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Hyundai Drives Its Way with Bitrix

The leading car manufacturer powers its business communications with Bitrix® Intranet Portal

ALEXANDRIA , VA. – Bitrix, Inc. (, a technology trendsetter in business communications solutions, announces its flagship product Bitrix® Intranet Portal has been chosen by the Russian branch of Hyundai Motor Company for business process automation, internal communications and knowledge management.

A customer-oriented business is normally as effective as its internal communications. With Hyundai’s business, this requirement is second to none as the company is widely known for its high-quality service based on pervasive workflow and well-established processes. The company understands that there is a close connection between successful customer relations and the effectiveness of internal communications. And a powerful yet user-friendly intranet solution is just the means for reaching this ambitious goal by capitalizing on transparent business processes and a highly-motivated employee community.

Careful investigation of the company’s actual business needs has revealed key requirements for the intranet system. The IT team decided to concentrate on delivering the following tools:

  • Corporate broadcasting
  • Workgroup-based collaboration
  • Automation of routine processes
  • Knowledge management

Click to enlargeAfter evaluation of a number of intranet products, the company selected Bitrix Intranet Portal. This solution provided the best value with its unique combination of ready-made features and flexibility to develop new functionality. This capability enabled Hyundai Russia to compete with the new market challenges and business tasks which are constantly arising. Another significant circumstance that influenced the decision was Bitrix’ customer commitment, which includes dynamic product development and qualified technical support, as well as affordable pricing.

The project was implemented in the shortest timeframe possible. Bitrix Intranet Portal was deployed on mid-range hardware running Windows Server 2003 and connected to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 installed on a dedicated HP ProLiant DL380 machine. The product is tightly integrated with the company’s Active Directory.

The company is pleased with the intranet system’s performance and functionality and its ability to enable new features improving their internal business communications. The built-in eLearning module allows regular polling and certification to strengthen the team’s awareness and improve knowledge. The Enterprise 2.0 collaboration tools implemented into the product took internal communications to a new level, confirming Hyundai’s famous motto “Drive your way”.

Bitrix Enriches Enterprise 2.0 with Cutting-Edge Communication and Collaboration Features


Bitrix, Inc. (, a technology trendsetter in business communications solutions, announces the availability of Bitrix® Intranet Portal 9.0, the most ambitious release of the company’s Enterprise 2.0 solution for effective collaboration, communication, social networking, workflow and knowledge management for small and medium-sized businesses. The avalanche of new features reflects the increasing demand for the Enterprise 2.0 environment to reach a new level of sustainable business operations and bridge organizations with their customers, partners and employees.

SMBs sorely need cost-effective solutions to create productive internal workspaces and solid communications with external parties. Unfortunately, the market offers either over-priced, over-featured enterprise-level suites or lightweight or single-purpose products covering a limited number of tasks. “Our latest release carries a number of top-notch innovations and a perfectly balanced mix of features that offer customers a Swiss-army-knife solution with the industry leading “value-for-money” rate,” said Dmitry Valyanov, President of Bitrix, Inc.

Write, speak, watch

Bitrix Intranet Portal 9.0 now provides a full range of business-oriented communication opportunities. In the new version, the blogs & forums and instant messaging ( features are reinforced with video conferencing and e-mail processing.

Customers can create a number of virtual video meeting rooms according to their license terms, make online room reservations with real-time status display in the public calendar and initiate either an instant peer-to-peer video call or a click-away video conference for up to six participants. This feature is available both for internal and external communications and requires a simple browser plug-in.

Thanks to the integrated Send&Save™ technology, organizations can solve a major headache associated with the fact that email remains the main business communication tool. Correspondence is usually dispersed among user mailboxes without proper archiving and sharing, thus leaving no significant footprint after employee dismissal. The new feature duplicates email in the intranet, stores messages in dedicated discussions with shared user access rights and indexes it for the D.I.G. ( enterprise search engine.

The integrated SMTP server sorts incoming email to dedicated discussions in Bitrix Intranet Portal and delivers notifications about group announcements, replies and new topics back to user inboxes. This way, employees can leverage the workgroup collaboration even without logging into the intranet portal.

Security above all

Bitrix Intranet Portal 9.0 makes a huge step forward in security with the improvement of the integrated PRO+PRO™ security framework (, which goes far beyond traditional intranet protection. Thanks to the new anti-virus module, the product prevents malicious code distribution to end users and provides both detection and disinfection capabilities for automatic purging of infected code. In combination with embedded backup and integrity control, the web anti-virus dramatically amplifies the overall product security, minimizes downtime, and ensures industry-leading business continuity and reputation protection.

The module performs real-time HTML code scanning, identifies and cuts suspicious iframe and javascript blocks, and informs the website administrator about the detected threat. It combines rule-based behavior blocking and signature-based anti-virus technologies to combat, with 90% efficiency, both known and unknown malware which other systems would simply pass along to site users.

Business process management

Confirming its status as a technological pioneer in Enterprise 2.0 business process management, Bitrix has added a number of important enhancements to this module ( Bitrix Intranet Portal 9.0 allows for more effective business process design and monitoring by leveraging new collaborative and fundamental features.

Now, a process can be initiated with regards to a document or a routine activity, owners can modify the process at any stage of its implementation, users can receive assignments directly to their calendars and tasks as well as receive notifications via instant messenger or e-mail. The business processes visual constructor received new functions like issue escalation and decision-making timeout, while the product is now equipped with additional templates for typical activity like business trips and vacation request handling.

Equipped with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and extreme ease of use, the module provides businesses an opportunity for significant improvement of intranet ROI by boosting employee productivity, internal interoperability, and user satisfaction.

Last but not least

Bitrix Intranet Portal 9.0 experienced several other enhancements which are spearheading the evolving Enterprise 2.0 market and driven by user demand. The product enables automatic visual representation of organization’s structure with details received directly from Active Directory or entered manually. The user interface was endowed with extended tooltips when browsing employee profiles. The workgroups appearance has changed, offering more comprehensive control, monitoring, intuitive navigation and customization with full support of tags and tag-based search.

Bitrix Intranet Portal 9.0 supports the latest versions of the most popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera for PC and Mac. The product contains the capability of smart connecting of huge data storages to make them available for intranet users in a matter of seconds. The photo gallery module underwent a major revamp, allowing better image uploading, adjusting and presentation.

Customers also receive extended customization options to craft their solution according to certain business needs. Organizations can create their own private and public grids to present a unified display of data scattered among multiple sources and reflecting heterogeneous information stores like partner lists, knowledge bases, etc.

“Wrapped in a highly-customizable mashup-style user interface, Bitrix Intranet Portal 9.0 offers a very attractive employee workspace which makes adoption of this intranet solution fast and painless, as described by users themselves. As a result, businesses can easily capitalize on the social dimension of work and leverage profound employee involvement,” said Dmitry Valyanov, President of Bitrix, Inc.


Customers can purchase a 25-User Base Pack (starting from US$1799) and the necessary number of user licenses exceeding 25 (US$40 per user). Options for unlimited users and a special offer for Hosting Providers are also available.

Upgrade options

Users of previous versions of Bitrix Intranet Portal are entitled to a free upgrade to any edition of version 9.0 if they have purchased within the last 12 months or are subscribed. The upgrade is only one click away – it can be done in realtime and fully automatically using the SiteUpdate ( module.


Bitrix Intranet Portal 9.0 is available immediately. The product can be purchased from Bitrix partners or online (


The price of Bitrix Intranet Portal 9.0 includes a one-year subscription for technical support and updates. Further yearly renewals can be purchased for 22% of the product price.

Bitrix Hybrid Licenses

Bitrix, Inc. (, a technology trendsetter in business communications solutions, introduces its hybrid model for product licensing, a reasoned compromise between free open source (FOSS) and proprietary software (PS), which is used to deliver its award-winning content management and Enterprise 2.0 products to customers. Thanks to incorporating advantages and evening out the disadvantages of the generally adopted licensing models, the hybrid licensing offers a well-rounded choice for small and medium-sized businesses and an industry-leading "value for money" indicator.

The Bitrix hybrid licensing model entails a moderate license fee, which includes tech support and software updates. The customer receives an out-of-the-box product with its source code and a ready API that allows for fast and easy customization to accomplish user-specific tasks, perform deep code auditing and apply security patches if necessary. The terms of the hybrid license agreement allow for modification of the code, creation of bespoke modules, and commercial or non-commercial distribution of such modules through, or without, the Bitrix Marketplace.

"The time of full-throttle competition between FOSS and PS is now in the past. The market is searching for coherent models, which unify, rather than separate, the main principles of the two," said Dmitry Valyanov, President of Bitrix, Inc. "Our licensing approach is a natural balance that confirms these ideas may co-exist to provide end-users with additional values and benefits".

Specially created for small and medium business, Bitrix products stand out for their affordability, ease of installation, and quality of support. These qualities reduce overall expenses associated with software acquisition, deployment and maintenance and require minimum IT staff involvement. As a result, Bitrix is distinguished for lower TCO and shorter implementation time. According to the company's research, an example website based on Bitrix® Site Manager which needs US$17,399 and 15 days for implementation would require US$33,000/28 days and US$23,000/21 days using FOSS-based and PS-based solutions, respectively.

You can find more details about the Bitrix hybrid licensing model in a dedicated white paper "Opposites attract: how can the flexibility of open source and the assurance of proprietary software coexist?" available in .pdf for download ( ).

About Bitrix, Inc.

Bitrix is a privately-owned company developing an advanced business communications platform to bridge SMBs with their customers (Internet), partners (Extranet) and employees (Intranet). Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Alexandria, VA, Bitrix now incorporates 70+ staff, 30,000+ customers and 4,000+ partners worldwide. The customer list includes Hyundai, Volkswagen, Panasonic, Gazprom, Xerox, PricewaterhouseCoopers, DPD, VTB, Samsung and Cosmopolitan. Localized into 13 languages, the company’s products are distinguished for their pioneering technology, unique security features, extreme performance capacity and unmatched ease-of-use.


Bitrix, Inc. 901 N. Pitt Str., S.325,

Alexandria VA 22314, USA

A New ASP.NET Security Framework Comes with Bitrix Site Manager 4.6

With all websites increasingly under attack, Bitrix (site) ups the defences with a new security system for its users.

Fighting off the Attack

The number of sites being corrupted and having data stolen, or being used to infect the PCs of visitors with malware is rocketing. To help protect the sites of its many users, Bitrix has come up with a Protective Protection (PRO + PRO) platform for its ASP.NET Web CMS product.

With proactive protection, it locks down sites by monitoring incoming data (working as a firewall) and detecting common attack vectors such as cross-site scripting attacks and SQL injections.

To test the product, it was let loose at the a recent Russian hacking event, Chaos Construction 9, where it staved off thousands of attempted attacks. Naturally, defense can never stand still and already promised for the next update are more security features. These will include one-time passwords, an integrity checker, abnormal activity detector to sniff out suspicious behavior that might indicate a new type of attack and IP-based authentication.

Defense, Defense

Suspicious activity is logged for later inspection, or for evidence. The framework has been certified by Positive Technologies and complies with Web Application Firewall Evaluation Criteria established by the Web Application Security Consortium.

Going Social

The update also has some additional features for social networking including improved blog and forum support, searchable content and management of video and images. Articles can be posted directly from Word or other sources.

Site Manager ASP.NET is available today, there is a 30-day free trial and it can be purchased at the Bitrix store which currently offers a 30% discount at US$ 690. The price includes a one year subscription to technical support, updates and upgrades. Existing users can upgrade live online and the update happens in real-time, automatically using the SiteUpdate module.

Bitrix's D.I.G. Engine Offers Cross-Content Search Technology

Enterprise search is a boom area and Bitrix (site) offers its new solution for finding data spread throughout an enterprise's online assets.

Can You D.I.G. Enterprise Search?

The bigger the corporation, the harder it can be to find something. So we have seen the rise of federated enterprise search, endless metadata, semantic search and many specialist solutions. Bitrix has a fix for the rapid rise in the amount of data being stored on company intranets and websites with its D.I.G. Engine, designed to hunt down data stored in online repositories.

Automated indexing means that anything submitted to the sites will be cataloged. As we're dealing with enterprise users, users will only see in the results information they have privileges to see, so those CIO comments or figures will remain out of reach. Results can be ranked and sorted, allowing users to quickly find the right answers.

Digging in Documents

As well as direct to Web data, D.I.G. can search in Office, OpenOffice and PDF files, as well as media files, stored online. It currently works in English, German and Russian, with stem-table support for other languages.

D.I.G. uses AJAX-powered interactive pages to show results, allowing users to refine their results. It also makes use of a taxonomy service with automatic tag cloud generation.

Find data on your corporate intranets

The new search engine is available as part of the existing Bitrix products, Site Manager and Intranet Portal. Bitrix claims that B.I.G. is up to 10 times faster than traditional search, something we'd be keen to see proven.

Bitrix Takes Their Intranet Portal to the Cloud


Continuing on with their Software-as-a-Service adventure thanks to a partnership with Parallels, Bitrix (site) has announced that it’s working on a new initiative for delivering their Intranet Portal through a SaaS deployment model.  

For Hosting/Service Providers

Basically, the new initiative allows hosting/service providers to install Bitrix Intranet Portal in a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or a cloud environment powered by Parallels, VMware or Amazon EC2. Customers are then granted the rights to use the solution for a given period of time without the hassle of on-premise deployment. 

By utilizing the offering, Bitrix claims their partners can take advantage of:

  • competitive pricing
  • customization/rebranding options
  • a wide range of vendor support (sales, marketing, technical)
  • fair revenue sharing – paying only for actual users
  • no competition from the vendor
  • fair lead distribution
  • no setup fees

"Our new initiative gives partners a new method of business diversification and ARPU improvement while proving customers a chance to use a new business-oriented service directly from their hosting/service provider," said Dmitry Valyanov, President of Bitrix, Inc.


Bitrix's focus on SaaS is inspired by several factors, including some interesting numbers from IDC. The research firm indicates that 41% of businesses have either already purchased, or are evaluating SaaS products. Meanwhile, the SaaS share in IT budgets is expected to double in 2009-2013. Gartner's in on SaaS as well, and predicts revenues will grow approximately four times faster than traditional software over the next four years—that's US$14 billion by 2013.

"The SaaS offering is a perfect market move that will be much appreciated especially by small companies with up to 50 users," said Daniel J. Gilbert, CEO of Aurora Information Technology, Inc., a Bitrix Gold Certified Partner that specializes in medical website design and Internet marketing.

Bitrix will have more information about the initiative at the Parallels Summit on February 23rd. Otherwise, you can get more information here.

Bitrix Site Manager – Review and Commentary

With over 20,000 customers, the Bitrix Site Manager platform has proven to be a popular content management choice worldwide. Headquartered in Moscow, Russia, this veteran provider has been in the game longer than most, and as such, has had time to finely tune their latest 8.5.1 offering. In late 2001 I tested the Bitrix platform and came away intrigued at the possibilities, so I was anxious to reacquaint myself with the platform nearly eight years later.

While there are seven versions of Site Manager, I opted for the Standard version that includes a few more bells and whistles than the Starter version which offers the main modules for site operation including access management, site structure, information blocks (new, articles, etc.), event calendar, media player, search, site compression, site performance monitoring, and search engine optimization.


With the size of this installation being what it was, 148 tables in all, I double checked with my hosting company to make sure my plan provided the necessary requirements. In my case, I made sure that my plan included ZendOptimizer 3.3.0 and eAccelerator 0.9.5 as well as had .htaccess processing enabled. Once uploaded to the root of my website, I navigated to my domain and began the installation. The interface is professional, clear, and takes you step by step through the entire process as expected. I chose to create
my database and credentials ahead of time but the installation offers the flexibility of either creating them on your own or having them created by the install itself.

Reviewing the Bitrix documentation helped a great deal and can be found on the support area of the Bitrix website. Although outdated by a few versions, the documentationremained useful.

Once the install was complete, I was able to navigate directly to my homepage and got the first glimpse of my new site built with Bitrix. The default site was well organized sporting page tabs across the top and category and section links down the left side. After logging into the backend, the administrative access points revealed themselves in attractive gray tabs above the website along with a Windows-type Start menu to the left which provides additional access to content, services, and settings for every part of the website as well.

Bitrix built the administrative interface to enable users multiple access paths to the same functionality through the tabs, and, while I
understand the reasoning, it was a little confusing at first. From purely a newbie perspective I found myself having to take some time to differentiate what does what. For example, when an administrator expands the Edit button located within the Browse, Content, and Design tabs, they all share the following functionality:

  • Edit page in editor
  • Edit page in html
  • Edit page title and properties
  • Edit section properties

The Control tab edit button additionally offers current page and section property editing of the Control Panel while the Design tab
offers what both the Browse and Content tabs do plus .php editing capability. It's not as much of a gripe but observation that the system is not intended for green beginners and will require some time to get up to speed with the setup. The following is a quick
overview of what each tab offers.

The Browse tab lets the user create a new page or section, edit page contents, title, and properties as well as section properties. In addition, you can view the structure of the entire website, edit the site menu and control the site cache.

The Content tab offers the identical functionality as the Browse tab as well as creating and/or editing pages and sections within the
control panel as well controlling access to a section or specific page.

The Design tab again shares some functionality with the Browse and Content tabs in addition to providing access to components, templating, and debugging services.

Lastly, the Control Panel tab is the dashboard where the entire functionality of the site can be administrated.

Finally, I took some time to compare what the Standard edition had to offer over the Starter edition of the Bitrix Site Manager. The Standard edition offers enhancement including proactive protection, forums, newsletters, web forms, polls and surveys, blogs, and photo galleries.

While I can appreciate the enhancements brought with the Standard edition upgrade, I found the presentation of the applications to be a little outdated. I think I've gotten so used to things like the NextGen gallery for WordPress presenting slick galleries using AJAX that the Bitrix gallery made me feel like I was back in 2002. I felt similarly about the polls, surveys, and blogs. They function beautifully but lack the pizzazz that other platforms offer. Just for that reason alone, I'd have a hard time parting with an extra $350 over and above the Starter edition cost of $249.

Overall I think the Bitrix platform is rock solid and a pleasure to work with once one learns the ropes. It's powerful, extensible, and
would serve especially businesses well. For the small business, club, or group needing a simple web solution, it would definitely be overkill in my opinion. User interface experts fanantic about the latest and greatest would also come away a little disappointed based on the default website that I was able to test.


  • The system is powerful and open to improvement or functionality with the addition of your own scripting.
  • The installation went flawlessly. Bitrix offers assistance with that as well if you run into problems as one of their customers.
  • Numerous administrative entry points.


  • For the price, I think you could do worse than the Starter package. It's a solid piece of work. To get me to spend the extra $350 for the Standard edition, Bitrix would have to bring the applications UI up to date.
  • The documentation was last updated for version 7.0.6 and I was running 8.5.1.

You can learn more by visiting them at Bitrixsoft

Bitrix Offers Web CMS Platform through Amazon EC2

The upgrade to Bitrix’s Virtual Appliance for Amazon EC2 from 1.4 to 1.5 adds a number of improvements that the company says will enhance the user performance of its content management and enterprise content management software.

With a whole pile of pre-configured settings to nip any software compatibility issues in the bud, Bitrix (site) says the new release will speed up all the processes and increase the performance of all the components through its built-in mechanisms.

This version allows users to install Bitrix Site Manager and Bitrix Intranet Portal, or any other applications that use the PHP platform, quicker and more efficiently than previous versions. It also includes the most recent version of the Bitrix web environment with optimized memory usage.

It is protected by both Amazon EC2 security settings and by an integrated firewall which is set up automatically. It also now supports all three data center location regions — US Standard, US N. California, EU — Ireland — after recent EC2 development.

However, that is not all you get. It also comes with the beta release of Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Device) customized for Bitrix users giving them 1TB of back-up power for web projects and intranet portals.

Bitrix’s Virtual Appliance is free to download once you have logged in to Amazon Web Services.