in the module
  • configurable title length (limit nr. of characters)
  • show/hide images
  • configurable display of the dates showed in the module
  • pagination (configurable items per page and total results)
  • fully customizable layout through CSS
  • cache option
  • allowing multiple instances
  • works with,,,,,

Admin List Factory 2.2.0

The Admin List Factory is a Joomla administrator extension that helps administrators to manage their tasks. The built in AJAX functionalities allows to perform several tasks without having to reload the page. For an easy management, there is also a administrative component managing the so called "to-do" lists.


  • Joomla 2.5.x or J! 1.7.x/1.6.x for product version 2.2.x
  • Joomla 1.5.x for version 1.0.0 (check inside the downloaded kit of the latest available version; requires unzip first).

SEO Keyword Factory 2.2.0

  SEO Keyword Factory will allow you to create and maintain a search engine friendly web site by building and saving keyword-rich URLs for a better search engine relevance.

The SEO link is created automatically after the search keywords that brings the visitor on that certain page. Google, Yahoo and Bing are now integrated. In order for the component to function properly, webmasters must enable the System SEO Keyword Factory plugin, which detects the referral from the search engine and will allow to create and maintain a search engine relevant website.

The component comes with a link manager, where all created links are displayed, given the webmaster the possibility to add new links or edit existing ones. When editing, the landing page can be changed, the keywords, number of hits and the publishing state of that certain item. The filter function allows a search after relevant words.

At the component settings, global configuration, the webmaster can set the plugin status and the following parameters:

  • keywords transformation (upper, lower, capital, unchanged),
  • keywords separator,
  • link terminator,
  • number of columns and rows visible per page in the frontend,
  • banned words (if any of this words is found in the search engine keywords, the link will not be generated).

Awards Factory 1.0

Awards Factory - Hand out awards to site users for different actions, overall activity or just as a gift.

Each award is represented by a medal and optionally a reason for that award. Awards are granted either on triggers like: Registered (and each subsequent year), number of forum posts, and birthdays; and manually one at a time or with the mass award function.

To use the three triggers available for Awards Factory, it must be integrated with Community Builder; then the medals awarded for each trigger can be chosen from the CB plugin menus.
Another plugin enables a tab with the user’s awards where he can view the awards received and in what number.

The admin can create an unlimited number of medals, each medal has a Name, Picture, Description and Reason. Medals can be published and unpublished, edited or deleted.

Administrator settings include:

  • Pagination settings - you can choose how many items to display on pages
  • Date formatting - adjust the date format specific to your location
  • Real name or Joomla Username display - for modules and profiles
  • Email notifications for awards - email users when they receive a new award
  • Show award reason - display the reason for the award on the frontend
  • On the user CB profile you can choose whether to group awards and display a counter for how many times the user received that award, or just display them individually
  • Custom introductory text on the medals overview page
  • Enable Community Builder Integration

In the Medals Overview page, Users can view a list with all the medals awarded and under each medal the users who received that medal are found, with a link to their profile where other awards can also be viewed.

For additional exposure, three modules are available:

  • My Latest Awards - latest awards received by the current user
  • Most Awarded - users with the most awards on the site
  • Latest Awards - latest awards issued on the site

For each module the number of awards/users shown can be configured. 

Photo Factory 2.1.0

Photo Factory is intended to present a fully functional Images Database or Photo Library with a built in Artists Portfolio. The administrator group can also post Projects on the site, to feature special events.

Here further, the main project description and available functionalities, which can be adjusted to match individual requirements and particular settings:

Access Levels:

  • Site Administrator (all rights, including Editor and Projects) 
  • Editor (unlimited images download, uploads, own portfolio)
  • Registered User (unlimited images download)
  • Guest (download only x images)

The User Module can display the following information when logged in:

  • Welcome Message
  • My Profile
  • My Images
  • Projects (for administrators)
  • Upload Files
  • Logout.

If not logged in, the module will display the familiar links like Register, Forgot Password, Remember Me and Login entry fields.

The User Registration Form can have certain information fields like name, company, occupation, age, email address, etc. Here with a checkbox the user can apply also to the Editor account, his request going to admin's pending. Also a checkbox will be present as a verification that the users agrees to the terms & conditions of the site.

Image Library. The images will be available in thumbnail format, where the administrator can set the number of images per page, to match a desired template. Pagination is available. On click on a certain image a medium view of the image will be displayed, among with the editors name, keywords, image id, download button, etc. Even on the frontend, the administrator will have the possibility to edit, set as primary image, delete or unlist the displayed image.

Upload Files is the option available for the editors and administrators. In backend a minimum and maximum length for the keywords field can be set, together with the default width and height for the thumbnail images, medium display images and download images.

Portfolio. Visible by all guests, the each editor can have his own portfolio to present him and his work. Along a main picture, name and other information fields like email (show/hide), web address, etc. can be displayed. A text area for the curriculum vitae will be also available. In the portfolio the editor can ad his images, videos (svf, flv) and attachment (extension types will be defined by the administrator).

The administrator can configure several limits like maximum allowed images from portfolio, maximum images to be uploaded on site, maximum file attachments.

The list of portfolios displays the editors name, his primary image and a portfolio link. Here in the frontend the administrator can see their status and set the proper access rights on the platform.

Projects. Adding project is a feature available only for the site administrator in order to promote certain stories, which are presenting a real interest for the site users. The projects are having almost the same structure like the portfolios with a main image, title, project description, videos and attachments.

Advanced Search in Projects, Images, Portfolio and all with the following options:

  • search after keywords
  • excluding certain keywords
  • search after Image ID
  • search after certain editor (photographer, etc.)

Statistics. The administrator can access the following statistics in the site backend:

  • total number of editors
  • total number of portfolio images
  • total number of project images
  • total number of available images on site
  • total number of the viewed images
  • total number of downloaded images