Dubsite is a new, minimalistic and powerful CMS built upon the Zend Framework. Inspired by well known projects like Drupal or Joomla, it provides everything you need: Plugins, Taxonomy, multilingual Content, Themes, User- and Permission-Management... And yes: It's easy to use!

You can use Dubsite for personal or company websites, portals or even shops (OK, the Shop-Plgin is not finished as yet, 2009/10/25, but will be soon!).

The project originally started in april 2006. We felt it was time for a professional Content Management System beyond the established CMS's (never really felt comfortable with them), and coding Dubsite was just a matter of honor ;) After three fundamental revisions it has evolved into a full-blown CMS, by keeping it's basic policy: scalability, usability and clean, object-oriented code.


    • Fully scalable with Plugins
    • Multilingual Contents
    • Flexible Theming and Layout
    • Easy User-, Role- and Permission-Management
    • Content-Categorization with definable Vocabularies (Taxonomy)
    • Clean URL's even without Apache's mod_rewrite
    • Packages allow XML import/export of Settings and Content
    • Very clear MVC-designed Programming, built upon the Zend Framework

IMPORTANT: To display newly created Content, always set the content's status from "pending" to "active"!

IMPORTANT: if you want to display content in different languages, keep in mind, that the URL-path defines the language, in which content gets displayed! For example, if you want the "Welcome"-Text to be displayed in french:
1. Add "French" as new Language (Admin -> System -> Languages)
2. Edit the "Welcome"-Text and create a French translation of it (Before you click "Save", set the status from "pending" to "active"!)
3. Go to "Admin -> Site -> Pages", edit the "Home"-Page and define a french translation, to make the system aware there is french content for this path.
If you now visit the start-page and your browser sends a french Locale (fr_FR), you should see the french translation (With english browser it will still display english).

Native Language:English
Open Source License:Creative Commons license