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Briefcase Factory 3.2.1

  Briefcase Factory is the only Joomla equivalent for Yahoo's Briefcase - A new approach to document and file sharing.

The user interface is intuitive and uses AJAX for several operations, therefore no page reloads to slow down your work. You can ADD more than one file at a time; number can be set in admin backend. The uploaded Files can be SHARED with one user, more than one user, all users, or with the public (registered and unregistered users).

If you uploaded some files in the wrong folder you can always MOVE them as you please. Files can be assigned to several Categories (configurable in the admin backend) and the category can also be changed after the upload. Create Folders where you like, even folder in folder.

Files Shared for Me by other users are accessible under a separate area and there is also a separate area for Public Shared Files, where any visitor can view or download files.
Logged on as administrator you can access ALL the Files uploaded by all users on your system. You can search after certain terms or filter one particular user. Any file can be deleted, renamed or you can change it's Category. Briefcase Factory has NEW features like:
  • JACL Support (Group Sharing & Group exclusions)
  • File Description, Share Time limit, File Time limit (file auto-deletes after a certain date)
  • For Admin a multitude of features like set allowed file types, max. size, FTP upload, etc.
  • Joomfish Multilanguage Support

Following Modules & Plugins are included in the Briefcase Factory kit:

  • Community Builder Plugin Pack (located under [archive]/packages/cb_plugins folder) - These are two powerful Community Builder Plugins that work hand in hand with Briefcase Factory. My Files - Shows the list of the user's own files, or if you look at another persons profile you will see his (or hers) public shared files. This makes managing of Briefcase Files in community builder much easier. You can also upload files or download your files from this plugin. Private Files - Shows the list of private shared files (that users share for your eyes only), or if you look at other profiles you see the files you shared to them. Of course you can un-share the files or download them as needed.
  • Top Module - You can choose in Admin Backend between the two display options: Top Downloaded Files and Latest Added Public Files. All the settings are in Administration (under Module property) configurable. To have both type of modules on your site, just copy the module once (option in Administration) and you have both Top Downloads and Latest Files.
  • Statistics Module - displays various Statistical Information: Downloads, Shared Files and many more...

Advertisement Factory 2.5.0

 Advertisement Factory is a Joomla extension to sell and manage site advertisements like links, thumbnails, banners, modals, full pages and keywords. With an automatic work-flow, choosing the options, uploading files, then pend for publishing with different prices.

Supported Advert types:

  • Links
  • Thumbnails
  • Banners
  • Modals
  • Popups
  • Articles
  • Full Pages (between pages for x seconds)
  • Keywords (replace in content).

Triggered on:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Time Interval.

The configuration is very easy, choosing the type (go to edit link) / position / Slots (ex. 3/4) / Price / published, unpublished.

The administrator can see on the advertisement list the advert type, the period, who payed, and the specified sum.

The component comes with Payment Gateways supporting Paypal, Moneybookers,, Sagepay and displaying the payment status like completed, failed, etc.

The active adverts can be managed from the backend with the following information: User / Period / Advert type / Details (view/edit) / Published, unpublished / Delete.

On the extension frontend the user can see his profile with all existing adverts (with filter option for the expired ones), a link to buy adverts (and the following steps) and the option for delayed publishing depending on the free periods (unpayed).


1. Links Module

  • featured links (nr. of links to be set by admin)
  • option for empty ones with "empty" or "place your link here" (enable/disable). 

2. Thumbnails Module

  • featured links (nr. of links to be set by admin)
  • option for empty ones with "empty" or "place your link here" (enable/disable).

3. Banners Module

  • can be published in certain positions, with different settings and different prices, which can be set in the administration, as also the banner dimensions.

4. Modals

  • Nr. displays per session
  • display after x clicks 
  • display for x seconds
  • filter to display on certain categories/sections/itemIDs (on/off) 
  • width/height

5. Full Pages

  • similar to the Modals, but without width and height.

6. Keywords

  • as content plugin, is active only for page content (excluding modules, etc.).
  • using tooltyp as display form.
  • set minimal keyword length.
  • banned keywords.