Elxis is a Free Open Source Content Management System (CMS). Elxis gives you the freedom and the power to do what ever you have in mind, without limitations or dependencies. With Elxis CMS, enterprises, business owners and individuals, are able to build multilingual websites and easily administer them. Elxis, does not requires special technical knowledge, although, when they are present they are always welcomed! Elxis CMS, is distributed as a free open source application.

Elxis CMS is a true multilingual CMS. UTF-8 encoding is supported in core level. That means that you can display content in any language, without problems. Based on the selected language, you may change the way your site looks. You can change the appearance and the layout. The administration environment is available in English and Greek languages, out of the box. You can later add your own native language.

Elxis CMS, is able to perform automatic translations and keep the formatting of the original text. You just select a pair of languages, press the translate icon, and in just a few seconds, you have a translated copy of the original content.

Elxis CMS is user friendly. It can easily be used by a novice user, and reveal its power to experienced users. There is no need for special knowledge in order to administer a website that was build with Elxis CMS. Administrators, are able to modify content, from any place in the world, just using their browser. Options are practically unlimited.

 Elxis CMS is an open source content management system (CMS) released under the GNU/GPL license. You can use Elxis to build simple to complex web sites without the need of having programming skills. Elxis CMS is provided for free and without any guarantee. Our headquarters are located in Athens, Greece. Elxis CMS is being developed by the Elxis Team a team of friends passioned to open source software.

Native Language:English
Open Source License:Creative Commons license