Concept CMS

conceptcms is a scalable and flexible multi-customer, multi-language Open Source Content Management System, developped since 2002 by Interconcept GmbH and available under the GNU GPL license since 2008. Some of the most important features of conceptcms are:

  • multi-customer enabled (based on multiple database or one database within one installation)
  • multi-language support (character encoding is UTF8)
  • separate working and live versions and a simple publishing mechanism
  • media library, powerful image editing functionality
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • support for CSS framework YAML
  • export and import complete Websites or "themes" or export and import parts of Websites
  • rights management for customers and users, define rights based on groups, languages, functionality and content (menu items and media library directories)
  • password-protected areas, show different content to different groups of users
  • enhance functionality by simple PHP-based modules
  • use different API for integration purposes


conceptcms is based on the "LAMP" standard:

  • Linux
  • Apache Webserver
  • MySQL Database
  • PHP

You might install the software with different operating systems (Solaris, BSD, Windows), but you might experience some problems or limitations in this case.

conceptcms also integrates some JavaScript frameworks and JavaScript tools, like

They are directly available to you when implementing a Website with conceptcms. You can install and use additional frameworks, too. The YAML-CSS framework is available as optional download.

Native Language:English
Open Source License:Creative Commons license