Limny is a PHP based CMS with full AJAX control. Loading pages in limny is dynamically using AJAX technology. It will be more faster than other methods.

It can be used as a stable and powerful core for heavy and light web applications by having main features of web applications such as user and roles management, multilingual system and multiple theme support. Also its rich graphic library helps designers to create colorable themes instead of designing multiple themes.

General Features:
View system with several languages in same time
Able to define usergroups with optional permissions
Creating blog for users with features of a full service blog
Sharing page elements (e.g. news, pages, blocks, menus and ...) to a special language
and more ...

Administrator & Moderator tools:
News - add, edit and managing news
Pages - add, edit and managing pages
Gallery - uploading photo
Newsgroups - creating category for news
Menu - manage links of menu block
Blocks - add, edit and manage template blocks
File manager - managing uploaded files by users (attachments)
Newsletter - sending newsletter to users

User tools:
Creating weblog
Uploading custom header
News, pages, newsgroups, menu and block features like administrator but in here for managing weblog


Native Language:English
Open Source License:Creative Commons license