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Simple Fast Joomla template



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Released under GNU/GPL License

Your Brand Template



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Foregges J1.6 Free Joomla Template




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IT TheLodge - June 2010 Premium Joomla Template

ImageEvery template should be built first with a clear purpose in mind. This is our new methodology that we at IceTheme are approaching for our High Quality Joomla Templates. But how may this idea affect the extraordinary IT TheLodge?! Within a fraction of a second, you will immediately notice that IT TheLodge represent a hotel/property based Joomla Template. Simple... Right?! But anyway why this is excellent for me?! - You may ask. As you immediately noticed that this Joomla Template is for a hotel/property website, your users, on the other hand, will do so, but now on your hotel/property website. They will grab instantly the idea behind your website. On the other hand IT TheLodge is a powerful tool at your hand. What distinguish it from the crowd?

Mx_joomla29 - Joomla1.5 Template

ImageFlash header gallery with square effects image loading. - Tooltips. - Lightbox. - Accordion Menu. - Newsflash module. - 2 horizontal menu options: moo dropdown menu and suckerfish drop-down menus. - 2 background options light and dark. - Color chooser 3 styles blue, red and brown. - 3 screen resolutions narrow, wide and fluid. - Font size changer (increase, decrease and default size). - Dropdown and Top panel modules with cool moo tools effects. - Png fixed for internet explorer 6. Internet explorer 6 (IE6) warnings. - Tab modules. - Demo installer.

Joom eShopper

ImageWell, building ecommerce site with joomla is so easy now with our eShopper Joomla Template. This template comes with a demo store using virtuemart. 18 module positions, 3 preset colors and image rotator are the key features of this template. We believe that, starting your online shop using this template will wow! your customers and as a result your sales will increase rapidly. Demo | Infos

Bendo Joomla Template

ImageVJ-BENDO is a native Joomla! 1.5 template released by Veero. It is a css driven, tableless template that comes with all source files. The template can be used as a business or personal website. Please visit our website for more information or a live demonstration of the template.

Ol cakeco - Joomla1.5 Template

ImageOl cakeco - joomla1.5 template from olwebdesign. The template have - Flash header with different loading effects based on xml native database. - Three color chooser styles orange, red and blue. - Vertical menu. - Font size changer. - Flash News module with sliding effect loading. - ToolTips. - Lightbox. - Dropdown and Top panel modules with cool mootools effects. - 2 horizontal menu options: moo dropdown menu and sucker-fish drop-down menus. - 3 screen resolutions. - Png fixed for internet explorer 6. Internet explorer 6 (IE6) warnings. - Demo installer included.

i-Tektype Joomla Template

Imagei-Tektype is a Joomla 1.5 native template designed and coded by iTemplater. This great template can be used for different types of business or personal sites. Visit template page

Joomlage0019 Theatre

ImageJoomlage_0019 New template release Joomlage_0019 Theatre. Time to put on a show! Suitable for a wide variety of projects from Theatre, Theatre schools, Musical productions, Seductive and much more. If you are interested in this product but would like some subtle changes made to it why not avail of our Free customisation service which is available to all our Customers. * 10 Module Positions * Tableless and css based design * W3C CSS / W3C XHTML Validated * Horizontal Moomenu * Showcase Slideshow Module * packaged with .psd Header file * Easy to follow Installation.txt * 2 layout options (left + component) or (component) * Joomla 1.5 Native * Email and Skype support for all our commercial templates. Check it out at Live Preview - Joomlage