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Your social media minded website visitors will love this module. Think about those who are keen to express themselves but do not want to drop too many personal details into some database? This module is the answer!
Drop-a-Note is a self-supporting Short Messaging module that allows your website visitors to post messages without being registered. No 3rd party subscriptions, keys or APIs are required. Messages are displayed in a scrolling window and are published through an emailed activation link.
This limited trial edition will give a feel for what the module can do. The full features are available in the Premium Edition which can be downloaded from the project website.

Menu restaurant

This module displays for restaurant, cafés or any other food business, the "Dish of the day" with a starter, a main course, a dessert and price.

The user can display a different menu every day. He can choose:
- the font,
- the color of the font,
- the background image of the module (a chalkboard picture PNG is include in the module),
- the size of the background image,
- the currency,
- to display (or not) the Copyright of the module.

Languages files : en-GB, fr-FR


The extension provides many standard features of a website for collective fundraising.

The users will use a Wizard, which will lead them step-by-step through the process of completing the campaign details.

In addition, they can post comments and information about the status of their projects (updates).

The bakers will send amounts to the owners of the projects. They will do it in three steps using Wizard again.

There are extensions that are used for gamifying the platform. This increases the engagement of the users and makes their stay more exciting.


Visforms is a native form generator for Joomla! 2.5.x. It allows you to generate forms without programmation and makes a point of protecting your forms against spambots.
It provides you with an adapted form of the Joomla! plugin spambotCheck.
Just install plg_visforms_spamcheck, that is attached in the installation zip file, enable the plugin and set up it's configuration.
Visforms provides you with captchas which you can use alternatively or additionally.

Visforms gives you further on the option to save form data in database and to export saved data into csv format.

Visforms works fundamentally similar to the Joomla 1.5 extension CK Forms from Cookex Developpment Team so that you may even be able to import your CK Forms data from your Joomla 1.5 website (see below).

Visforms has good security features such as php validation of submitted data (in case JavaScript is disabled or doesn't work properly with the mootools version used by Joomla 2.5 as is the case for Firefox 2.0). It uses a token to prevent from CSRF (Cross-site request forgery). It allows you to restrict uploads via file extension and file size.

Visforms provides you with substantial description for every single parameter, that helps you configure your form.

Visforms supports Joomla! 2.5 multi language websites natively and has complete language support in backend and frontend.


Collect customer insights by conducting in-site short surveys. You can run product feedback survey, customer satisfaction surveys, lead generation surveys etc. Analyze all the data using our powerful reporting and analytics modules.

Get feedback from your customers. We make it easy for them to report issues or suggest ideas. And we make it easier for you by offering a nice management console to reply back, keep a track and anlayze all your data.

Drive conversion and push messages on your website using our in-site notifications. You can use notifications to offer discount code, push a feature update message to all your visitors or announce a downtime on your website. Comes with powerful analytics for each of your notifications.

Weather maps

Module which displays a weather forcast on the map, fully customisable by the backend.

-Based on Google maps V3
-No API key needed
-Map select(Roadmap,Tarrain,Satellite,Hybrid)
-Position based on address
-Position based Latitude and Longitude
-Google Street View
-Red Marker, Bubble with Text or don`t show Marker
-Supports image in Bubble
-Show weather
-Search on Map
-Get Directions
-Set Address/Directions field size
-Auto-completion for Directions/Address field

Perfect SkyDrive File

This plugin has been inspired by Microsoft. It integrates Joomla with SkyDrive. You can insert a single photo or a download link with a file form SkyDrive. Then you can edit your file on SkyDrive and be sure that documents on you Joomla website are always up to date.

- Displays a file from SkyDrive as link for download with icon and size.
- Displays a photo inside article content.
- Works with all extensions which use onContentPreapre event.

Responsive HTML5 mp3 player

Responsive HTML5 MP3 player a very simple and minimal MP3 player for Joomla websites . You can use it on on any kind of responsive Joomla templates and it will d the job for you . It auto adjusts the width according to the viewport of your device . Very very handy , if you are looking for a simple and single mp3 to play on your website and nothing fancy . As said, this is a simple and minimal player,so it doesn't support playlists. All you need to do is simply upload your mp3 file to your server and convert the same mp3 to ogg format too . Ogg format file is required for browsers like Firefox and Opera . If you don't upload the .ogg file , it won't play on Firefox . So, it's mandatory .
Compatible with all the Joomla versions and all the modern browsers .

This doesnt support playlist.
This doesnt support auto play.
Ogg file is mandatory, or the player wont work on most of the modern browsers.

Token interceptor

Have you ever seen a blank page with the an "invalid token" message? Joomla is displayed this massage in various situation like while you try to loggin twice or when you session expire and you reload a page.

With this simple but useful plugin you can intercept this message and display what you want as a Joomla system designed message.

Download & run the plugin for free on all your Joomla website.


Display as a Joomla system message
Can be intercepted in backend
Can be intercepted in frontend
Choose your message
Configure it in one single plugin

Advanced Social Share Buttons

Twitter, Retweet, Facebook Like, Send or Share, Google Plus One, Linkedin, Digg or Stumbleupon

Dead simple way to put social sharing buttons into your articles in Joomla! To use, go to the plugin options and choose position-top to put social share buttons over articles, or position-bottom to put social share buttons under articles. Choose position-both to put social share buttons above and below articles.

You can insert a short code {advancedsocialsharebuttons} to include the buttons anywhere in your site within the text or html.

You can also show social share buttons in articles, categories,or the front page of your site.

It's possible to exclude certain sections, categories or articles. In these options, just write the id of the sections, categories or articles to be excluded, with commas between each id. For example: 2,3,66,32

You can alternatively display just in certain articles, again by writing in the article ids seperated by commas.

All the social share buttons are editable.