F3Site does not contain libraries which slow down performance. PHP code is optimized so the system should work fast also on older servers.


PHP 5.2 + PDO library, MySQL 5 or SQLite 3


You can create articles, files, images, links, news and free pages. Administrators may admit categories, surveys, RSS channels, menu blocks, settings, extensions and more features.


It's easy to develop skins. Template system with easy syntax should help designers to create or modify them quickly.


You may let users manage content in specified categories.

Other features

F3Site contains some nice features like: extensions support, RSS channels generator, changing appearance by unregistered users, multimedia gallery with Flash, QuickTime and OGG movies support (HTML 5), comments moderation panel, a lot of configuration options, 5 user ranges and much more... It will detect user's language automatically basing on HTTP headers.

F3Site has been offering new template system with easy and intuitive syntax. You can adjust view of every module to fit your needs. Every skin contains CSS stylesheets describing elements set, colors, fonts... Visitors may change CSS scheme.

Native Language:English
Open Source License:Creative Commons license