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Anantasoft Gazelle CMS
1024 CMS is an open source social Contents Management System. 1024CMS is use to create your own site in minutes and in professional way. 1024CMS will enable features such as: Simple Content Management System (CMS) designed for personal websites. Web interface allows users to publish and manage HTML entries. Optional visitor comment system with RECAPTCHA and HTML Purifier included. Uses PHP and MySQL. See Anantasoft Gazelle CMS is a free open source CMS solution, which is fully W3C HTML 1.0 strict compliant, Search Engine Friendly and easily extendable with modules and templates.

Auto CMS

AutoCMS, the CMS smaller,all the necessary thing in little space, provided all the minimum it needs a person or company to have presence on Internet. Automne, a free open-source content management system (CMS) writen in PHP. You can use it to create your website freely and easily.  



BIGACE - Dynamic Web CMS - is a free, professional grade software package that allows you to set up your own Website within minutes. Its powerful backend puts you in full control of the layout, service and content of your Pages. bitweaver is an application framework for content management. It is a fully functional web application and CMS, and is used to power every page on this site. bloofoxCMS is a small content management system (CMS). It enables you to manage websites and intranet sites on a very simple way. It is slim but also flexible.



Newscoop is the only open source system designed to work in the same style of newspapers and magazines. Made by journalists, for journalists, Newscoop allows you to structure your content in issues, sections and different article types and manage subscribers’ access. Perfect for periodicals ClanSphere is an advanced Web CMS for clan and e-sport related pages. It features module management, switching of templates, theme sets, languages and contains over 50 modules from start on. It supports a wide range of PHP versions and database drivers. ClanTiger is a content management system specifically designed for gaming clans. Including a news system, squad and team creation, a forum, and an area for servers, a vibrant and ever growing community awaits on the forums ready to answer your questions!

CMS Made Simple


CMS Made Simple is an open source (GPL) package, built using PHP that provides website developers with a simple, easy to use utility to allow building small-ish (dozens to hundreds of pages), semi-static websites. CMScout is a free and open-source CMS (Content management system) for Scouting related groups from around the world. A CMS is a piece of web software that makes it easy for you to install, and manage a website without needing to know any programming. CMSimple is one of the smallest, smartest and most simple Content Management Systems under the GPL or AGPL licence.



CompactCMS might just be the tenth CMS you considered using for your website. If that's true, ask yourself why you haven't found the right Content Management System just yet. CompactCMS is light-weight, truly efficient and fully Ajax loaded. conceptcms is a PHP and MySQL-based, scalable and very flexible Content Management System: multi-language, WYSIWYG editor, media library, YAML CSS framework fully supported, modules to enhance base functionality, templates and themes for download ... Concrete5 is simple for site owners to use, and powerful for site developers to work with. After being a successful commercial app for years, concrete5 was just released as fully "free beer" in the summer of 2008. You owe it to yourself to check out c5

Constructr CMS


ConstructrCMS is a new Open-Source and forever free Content-Management-System written in PHP and MySQL. Visit the Project-Page or the Constructr CMS-Website. Take a look at the new Forum to get Help or participate. Cotonti is an agile website engine which is special for its speed, security and clarity which enables you to build almost anything you wish with some knowledge of PHP, or just enjoy many popular features that work out of the box. The DBHcms is a small free Open Source content management system for personal and small business websites. It is search engine optimized, also for multiple languages simultaneously by allowing the search engine bot to index every single page.



Diferior is a multi-purpose content management system, meaning that it provides all the necessary tools to easily publish and organize your content. Drupal is software that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a great variety of content on a website. Dubsite is a new, minimalistic and powerful CMS built upon the Zend Framework. Inspired by well known projects like Drupal or Joomla, it provides everything you need: Plugins, Taxonomy, multilingual Content, Themes, Permissions.. And yes: It's easy to use



DynPage allows you to edit Websites online and make pieces of contents editable with a comfortable editor. DynPage implements the CKeditor. The integration of content into the HTML pages can be done with Ajax/Javascript or PHP. DynPG stands for dynamic web pages and is a free content management system (CMS). It is written in PHP and uses MySQL as database management system. DynPG including all basic modules is freeware and is distributed under the GNU General Public License. e107 is a content management system written in php and using the popular open source mySQL database system for content storage. It's completely free and totally customisable, and in constant development.



eazyPortal is a robust open source solution as Content Management System, maintain your website with easy tools such as forum, news, polls. EcoCMS - Meet the easiest, Free CMS on Earth :) Save Energy... Build Websites Faster! Meet ecoCMS, probably the easiest FREE Content Management System on Earth! Elite CMS is a web content management system made for the peoples who don't have much technical knowledge of HTML or PHP but know how to use a simple notepad with computer keyboard.


Enano CMS

Elxis is a Free Open Source Content Management System (CMS). Elxis gives you the freedom and the power to do what ever you have in mind, without limitations or dependences. Combining a jaw-dropping interface with the design of a wiki but the detail of a CMS, Enano reinvents the concept of website management. eoCMS is an open-source content management system written in PHP. It uses either MySQL or SQLite to store your site content and includes an easy to use admin panel. It has features such as a forum, news, articles and much more.



The Etomite Content Management software is released under the GNU license scheme. This means that you don't pay a penny to download, install or use it. There are no hidden-catches, no banners, and no spyware included. Exponent is a web application that allows site owners to easily create and manage dynamic websites. Unlike other site management tools, Exponent is completely self-contained. eXV² ist ein frei verfügbares CMS zum Aufbau und Betrieb von privaten Homepages, kleinen und auch größeren Communities und ist auch problemlos einsetzbar für kleinere bis mittelgroße Firmenpräsenzen.

eZ Publish


Family Connections
eZ Publish is an Open Source Content Management System chosen by thousands of enterprises and organizations world wide. It helps you build corporate websites, intranets, webshops and media portals. F3Site is a lightweight CMS based on MySQL or SQLite database. You can edit HTML templates without PHP knowledge. It has interactive JavaScript content editor with dynamic preview. You may create multilingual website. A family oriented content management system.


Born as phpRadiant in January 2007, Frog CMS is a PHP version of Radiant CMS, a well known Ruby on Rails application. Fundanemt is an open source CMS that aims at small and medium sized websites. The system is highly focused on usability. The user must be able to interact with his or hers website without no further knowlegde than that of the average desktop user.  



Geeklog is a PHP/MySQL based application for managing dynamic web content. A powerful system with Mootools AJAX support, integrated Forum, CAPTCHA/Spam filters, Calendars, Polls, File & Media Gallery solutions and more, all right out of the box! Frustrated by hunting for compatible 3rd party plugins? glFusion has it all today! GuppY, the easy, free and databaseless web portal, will allow you to generate very easily a complete and interactive web site.

html-edit CMS

Icy Phoenix

iGaming CMS
this CMS is free, easy and open-source. Icy Phoenix is a CMS based on phpBB (a fully scalable and highly customisable open-source Bulletin Board package PHP based) plus many modifications and code integrations which add flexibility to the whole package. iGaming CMS is a content management system designed for gaming websites. The system is written in PHP and requires a Mysql database for operation.



ImpressCMS is a community developed Content Management System for easily building and maintaining a dynamic web site. Keep your web site up to date with this easy to use, secure and flexible system. ImpressPages cms is the next generation CMS that enables you to develop an effective and functional website in one hour. Injader is a content management system that combines flexibility with ease of use.


jCore - the Webmaster's Multisite CMS

Jaws is a Framework and Content Management System for building dynamic web sites. It aims to be User Friendly giving ease of use and lots of ways to customize web sites, but at the same time is Developer Friendly. jCore is a PHP web Content Management System build especially for webmasters who have to maintain multiple websites for their clients. jCore uses two main systems, jCore Server (contains the core libraries) and jCore Client. Joomla! is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet. It is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Joomla! is easy to install, simple to manage, and reliable.



Lanius CMS
The framework to build and manage websites in no time. Install the system within a few minutes, choose one of the many templates available and start to modify the demo-contents according to your needs. With the powerfull AJAX and window based administration, you can easily, efficiently and very fast manage your contents. The container-technology allows you to edit complex layouts with an easy to understand gui. Lanius CMS is a light-weight PHP dynamic web authoring and content managment system with an embedded flat file database and support for any other database system. High speed, best security, fully internationalized and customizable. Works on any PHP4/PHP5

Lemon CMS


Limeware CMS
Lemon CMS is a simple to use web based content management system that allows you easily, quickly and dynamically update the content on your website. The CMS uses a file based system making it simple to port into any website. LightNEasy is a lightweight CMS aimed at the normal user, not requiring any programming skills. Ease of use and WYSIWYG editing are its main features. It includes a built in gallery and a versatile news module. Templates are made from any HTML/CSS desi Free, lightweight, user friendly MySQL and PHP content management system for dummies with powerful cms features such as WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) text editor, search friendly URLs, clickstream, article, news management and user administration


Mac's PHP5+ MVC Framework / CMS for RAD
Limny, a PHP based CMS with full AJAX control Mac's PHP MVC Framework is a open source, PHP5+ Rapid Application Development ( RAD ) MVC Framework with an in-built templating engine, it comes with built in SEO/SEF capabilities. It also includes an integrated AJAX Flat File Content Editing Tool ( CMS )  



MemHT Portal
Mambo is a full-featured content management system that can be used for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Continue reading for a detailed feature list. MDPro, an innovative and imaginative content management system. A CMS is an application that provides for the display and management of the contents of a web site. MDPro carries this many steps further by making this management simple yet powerful. MemHT Portal is a Free PHP CMS and Blog that permit the creation and the management online of websites with few and easy steps. It's completelly customizable, expandable and suitable for all needs.


Micro CMS
MiaCMS is a fork of the Mambo CMS. Why a fork? We felt that the policies, processes, and priorities of the official Mambo Foundation were having a negative impact on the code and the community. Micro CMS is lightweight and modern CMS and MVC framework written in PHP. It's main task is easier development of PHP web pages and applications with no compromise in simplicity, performance, SEO and features. It's free, licensed under LGPL  



Monkey CMS
miniCWB is a Content Management Software and is meant to satisfy the needs of those who do not have access to a database, but want a dynamic website, editable through admin area and most of all, based on a FREE solution. MODx is an open source CMS that helps you take control of your website. It makes updates easy, empowering end-users with as much control as you desire over website content and update frequency. MonkeyCMS is a PHP/MySQL-based content management system (CMS) that offers unprecedented control over content, layout and users all through a web-browser interface.

Nuke Evolution


3rd place award winner as Most Promising Open Source CMS in 2007! Supports many types of content (galleries, news/newsletters, etc.), and features like forums, member blogs, chat rooms, WIKI, and content commenting/rating. Decide exactly how your site should be. Out-of-the-box your site will meet the highest standards. OneCMS is an Open Source CMS also released under GPL allowing users to run there own game site easily. From the powerful template system to top-notch support, OneCMS is a great option for gaming sites.

OpenRat CMS


OpenRat is a web content management system with goals like performance and security. It publishes the content by static exports. Phenotype CMS is a PHP/MySQL/Smarty based Open Source Content Management Framework dedicated to serve two basic principles: Easy Editing & Simple Efficiency PHP MicroCMS - PHP Content Management System script



PHP-Fusion is a light-weight open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP4. It uses a mySQL database to store your site content and includes a simple yet comprehensive adminstration system. PHP-Nuke is a news automated system specially designed to be used in Intranets and Internet. The Administrator has total control of his web site, registered users, and he will have in the hand a powerful assembly of tools to maintain an active and... PhpMySport is designed for all sport clubs and leagues which want to easily create and manage their website.



phpwcms is an Open Source web content management system released under the GNU General Public License. You can use it for free. phpwcms is optimized for fast and easy setup and works on any standard webserver platform that supports PHP/MySQL and was... phpWebSite provides a complete web site content management system. Web-based administration allows for easy maintenance of interactive, community-driven web sites. PivotX is free software to help you maintain dynamic sites such as weblogs, online journals and other frequently updated websites. It's written in PHP and uses MySQL or flat files as its database.


Pligg CMS

Pixie is a free, open source web application that will help you quickly create your own website. Many people refer to this type of software as a content management system (cms), we prefer to call it a small, simple, website maker. Pligg is an open source CMS that takes a unique approach to content management. Pligg provides the tools needed to create your own Digg or Reddit style site, where many users submit news articles and vote on them. Pligg calls this "social publishing". With a single installation of PLUME CMS you can have multiple websites, file management, multiple authors with different rights and websites in any languages thanks to a full utf-8 support.

Podcast Generator


Free web based PHP podcasting script: publish podcasts uploading audio/video files via a web form and automatically create podcast w3c-compliant feeds including iTunes specific tags. The script also features a comprehensive web administration. [No MySQL] Redaxscript is a free, PHP and MySQL driven Content Management System predestinated for small business and private websites. Its extremely lightweight, simple and customizable. RunCMS is a CMS where ease of use, speed, & flexibility are the main development keypoints. Current Runcms2 are based on ScarPox ( a danish development only in danish) wich again is based on runcms 1.4 20062006 Wich is the most stable RunCms core ever.



Seagull is a mature OOP framework for building web, command line and GUI applications. Licensed under BSD, the project allows PHP developers to easily integrate and manage code resources, and build complex applications quickly. Shinobu is a simple to use content management system. It is written in PHP5 and uses MySQL as database backend. Content Management the way it was meant to be Powerful enough for any website or intranet design and simple enough for your Mum to use.



sNews is a completely free PHP and MySQL driven tool for publishing and maintaining news articles on a website. Integrating sNews into your existing design is simple, but you could also use sNews on it's own, as a simple Content Management System. SphereCMS is a new kind of CMS, buildt with PHP, Mysql, JS and xTPL, making administration a lot easier for the Admin to administrate the Website for his own benefit. With Spitfire you take your changes directly in the Website and not as customary in a separate system. It captivates by its simple operation, easy systems' manageability and extreme flexibility.



Theeta CMS
SyndeoCMS, a fork of Site@school, is a Content Management System (CMS) to manage and maintain the website of a primary school, but it can also be a very usefull CMS for small companies or non profit organizations. Powerful. Simple. Secure. Built around strict coding standards (W3C HTML valid) and simplicity, TangoCMS allows you to create and manage a site quickly and easily. Blogs, RSS Feeds, and a powerful Media module are just some of the features available. Theeta CMS is an advanced content management system enabling the user of the software to create his/her own website on the fly. Theeta CMS is easy to install and easy to use and manage.

TikiWiki CMS/Groupware

Tiki is a full-featured, tightly integrated, open source, multilingual, all-in-one Wiki+CMS+Groupware, written in PHP and actively developed by a very large international community. ToendaCMS is an Open Source XML web content management system released under the GNU General Public License. You can use it for free. ToendaCMS is optimized for fast and easy setup and works on any standard webserver platform that supports PHP  


Triton CMS

TRIBiQ CMS is the feature rich multilingual Content Management System from TRIBiQ. Our Open Source PHP/MySQL based CMS, enables fast, structured site development. It has built in multilingual and secure Extranet features. Triton CMS Pro is easy yet professional solution to setup your own website quickly and effortlessly. With its compherensive and wisely organized settings you can manage your website any way you want. TYPO3 is a free Open Source content management system for enterprise purposes on the web and in intranets. It offers full flexibility and extendability while featuring an accomplished set of ready-made interfaces, functions and modules.


Web Page Director
TYPOlight is a powerful web content management system that specializes in accessibility (back end and front end) and uses XHTML and CSS to generate W3C/WAI compliant pages. It was developed by Leo Feyer in 2004 and has been released under GNU/LGPL. Web Page Director is an Open Source CMS designed for small to medium sized websites with complete multilanguage support. A flexible yet easy tool for anyone wanting to publish a website in one or more languages.  

Website Baker


Wolf CMS
Website Baker 2 features include a template-based front-end, multi-level modulated page support, multi-user administration, and much much more! webSPELL is a free Content Management System (CMS) for clans and gaming communities, providing all needed features like forums, gallery, clanwar system ... Wolf CMS simplifies content management by offering an elegant user interface, flexible templating per page, simple user management and permissions, as well as the tools necessary for file management.



If you've ever used a CMS to build your web site but wish you could do more, WysGui is for you. It's a powerful, versatile engine built around the Advanced Web Developer. It's very customizable in all fronts. Xaraya is extensible, open source software written in PHP and licensed under the GNU General Public License. Xaraya utilizes robust permissions, data management and multilingual systems to dynamically integrate and manage content. XOOPS is a program that allows administrators to easily create dynamic websites with great content and many outstanding features. It is an ideal tool for developing small to large dynamic community websites, intra company portals, corporate ...

Yupi Cms


Yupi Cms is free open source CMS developed to be easily customized by developers and designers. Zikula is software that creates an impressive, dynamic web site and provides you with a site you can administer with a minimal amount of HTML knowledge through a web browser. Zimplit is the easiest CMS (Content Management System) ever made. Zimplit is extremely lightweight, simple and customizable. It's easy to install, and easy to use via a simple web interface. Zimplit consists of only one core engine file.