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eBay Factory Module 3.1

  eBay Factory Module comes as a help for the targeted sites which are running a specified business. This way the administrator can set up certain search-keywords in order to display in a module only certain eBay auctions for his visitors.

The search can be limited by entering multiple keywords and if the area of interest is bigger then the administrator can publish another module with a different keyword since multiple instances are supported. There is also the possibility to display certain items belonging to a single seller (user) using the seller id and a keyword.

From the backend the auctions can be ordered by "newly listed" and "ending soon". Also the number of auctions, title length, show/hide images and date format can be configured. Pagination permits also to set only a number of items per page, from the total number of results, which is also configurable.

The display can be configured through CSS in order to match any existing template and there is also a cache option.


eBay Factory Module main features are:

  • displays certain eBay auctions in a module
  • selection is search-based, administrator is entering a keyword (or multiple keywords)
  • displays also items belonging to a single seller
  • order by "newly listed" and "ending soon"
  • customizable nr. of auctions to be displayed in the module
  • configurable title length (limit nr. of characters)
  • show/hide images
  • configurable display of the dates showed in the module
  • pagination (configurable items per page and total results)
  • fully customizable layout through CSS
  • cache option
  • allowing multiple instances
  • works with,,,,,

Auction Factory 1.6.9 - Joomla Online Auctions Extension

Auction Factory 1.6.9

Auction Factory supports all common auction types including also Proxy Bidding. Auctions are supporting the usual Bids and BuyItNow features. Also they can be set as Private (bids are hidden to the public) or Public (bids are showed to the public). Among other options there is also the possibility to set up a auction as Automatic (winner will be automatically choosen) or Manual (the offertant will have to choose a winner).

The interface is very user friendly and you can track easily auctions and bids. In the backend panel, various administration features have been provided in order that the site admin can easily maintain control of the site and survey the auctions and bids. As payment methods PayPal and Moneebookers can be used or due to API webmasters can configure their own payment gateway.

auction Factory 1.6.9 released on March 1, 2010.

  • Optimisation: new templates in templates/elements/auction_details
     (separate template for the bid list and for the bid/ bin/ suggestion payment area)
  • Optimisation: new template flags ( true or false vars) for auction detail template
        bid_list_tab; // Flag for displaying bid_list tab
        has_placed_bids; // Auction has bids, bins or suggestions
  • Optimisation: Payment List for winner auctioneer
       the bins, accepted suggestions payed separately
  • Optimisation: Auction can still be edited if no bidders (has_placed_bids)
  • Optimisation: The initial quantity is stored in the nr_items var.
  • Fixed issues including: Itemid with SEF, vars template assigning, (is_my_auction, is_bidder, bid list, suggestions list), payment display in backend, CB ratings tab date inconsistency, decreasing quantity, amount to pay issue for winner auctioneer, reserve price, display and amount to pay, etc.    

auction Factory 1.6.8 released on January 18, 2010. 

  • Community Builder tabs issues and optimisations:
     - Pagination issues
     - My Watchlist Tab includes current bid now
     - My Bids Tab wrong labeling of "Outbid"
     - My Ratings Tab contains now the rating date
  • Custom Fields and Page Positions issues and optimisations:
     - Details page joining auction and users fields
     - Editor Type html stripping issue
     - Saving empty options issue for optioned field types
     - Field type more extensible
     - Attributes for field type (html meaning attributes)
     - Future scope parameters for field type
  • Various issues and optimisations:
     - Cron choose Winner sorting issue
     - Join with user profile at listing tasks
     - Custom Fields via Custom Positions support for other then List Auctions task (My Auctions, My watchlist)
     - Router.php, Custom fields required twice when Ads, Reverse, Raffle where installed.
     - My Won Bids Shipping Price, when Auction has shipping areas prices; payment must be done by directing to the details page to select the shipping price, etc.
     - Custom fields when using Joomfish, Price Suggestion on Quantity.
     - Auction Factory Acl new methods entrys; CB Fatal Error in Plugins, etc.

auction Factory 1.6.7 released on December 28, 2009. 

  • New features: Quantity for BIN Only and Price Suggestions
  • New features: Custom Positions / Custom Fields
  • New features: Auction Category Selecting Page at new listing
  • Fixed several issues including category modules auction counting, session saving error, one single image instead of gallery with a single image with useless navigation, etc.

auction Factory 1.6.6 released on November 5, 2009.

  • New feature: Price Suggestions for BIN only auctions; allows sending 3 suggestions per auction, automatic notification after 24 hours, automatic rejection after 48 hours (new templates for "my suggestions" and "my received suggestions").
  • Query optimizations.
  • Fixed several issues including show highest bidder, shipping prices, max. bid, erase fields, version info update for php 5.3.0, notices, warnings, guest messaging, module categories, bids ACL suggestion task added, bid listing (accept must not appear to BIN's on quantities but only to Bids), Custom Field radio box type saving , Template optimisation (quantity display for each suggestion list), etc.