The most efficient and light-weight CMS

CompactCMS might just be the tenth CMS you considered using for your website. If that's true, ask yourself why you have not found the right Content Management System just yet. If flexibility and efficiency come to mind: read on!

This new CMS kid on the block, is not your usual "fully loaded", "handle all fuss" and "too many features" CMS. Instead, it pretty much leaves all the designing and programming up to you, but makes editing the content easy for you and your end-users, without getting in your way.

CompactCMS supports your way of working.

Most Content Management Systems in my opinion try to hard to cover as many features and possibilities at once. Causing the actual end-user to have a hard time actually managing content. The CompactCMS project focuses on the ease of content management for the end-user, while providing a flexible framework for the designer or developer.

CompactCMS distinguishes itself by remaining small yet efficient and effective. All features are managed through a single dashboard. It helps basic users in managing the actual content on any site, while simultaneously allowing higher user levels to manage more delicate parts, such as the sites’ templates.


Native Language:English
Open Source License:Creative Commons license