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JSN Neon

JSN Neon is an excellent Joomla template with clean and modern design. It's also one of the first JoomlaShine's template to stop supporting Joomla 1.5, which fully allows you to enjoy the power of Joomla's latest version and later.

Super flexible layout, 3 menu styles and 4 modules styles and much more are under your management via convenient template parameters.

JSN Neon provides 36 module positions allowing you to have multiple layout configurations. All module positions are collapsible which means if you don't publish any modules in some positions it will not take any blank spaces leaving those for neighbor modules. Some positions are designed to arrange modules inside in horizontal layout which makes it very easy to reorder modules inside it.

JSN Neon provides 2 box designs for module background styling in Free edition and 6 box designs in PRO edition (which can be combined with 20 predefined icons for module title styling). Module styles are configured by module's parameter Module Class Suffix with very simple syntax. Take a look around to see how module styles are applied.

Native RTL support means that every elements on the page is mirror swapped including layout, menus, typography, icons...everything. All JoomlaShine templates are equipped with native RTL layout support. Everything is horizontally-flipped including dropdown main menu and side menu.

Advanced Social Share Buttons

Twitter, Retweet, Facebook Like, Send or Share, Google Plus One, Linkedin, Digg or Stumbleupon

Dead simple way to put social sharing buttons into your articles in Joomla! To use, go to the plugin options and choose position-top to put social share buttons over articles, or position-bottom to put social share buttons under articles. Choose position-both to put social share buttons above and below articles.

You can insert a short code {advancedsocialsharebuttons} to include the buttons anywhere in your site within the text or html.

You can also show social share buttons in articles, categories,or the front page of your site.

It's possible to exclude certain sections, categories or articles. In these options, just write the id of the sections, categories or articles to be excluded, with commas between each id. For example: 2,3,66,32

You can alternatively display just in certain articles, again by writing in the article ids seperated by commas.

All the social share buttons are editable.


WP4J is a complete blogging solution for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0. WP4J allows you to harness the power of the world's most popular blogging platform, Wordpress and integrate it seamlessly as a Joomla Component. This is not a bridge, this is Wordpress running as a Joomla component with all the capabilities of both systems at the tip of your fingers. This is a full multiuser integration with the ability of users to have there very own blog(s) with full administrative control only a mature blogging platform can give. This is the best blogging solution for Joomla hands down.


*Easy installation
It is just a manner of installing as you would any other component. Discover install also works for those with upload limits on their server. Complete garbage collection on uninstall also, nothing left behind to clutter things up if you should uninstall (which is doubtful)

*Easy Upgrade
No hacks made to either Wordpress or Joomla, this means that you can upgrade Wordpress via the Wordpress Admin area, you are not at our mercy to upgrade Wordpress if security issues are found and mended.

*Fast, Real Fast
WP4J does not load the Wordpress API along with the Joomla Framework, this would be just plain silly and put too much strain on the server. WP4J runs Wordpress in a completely separate process so that things remain neat and tidy, this avoids potential conflicts between Wordpress and Joomla.

*Seamless Integration
WP4J runs Wordpress output thru the com_content layouts and as most templates provide layout templates for the com_content component that means that WP4J will integrate seamlessly with most templates without requiring CSS modification. It should work fine out of the box, but if you need to make changes, there is a style sheet provided that can be overridden by the template, this is also the case for all layouts used.

*Mature Bogging Platform
Wordpress has been around for a longtime and it is not the most popular blogging platform for no reason, there are literally thousands of developers enhancing this system and new plugins and widgets being released every day. There are literally thousands of quality extensions for Wordpress and these will virtually all work with WP4J. Wordpress is very refined and the Administrative features will absolutely blow you away.

All the power of the Wordpress Permalink SEO system with full compatibility with Joomla SEO. It has been stated time and time again that Wordpress Permalinks enjoy a generally higher page rank than other such systems.

*Full Widget to Module Conversion
WP4J gives you the ability to display Wordpress widgets anywhere on your site

*Wordpress to Joomla Role Conversion
You have the ability to set Wordpress Roles to Joomla Groups, this means that your Joomla users will automatically have access to Wordpress ACL levels reflecting their Joomla Group membership.