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Two-week Canadian Spring TikiFest

Two-week Canadian Spring TikiFest

The Tiki Community is planning a two-week, two-city TikiFest (code sprint) in Canada this spring. All members of the Tiki Community, as well as anyone interested in wikis and content management systems (CMS) are invited to join us!

<img src="" alt="TikiFest Montreal" />
<img src="" alt="TikiFest Ottawa" />

The first event, April 11-14 in Montréal is planned to cover Tiki security, improvements to CartoGraf and Tiki Maps, and the new TimeMap feature (a timeline for maps). Also, we'll be working on and our integration with the Kaltura video management application.

Then, the TikiFest travels to Ottawa for April 16-22. Planned topics range from UX and themes, to continued integration with BigBlueButton, to a preview of the upcoming Tiki 11. There will also be several Tiki workshops on customization, configuration, and consulting.

For detailed information, visit For complete information on all TikiFests and community events, see the Tiki calendar:

About Tiki
Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is a full-featured, web-based, multilingual (35+ languages), tightly integrated, all-in-one Wiki+CMS+Groupware, Free Source Software (GNU/LGPL), using PHP, MySQL, Zend Framework, jQuery, and Smarty. Actively developed by a very large international community, Tiki can be used to create all kinds of Web applications, sites, portals, knowledge bases, intranets, and extranets. It was formerly named TikiWiki. Tiki is managed by the Tiki Software Community Association. For more information, visit Tiki®, TikiWiki® and the Tiki logo are registered trademarks of the Tiki Software Community Association.

Twitter: @tikiwiki

Sexy Polling by 2GLux

What your audience thinks? Embed our simple, customizable and fed up with stunning effects polling software into your website to find out.

Main Features:
✔ Votes progress feature - You can use timeline bar to see how users voted over time
✔ More then 10 beautiful skins
✔ Customizable look and feel with live preview - Create your own skin using our sexy Template Creator
✔ Set start and end dates
✔ Multiple polls on same page
✔ Users can add their own answers
✔ Single/multiple voting (checkbox, radiobutton)
✔ Very easy to install and configure
✔ A lot of stunning effects


Zoombie is a time-based job scheduler application for Joomla. Allows in an easy way to manage, schedule and run jobs alias joomla plugins automatically and periodically at specific times. The zoombie purpose is to automate system maintenance or administration task on Joomla based websites, though its general-purpose nature means that it can be used for other purpose by Third-Party extension developers.

For the zoombie application a job or a task is a zoombie plugin wich can be triggered to run at scheduled time, there are 3 way to schedule zoombie jobs:


If your webserver allows cron jobs there is a Joomla Platform CLI application that need to be scheduled from a cron job.The zoombie command line application when running check if is time for some zoombies plugin to be triggered


To operate on hosts that do not offer a job scheduler such as cron or a shell account, the zoombie system plugin when running check if is time for some zoombies plugin to be triggered

Visitor based

When a visitor views the website, the zoombie system plugin is triggerd


Zoombie is released with some ready to run tasks:

  • Database backup (Automatically run db or tables backup at scheduled time)
  • File backup (Automatically run site or folder backup at scheduled time)
  • Site checksum (Automatically run site or folder checksum at scheduled time)
  • AntiMalware scan (Automatically run site or folder AntiMalware script scan at scheduled time)
  • Cache cleaning (Automatically clean expired cache at scheduled time)
  • Spam detection (Automatically run antispam check at scheduled time)
Easy Custom Code

Easily add custom HTML, CSS or Javascript code to your Joomla website.



★ Features of this free extension ★
- It's completely free!
- Place custom HTML, CSS and JS in a module
- Put the CSS and JS code in a file or directly in the markup
- Choose on what position in the markup the code should be placed
- This module does not contain hidden links or encrypted code
- Use JS defer for faster loading pages
- Lots of ways to use this extension

★ Ways to utilize this extension ★
- Add JS or CSS code or files only to certain pages
- Insert Google Analytics or AddThis code
- Quickly create an image carousel
- Add Google Maps and YouTube videos
- ... and many more!

Hipmob Hosted Live Chat released !

Hipmob is the fastest live chat service for Joomla. Talk to your visitors in real time using hosted live chat!

You can install, customize and activate the Hipmob for Joomla plugin with just a few clicks; no servers or software to install.


Hipmob is great if you are:

- an online store looking to increase sales or get more feedback
- a blogger who wants to talk to your audience
- providing a service and want to provide great customer support
- looking to turn visitors into customers
- looking to up-sell customers to bigger orders
- reducing abandoned carts

Hipmob's live chat service comes with a ton of features, including:

- Works with all browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari
- Works on mobile browsers as well
- SDKs for your iPhone app, Android app or iPad app
- Integrates with Mailchimp if you want to send newsletters
- Integrates with Helpdesk systems like Zendesk and
- Plugs into CRM tools like Highrise by 37Signals, Zoho CRM, and Salesforce
- Sends notifications to your collaboration tools like Hipchat and Campfire
- Set greetings, canned messages, away messages and help messages
- Has a REST API for developers, in PHP, Python and Node.JS
- Chat from your favorite XMPP Instant Messenger, including Adium, Pidgin, Instantbird, iChat, iMessage, and IMO
- Chat from your mobile phone! Using the IMO instant messaging client.
- Email to reply to customers who are away
- Analytics right in your Google Analytics or Mixpanel Account
- Easy to customize the UI
- Manage multiple sites
- See visitors on your site in real time
- Send proactive chat messages
- Send images and audio files
- Direct users to specific URLs.
- Reliable and Secure

Joomla Social Comments and Sharing for Joomla 3.0 !

Joomla Social Comments and Sharing is a module that allows users on your site post comments through Facebook comments box and share pages, get recommendations and grow visitors on most popular social networking sites, like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and also LinkedIn.

Comments and Sharing module is a powerful Marketing and SEO tool. You need visitors from social media networking sites - Comments and Sharing module is your tool.

Joomla Social Comments and Sharing module includes:

- Facebook Like button;

- Facebook Share button;

- Facebook Comment box;

- Twitter button;

- Google+ recommend button;

- LinkedIn button.

Multiple settings - for every Social Networking Site you can set own options and settings and also each of them you can enabled or disabled. For more details view tab features, you can find all features of Joomla Social Comments and Sharing module.

Freeclup releases FreeclupSlider

  Description : This module is capable to convert Joomla Content into a single image (sprite) and slidshow MoveBox Jquery. Why single picture and Jquery?
One of the ways to improve the site's rankings and site speed is reducing server request. You can select your pictures in the Modal Option and adjust the size and amount of the pictures after Image created it will be loaded from the cache load. And do not ask you to send database. (You can save 4meg in ram sever by enabling "load cache image in server" in general setting)

Calculate the speed of recovery And More visitor?
Suppose you have a site that has 1000 views per day and you load 20 images In slide Show at a same time from the server's database. With a simple calculation we know that 20 X 1000 requests without cache are sent to your server. With this module you can reduce it to 1 X 1000 requests.

#no warp

CookieBox Lite

CookieBox is for sites that contain advertising and other scripts on the page. The level of intervention by the end user can be set from relatively passive offers of information to replacing content with placeholder to even stricter restricting access unless explicit consent is obtained.

Placeholders and other items can be easily styled with a selection of backgrounds/colours and fonts.

Advertising can be managed in both module positions and article content without disturbing your page layout.

Documentation is also available for download

Great GPS extension released : GPXTrackMap

GPXTrackMap is a content plugin to display GPS tracks in the common GPX format on interactive maps in articles.

It uses the OpenLayers API to show the track on a variety of selectable map layers from OpenStreetMap or Google Maps(tm).

If you go hiking or cycling with your GPS, and want an easy way to publish your tracks on your site, then this is for you!

All you need to have your track be shown in your article or module is to write this code into your text:


(you must use curly braces instead of the round ones)

Track and map display are highly customizable, and there is a Parameter Preset feature that can keep your custom settings organized easily.

MG Thumbnails

This content plugin creates lightbox galleries with the help of following javascript libraries: jQuery, Mootools, Colorbox, Fancybox, Greybox, Shadobox, Slimbox2, Slimbox, Joomla modal (Squeezebox). You just need to insert the fullsize image (what will be shown in the lightbox) and resize it in your content editor. The plugin automatically creates modal links from the resized images, and saves the thumbnail pictures too, for faster loading of images.