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CookieBox Lite

CookieBox is for sites that contain advertising and other scripts on the page. The level of intervention by the end user can be set from relatively passive offers of information to replacing content with placeholder to even stricter restricting access unless explicit consent is obtained.

Placeholders and other items can be easily styled with a selection of backgrounds/colours and fonts.

Advertising can be managed in both module positions and article content without disturbing your page layout.

Documentation is also available for download

MG Thumbnails

This content plugin creates lightbox galleries with the help of following javascript libraries: jQuery, Mootools, Colorbox, Fancybox, Greybox, Shadobox, Slimbox2, Slimbox, Joomla modal (Squeezebox). You just need to insert the fullsize image (what will be shown in the lightbox) and resize it in your content editor. The plugin automatically creates modal links from the resized images, and saves the thumbnail pictures too, for faster loading of images.


Videobox is Joomla! plugin that enables you to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos in your articles in 3 different ways: using standard embedded player, box which opens player inside lightbox and gallery of thumbnails which open player inside lightbox effect. It allows you to add unlimited amount of independent galleries, videos and video boxes in same article and to specify different display options for each of them. All you need to insert video is to add video ID between two videobox tags and videobox will render this video in your article.

However, video player can take a lot of space in article. It gets even worse when you have more than one video in same article. That's where box video display comes in handy. Instead of video player, box display shows only thumbnail image of video (and title, if you specify it). Thumbnail is linked and on click it shows video player inside lightbox. Great!

Now you want to add some more videos to this article. Adding each video using box gets boring since all of them have same style and parameters. So much useless code and such a waste of time! And then you realise: there are too many videos for a single page. That's okay. Videobox enables you to display bigger amounts of videos using gallery and also enables you to add pagination. You can even have multiple galleries and paginations in single article.

Custom Member Homepage from JoomLadds

Do you have the need to display a unique homepage to your logged in members? This plugin will do the trick. There are a lot of Joomla Extensions that will help to redirect a user after they log in to your site, however, this plugin is different. It is designed to redirect your logged in users to a unique homepage (that you choose in the parameter settings) for every link on your site designated as your home page.

Crisp Nivo Slider

This Crisp HD Nivo slider is optimal for making your website clean and professional currently has:

Over 14 different arrows
Tons of different transitions
& Taking the Nivo slider to the extreme.

With Crisp Nivo slider you can create the slider that match your personal style. With tons of options to customize the slider , colors , fonts , captions and effects

More than 15 effects.
Over 10 custom arrows.
Over 10 custom bullets to choose from.
Custom Caption Color And Positions.
Custom Caption Width and Height.
Custom Colors and Web 2.0 Fonts for the title and description.
Color picker to choose the colors.

The Nivo Slider is perfect to show off images or a portfolio. Try out the Crisp Nivo Slider today and see how it will take your Joomla website to the next level.

Force Complete Profile

This plugin will force users to complete their profile according to rules set. Very useful, when you use authorization via social networks which usually generates random emails like or usernames like "Name Surname".

Available options to force change:

- password on first log-on or if it's empty;
- display name if it equals username or empty;
- username if it doesn't match rules set (regular expression);
- email if it matches rules set (regular expression);

NOTE: If username or email check won't work, triple check your regexp first!

NicePanel extension by RicheyWeb

Top and bottom tabbed sliding module panels done right.

Sliding panels are nice, but have been restricted - until now!

NicePanel provides an administrator the ability to create as many top and/or bottom sliding panel tabs as (s)he wishes.  Here are the features:

  1. Separate top/bottom panel configurations
  2. Automatic tabs - based on the module title
  3. Preserves Javascript events (unlike some other panels)
  4. Independent left/right tab alignment
  5. Independent tab styles
  6. Tab content honors Joomla ACL
Here's how it works -
First, take the modules that you wish to be presented as tab panels, and assign them to a new module position (you can just type it into the module configuration).  For simplicity, I'm going to call the new positions "nicepaneltop" and "nicepanelbottom" - but in reality, you can name them anything you want.  The module order will be the tab order (if using right tab alignment, the tab order is reversed)
Then, in NicePanel configuration, set the module position to be presented in the top and bottom panel positions.  Save it.
You're done.  Panels with no pain.

Equalheights is a plugin to equalize the height of objects based on a shared CSS class. It uses jQuery.

This plugin will calculate the maximum item height of all the items sharing a css class and assign his height to all the items.This way all items will have the same maximum height.

The best tool to keep your box listings homogeneous and avoid ugly float left issues when elements have different sizes.

This plugin is also responsive. You can configure the plugin to recalculate items heights every time that window resizes.

MFaceComment Plugin

MFaceComment allow to insert into Joomla 2.5 Content the Facebook Comments Box.
There are two mode of use:
- Automatic insert into bottom content or
- using {mfacecomment} tag in content.

It's also possibile to exclude content for comment box visualization using content id.

It's possilbe use the moderation feature provided by Facebook using Application ID.


Beautifully crafted timelines that are easy and intuitive to use for Joomla website. Timeline has built in support for pulling in Tweets and media from Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Google Maps and SoundCloud.
This is a must have Joomla extension for every Joomla website.

Timeline for Joomla makes use of library from