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RSS Factory PRO 3.2.2

rss Factory PRO features:

  • Categories & Subcategories (unlimited number of levels)
  • including FTP protocol for retrieving RSS XML's
  • Category Description, Pathway
  • Related Categories
  • Category Tree within one, two, three or four Columns
  • fully SEF - compatible with Artio JoomSEF
  • easy Language Management
  • Import Feeds to Content (for each feed, a section and category can be chosen, including the author and publishing period.)
  • replace ">> >>" with customizable words
  • Tiled, List and Tab Titles View
  • Sliders and draggable DIV's.
  • configurable display to show in list of feeds the feed name or the source
  • Archive System (for improved search engines indexing.)
  • automatic Install & Uninstall of Module and Mambot
  • Suppress Images or Embedded Objects
  • Category Management
  • Date Format Customization
  • FavIcons for feeds (pulled from the feedsite or custom uploaded)
  • Preview of Feeds in Category List
  • Session based tracking of already read news (Feeds will appear “unchecked” if they have already been read)
  • customized output styles
  • automatic unpublishing of erroneous feeds
  • CSS customization
  • Color customization of Overlib Output
  • Font Size customization for Overlib Output
  • Automatic Refresh of feeds though a pseudo-CRON process
  • Refresh of Feeds using AJAX (backend only)
  • Search Mambot (allows you to search through feeds along with searching through content)
  • Automatic Version Check
  • and many more...
HOT or NOT Deluxe Factory 3.1.0

   The component provides an easy voting system, requiring only a single click action for a speedy process. The component can be used to rate different images like landscapes, art, etc. or if the genre mode is enabled, more particular for male and female images. The upload is very easy, allowing also multiple upload. For each picture a sharelink and the number of hits will be visible and if admin enabled the description, comments and tags. To allow the administrator content control on the site, each picture and comment can be reported.

Features and Administrator Settings


  • Enable/disable voting for guests (unloged users)
  • Enable/disable upload images for guests (unlogged users)
  • Set 1-10 or 1-5 voting scale
  • Categories for images
  • Watermark for images (enable/disable; admin configurable)
  • Set upload folder, Resize height and width, Thumbnail size, Nr. of uploaded images at once
  • Enable/disable image description, Description length, Enable/disable require description on upload
  • Enable/disable tags, Maximum allowed nr. of tags, Enable/disable require tags on upload
  • Allow comments from: visitors/registred/disabled
  • Approval system for Images in backend (enable/disable), with filter option and email notification to admin when new image was posted and to user after approval
  • Approval system for Comments (enable/disable) and email user notification. (user menu/manage comments)
  • Display nr. of images per page, Display last x comments per page (0 for all)
  • Users have the ability to delete their own photos (enable/disable)
  • Minimum nr. of votes for an image to appear in TOP (settings/global)
  • Email reporting (enable/disable)
  • Reset votes (settings/maintenance)
  • Latest added view
  • "Upload your photo" user editable info text (new tab in admin backend: Info Boxes)
  • Menu Module including Top Rated, My Pictures, Upload and advanced Search option. 
  • Newest Picture module
  • "Categories to thumbnails" module leading to image thumbnails view from each category
  • "Categories to vote" module leading to direct image voting
  • Last votedmodule
  • Random Picture module
  • TAG Cloud module
  • Integration with the Love Factory Joomla Extension. By enabling this feature, profile pictures from the "Love Factory" Extension, can then be voted through the "Hot or Not Factory" Extension.


On each photo page the display beneath the picture is different then in the simple version. The Deluxe version is displaying the follwoing information:

  • Category of the photo linked with the "View all x category" (thumbnail display)
  • Username linked to all users photos (thumbnail display)
  • the number of photos in that category.

jAnswers Factory 3.1.1

  jAnswers Factory provides the perfect Question and Answers Solution for the Joomla CMS integrating features from the well know Yahoo Answers system.

Users can ask questions, Community provides answers. Once a question placed, this can be extended (as period) if not answered. A Ranking system for answers is also available. Users can Report offensive text, mark Favorite Questions or use the extended search through the Knowledgebase.

jAnswers Factory brings also several charging possibilities, so that the webmaster can transform his site to a profitable business. From this features it worth's mentioning the followings:

  • Pay-per-Question
  • Pay for featured Question
  • Pay-per-Contact
  • Support for "beer money" payments
  • Multiple Payment Gateways including Paypal and Moneybookers
  • Native SEF integration (all question links are SEF!)

Other noticable features are the extended User profile (avatar, location, yahoo id, paypal email), Community Builder Integration and multi-langue site support.

On the back-end side, the solution brings also important features and settings to offer the needed flexibility for the site administrator. Here a short list:

  • set avatar size
  • set time period for questions
  • block offensive questions/answers
  • manage abuse reports
  • manage payments
  • import/export questions & answer
  • manage extended profile
  • user statistics 

The component comes also with a free 5.000 sample records database to provide a valuable start-up (due to this the downloadkit is approx. 5 MB). This is not a limitation of the database, it's sample data which can be imported so that the site can start already from 5.000 existing questions with answers. Bigger sample database packages are available upon request for an additional charge. Again, this is not a limitation of the database, just sample data which can be imported!

Available modules are:

  • Latest Questions
  • Popular Questions
  • Open Questions
  • Random Questions
  • Featured Questions
  • Tag Cloud, etc.

Chat Factory 3.1.1

  Chat Factory is a powerful Ajax based live chat extension for Joomla that will integrate Facebook & Gmail like chat into Joomla Websites. Think of it like having an instant messenger only for your website.

The main front-end features of Chat Factory are:

  • users can enable/disable the chat system
  • no need to register: users can chat as guests (if enabled by administrator)
  • show/hide offline users from users list (only for registered users)
  • registered users can block chat messages from guests
  • user avatars: users can upload their own avatar, use Community's Builder avatar (if enabled), or use no avatar at all (only for registered users)
  • ignore list: block messages from individual users (only for registered users)
  • friends list (only for registered users)
  • possibility to share a message (only for registered users)
  • possibility to change status: available, busy, invisible (only for registered users)
  • implemented emoticons, buzz
  • minimize chat windows and preserve position when navigating through the site (only for registered users)
  • quick search (only for registered users)
  • advertisement area

On the back-end the chat extension for Joomla has the following main features:

  • emoticons management: administrators can add as many emoticons as they want
  • advertisements management
  • IM ads: on login or on specific interval
  • allowed groups: select the groups that are allowed to chat
  • Community Builder integration (enable/disable)
  • set refresh interval of user list, new messages and new friendship requests to reduce server load
  • spam protection: set the maximum number of messages users can send per minute.

Love Factory 3.2.2

  Love Factory is dating and matching Joomla Extension, with fully editable member pages and configurable fields which can be set by the administrator.

The main features of the component are:

  • Member Pages with fully configurable fields!
  • Photo and Video Gallery
  • Comment System (page owner can delete any comment on his page or report them to the admin)
  • Messaging System (users can create, send and receive personal messages)
  • Interaction System (sending kisses between user)
  • Rating System
  • Friends List (including pending requests; user can set the page status visible only for friends)
  • Ignore List (to avoid spamming or any unwanted contact)
  • Advanced Search (to find friends or matches after certain criteria like gender, age, etc., criteria which are fully configurable by the administrator from the existing page fields.
  • Radius Search (using Google maps).
  • Membership Plans with integrated Payment Gateways: Paypal, Moneybookers, Sagepay (support for one till four membership-level, so that users can upgrade their account in order to receive a higher number of allowed photo and friends. For each level, differentiated prices can be set, depending on the time period. The membership plans feature can be enable or disabled by the administrator.)
  • Smarty-based Template System (can be enabled or disabled by the administrator).

The Administrator of the system has the following features enabled:

  • Dashboard. The dashboard displays different statistics, user count and levels, latest users, latest payments, latest reports.
  • User List. Configurable member level, ban option and user details including Reports & Payments.
  • Reports List. Administrator can see reports, act (ban, send warning, delete) and set their status.
  • Payments. List of existing payments where the administrator can edit the status in case they require manual approval (for payments with IPN, but as pending, processing, etc.)
  • Page Fields. The administrator can create custom fields, define there type (text area, dropdown, checkbox, radiobox, etc.), set them as required and specify the parameters. Another very important feature is that the administrator can set what custom fields are visible on certain pages. Also to easy the work, a drag&drop method is available here.
  • Pricing. Membership levels (up to four) can be created, where different prices on each level can be set, for certain time periods.

Various settings for the Love Factory extension are also available on the component backend under the Settings Page.

  • General settings (enable/disable user comments, user messages, user rating, user email notifies, number of search results shown per page, allow guests to view user pages, send membership notification, terms and conditions acceptance, Smarty templates usage, Cron Jobs)
  • Photo settings (set images size for photo maximum width and height, thumbnail maximum width and height)
  • Membership settings (enable each level, set title, set maximum allowed number of photos and friends)
  • Payment Gateways (set current currency, enable/disable each existing payment gateway, Paypal and Moneybookers e-mail address configuration)
  • Notifications (edit email content of warning messages and notifications)
  • Terms&Conditions (edit)

The component comes also with the followings Modules:

  • Latest Member
  • Random Member 
Multilanguage support is also offered for the Love Factory Joomla Extension through the language files and Joomfish Integration.

Social Factory 1.6.1
   Social Factory is our Joomla solution for a modern and dynamic social networking website.

Following the same design patterns as our top of the line extension - Love Factory - it offers a state of the art admin interface backed up by solid code and modern templates.

Social Factory is built with one goal in mind - Customization. Every section, page, field, instance or add-on can be configured, arranged or hidden with a few simple clicks.

Unlimited custom fields can be created and published in any page, the pages are also fully customizable with zones which contain the custom fields. The zones and fields can be arranged with a user friendly drag and drop system in the administrator backend of Joomla. Also parameters can be set like “width” or CSS class for the zones in the page.

For monetary gain, the webmaster can also implement paid memberships which limit or grant access to users.

Admins can limit access to the following features:

  • Create Events - If the user can create events
  • Attend Events - If the user can attend events
  • Friends - How many friends the user can have (unlimited can also be set)
  • Top Friends - How many top friends the user can have (unlimited can also be set)
  • Create Groups -  If the user can create groups
  • Join Groups - If the user can join groups
  • Interactions - How many interactions the user can send in a day (unlimited can also be set)
  • Albums - How many albums the user can create (unlimited can also be set)
  • Videos Allowed - How many videos the user can add (unlimited can also be set)
When editing the membership, the admin can choose to update restrictions already issued to users. Then via the memberships, users get access to those features.

The admin can set under which membership new users register, its duration and under which membership they fall after expiration. A notification interval can be set which notifies users that their membership will expire.

Multiple Payment Gateways are available out of the box:

  • PayPal
  • Authorize
  • Google Checkout
  • iDealing
  • Skrill (MoneyBookers)
  • SagePay 
  • Offline Payment Plugin
The system also generates invoices for every payment, where the layout of the invoice can be customized with the help of a WYSIWYG editor. The invoice can include VAT, Seller Info, Buyer Info and membership name.

Multiple Integrations are available to extend the Social Factory capabilities. Google Maps can be used to show users location and also a Facebook Plugin is available for Facebook Login. Users are able to login with their Facebook data and then a profile is created for them within Social Factory.

The notifications can also be modified, created, unpublished and also a test feature is available, in case you create custom notifications. A feature which should be present in any website today, is Reporting. With Social Factory users can report any content which can be reviewed by an admin. For instance, the users can report:
  • Comments
  • Events
  • Photos
  • Profiles
  • Videos

Other built-in features of Social Factory are:

  • Backup - backup your Social Factory database and settings, can also backup Joomla Users
  • Google CDN jQuery libraries - can be enabled if desired
  • Settable date format
  • Joomla Quick Icon with Social Factory - plugin
  • Infobar - shows on all Social Factory pages and displays notifications
  • CRON Jobs
  • Trial Memberships can be set up for users
  • User Profile Fields Visibility - To friends, to all or no one
  • Dashboard with latest Users, Payments, Reports and Orders
  • Ban/unban or delete users
  • Export users in a CSV file
  • Set multiple prices for a membership - when different durations are desired
  • Users can create events which others can sign up for
  • User can create groups
  • Users can start discussion boards
  • Admin can set limits on groups for users, posts and replies
  • Category for groups
  • “Wall” with friends action updates
  • Order and Payments lists
  • and much more...
Media Mall Factory 3.2.0

  MediaMall is a powerfull solution to manage media files online distribution with a built in Credit System. Using this component the site can easily sell media files (ex. Video Tutorials) online.

Using the MediaMall solution users can post their media files on your site. For each media file a number of Credits can be perceived in order to visualize the file. The poster will earn credits, which can be later converted into a payment by the webmaster.

Accepted upload formats are:

  • video files (flw, swf, mov and wmf; avi files are also partially supported, but not all codecs are included.)
  • audio files (mp3)
  • archives (zip, rar, gz, bz2, arj, arc, '7z) - used generally for tutorials; if a user is posting video file with a photoshop tutorial, in the archive he can include the sample files.

In order to purchase the credits easier the system provides a Paypal integration. Clean payments are transformed automatically into credits. If any problems the payments are going into the "Payment/canceled Payments, where the administrator can decide further actions. A further income method, if set, can be the pay for Contact. Here a user will pay with credits in order to send a contact email to the author.

The administrator can create and manage Categories, set credit related settings and manage credits and views. Another important administrator feature is the management of the author payments. The system also includes user notifications on certain actions.

Viewers can use the integrated Rating System to rate and also place comments for any media file. This is allowed for free media files and for commercial media files only after viewing in order to avoid any abuses.

Surely the media files can be also posted for free, allowing the view without any credit purchase. The administrator can configure this allowing the view for guest or logged users.

Among other features, the component benefits also from Joomfish Integration, offering multilanguage support.

Reverse Auction Factory 3.0.1
  A reverse auction (also called procurement auction, e-auction, sourcing event, e-sourcing or eRA) is a tool used in industrial business-to-business procurement. It is a type of auction in which the role of the buyer and seller are reversed, with the primary objective to drive purchase prices downward. In a reverse auction, sellers compete to obtain business.

Reverse auction is a tool used by many purchasing and supply management organizations for spend management, as part of strategic sourcing and overall supply management activities.

In a reverse auction, a buyer contracts with a market maker to help make the necessary preparations to conduct the reverse auction. This includes: finding new suppliers, training new and incumbent suppliers, organizing the auction, managing the auction event, and providing auction data to buyers to facilitate decision making.

The market maker, on behalf of the buyer, issues a request for quotation (RFQ) to purchase a particular item or group of items (called a "lot"). At the designated day and time, several suppliers, typically 5-20, log on to the auction site and will input several quotes over a 30-90 minute period. These quotes reflect the prices at which they are willing to supply the requested good or service.

Quoting performed in real-time via the Internet results in dynamic bidding. This helps achieve rapid downward price pressure that is not normally attainable using traditional static 3-quote paper-based bidding processes.

The prices that buyers obtain in the reverse auction reflect the narrow market which it created at the moment in time when the auction is held. Thus, it is possible that better value - i.e. lower prices, as well as better quality, delivery performance, technical capabilities, etc. - could be obtained from suppliers not engaged in the bidding or by other means such as collaborative cost management and joint process improvement.

The buyer may award contracts to the supplier who bid the lowest price. Or, a buyer could award contracts to suppliers who bid higher prices depending upon the buyer's specific needs with regards to quality, lead-time, capacity, or other value-adding capabilities. However, buyers frequently award contracts to incumbent (i.e. current) suppliers, even if prices are higher than the lowest bids, because the switching costs to move work to a new supplier are higher than the potential savings that can be realized.


  • allowing the Buyer to choose the best deal
  • obtaining Prices for Services or Products
  • Rating System
  • Commissions Plugin, Pay-per-Contact Plugin, Pay-per-Bid Plugin
  • including file attachment and images
  • support for various types of auctions like public, private, choose winner
  • eMail Notifications on major events
  • Watchlist for sellers on Categories and Auctions
  • pay for listing or featured Auctions
  • TAGS
  • CB Integration
  • and many more...