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Joomla Admin Template : AdminPraise 3

   The last and most complete version (Bundle) template AdminPraise 3 of the former developers JoomlaPrase. AdminPraise 3 – is the most powerful admin panel template for CMS Joomla. Template allows you to customize the admin panel at any convenient for you to display. You can easily integrate the home page components such as: K2, Zoo, FLEXIcontent, Ninjaboard, Virtuemart, Tienda, Projectfork and many others.

For the convenience of users, developers have created add-ons and plug-ins, which are much easier to work with CMS Joomla through the admin panel. You can view logs of activity, thanks to the module ActivityLog Pro, or quickly build news website, using the module QuickItem Pro.
Package «Bundle» is not just a template, a broad set of tools that improve the functionality of the system and increase productivity in the work on site.

The package «Bundle» includes:

Template AdminPraise 3 – Template for admin panel
The module and plugin ActivityLog Pro – module user activity (time and date of authorization, etc.)
Module AdminPraise cPanel – module main panel displays icons and other information
Module AdminPraise Menu – drop-down menu
Module AdminPraise Spotlight
Module myEditor – Switching the visual editor
Module Quickitem Pro – fast shipping news
Plugin AdminPraise AutoEditor – automatic switching of visual editor
Plugin SimpleCE – a simple visual editor Joomla
Plug-in Search Content – search for content
Plug-in Search Menu – search menu Features:

The rubber pattern, fully adjusted to the user’s screen
5 different color schemes, design (just the package Bundle)
Display avatar administrator of the components of K2, JomSocial, Community Builder, or from the service Gravatar
Displays the status of the session (a very handy thing, always remember about the session, when typing a lot of character)
Rapid change in visual editor
Possibility to move the modules in the administrative panel
Review of extensions in the form of applications (ala iPad)
Optimized for mobile devices iPhone, iPad, and Android
Quickly add menus and items
Full support for CMS Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 2.5
And much more …

Why do we create alternate Joomla! admin templates?

To Solve A Problem

That's the point of design in the first place. A problem or set of requirements is presented and a design attempts to solve it.

Innovation and Creativity

The Joomla! admin hasn't progressed much at all from the original Mambo admin. After a certain amount of time, it's perfectly nature for the Joomla! community to step in and make the necessary change. This was the reason behind the original AdminPraise 1. We were frustrated with the lack of admin updates and workflow nightmares, so decided to make our own admin. Kudos to the Joomla! core team for having thing foresight of adding a template layer to the backend (lacking as it may currently be). Arguably updating the admin template shouldn't fall on the core team and the thriving Joomla! community SHOULD pick up the challenge.

Much like CCK components such as K2, FLEXIcontent & Zoo are stepping in to improve Joomla! content capabilities, we're working hard to improve the Joomla! admin panel. We're not alone either, JoomlaBamboo and Udjamaflip have also started developing alternate admin templates.

Joomla! Admin Evolution (not much change since Mambo)

WordPress Admin Evolution (most changes over time)

Drupal Admin Evolution (biggest change with Drupal 7)

Observations from other Content Management Systems

Drupal has always been accused of having the least intuitive admin. With Drupal 7, they are taking a huge step forward. The Drupal 7 User Experience Project was formed to work with their community to fix the Drupal admin problem. The process itself has been criticised a bit, but the fact that tons of time and communication were involved shows that they recognized the problem and wanted to fix it. How did this start? Alternate admin tools and themes such as the Drupal admin menu which is the main feature of Drupal 7's new admin.

WordPress took another route and hired a professional firm for their admin update, but the fact that they addressed the problem as well still stands. WordPress has by far been the leader in the number of big admin updates. It's obvious that user experience is a priority, which is probably why you always hear that people think WordPress is "easy".

Innovation trickles into the core

We're interested in making Joomla! better, bottom line. We'd like to change the entire core Joomla! admin theme, but that could potentionally be very disruptive. Instead we've submitted our Activity Log extension to the core of Joomla! 1.6. The is arguably the most useful advance we've made and will be a nice addition to 1.6's admin. If we didn't create alternate admin templates, innovations like this wouldn't occur.

Debunking some myths

The largest opposition to alternate Joomla! admin templates has been professional Joomla! trainers and authors. Their stance is that alternate admin templates make the current Joomla! training books and tutorials useless. The only reason the existing training material may become useless is that Joomla! becomes so intuitive and easy with alternate admin templates, that the problem is fixed and training is no longer required. Once you learn Joomla!, changing admin templates just gives you a fresh look at the same content and workflow improvements. The only pain we've seen is when users have used our AdminPraise templates for a short while and must go back to the default admin. While they can still get around fine, they realize how much time AdminPraise saves them in their daily Joomla! usage.

Jen Kramer, a well respected Joomla! author and trainer has referred to alternate Joomla! admin templates as "dancing bears" in a recent post, implying that alternate admin templates are just for novelty and attention. We of course couldn't disagree more. Alternate Joomla! admin templates are an absolute necessity and are paving the future of Joomla! Would you rather the Joomla! admin never improve and stay the same for all time, just so training materials don't have to be updated?

User reviews of our free admin template AdminPraise Lite seem to think that alternate admin templates are a good thing and they don't really complain about screenshots not matching up to their Joomla! books exactly.

What do you think? Are we providing a necessary service to the Joomla! community with our Admin Templates or just providing an fun distraction?

New sites, new themes, updated themes and 20% saving on all orders at JoomlaPraise

It's a big month for Projectfork and a site dedicated to AdminPraise - their administrator theme.

Maybe they can be forgiven then for coming a few days late to the 2010 party with their first release of the year, but they are giving everyone a 20% discount on their new store that can be found here.

So, have you got all that? A new free theme, a new theme, an update to AdminPraise, a new site for Projectfork, a new store site, an update to their very popular community theme and, wait, we have more.

Not only do you get a 20% discount on anything, JoomlaPraise are also committing to, wait for this, three theme releases a month for the entire year.

Now, some of these may be updates to previously released themes but you will be getting three a month for every month of this year. For those a little slow this early in the morning, that is 30 themes this year guaranteed. Okay, it is actually 26 - I was playing.

Click here for more information or any of the links above that take you directly to where you want to be going.